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  • Stacy’s Favorite Supplements

    Stacy’s Favorite Supplements

    I put together all the supplements I take daily for you.  It’s taken me five years to find my rhythm with it all and some days, when my kids were little, I was lucky to get even one balanced meal in a day!

    The struggle is real but we cannot pour from an empty cup so this quick system I follow makes me feel so much more energized and ready to face the day!  I understand my metabolism is not going to work in my favor anymore so I need to keep it up as well as protect my gut health to ward off disease as much as possible! Having a strong allergy to gluten, I swear my body is more sensitive!

    Here’s my morning to evening plan!

    I start with Mom-crack which is basically my liquid sunshine.  I use it to help with muscle endurance during and a focused energy boost pre-workout.  You can get yours here: MOMCRACK

    energize, energizer, pre-workout drink, preworkout supplement

    Then I will re-fuel with this superfood shake!  With omegas, Vitamin C, prebiotics and probiotics and 70+ exotic’s my everything shake!  After a couple month of drinking it, I noticed way less bloat, leaner muscle mass and better skin!  It’s my breakfast, or any time throughout the day I need a fast nutrient dense meal: SHAKEOLOGY

    favorite supplements, supplements, shakeology, organic supplements, healthy supplements

    My exact blend is 12 oz of water, 6 ice cubes, a heaping teaspoon of Powdered Peanut Butter & L-Glutamine:

    powdered peanut butter, healthy supplement, Stacy's favorite supplements

    l-glutamine, supplement, supplements, healthy supplements, stacy's favorite supplements

    And a handful of spinach.  I blend it in my Blendtec blender and go!

    blendtec supplements, supplements, stacy's favorite supplements

    Next up, I make sure to get collagen I’m once a day and this has been my go-to lately!  I take 1 Tbsp a day and it helps with repairing all tissues and keeping my hair, skin and nails repaired.  It also helps with muscle repair, retention and recovery. It helps me look and feel younger. This brand is specifically a medical grade and used for chemotherapy patients so their muscles don’t atrophy during treatments.  COLLAGEN

    collagen, collagen supplements, healthy supplements, Stacy's Favorite Supplements

    My Vitamin D quick fix to up my immune system is this one!  You can drop it in your Shakeology or just right on your tongue.  VITAMIN D

    vitamin d supplement, vitamin d, healthy supplements, Stacy's Favorite Supplements

    I add an extra layer of probiotics to ensure my gut health because I was on a strong dose of antibiotics for what felt like forever a couple years ago..I’m still healing from that.  PROBIOTICS

    Probiotics, Healthy Supplements, Gut Health, Stacy's Favorite Supplements

    Before bed, Matt and I have been loving this anti-stress drink.  It’s a little fizzy once you mix with hot water but then you give it a stir and enjoy it like a tea.  I do 1 teaspoon in a mug of water. Here’s the link: NATURAL VITALITY NATURAL CALM

    Natural Vitality Natural Calm Diet Supplement, healthy supplement, supplements, Stacy's Favorite Supplements

    On the days my workouts are more intense or I sweat a lot, I’ll also utilize the post workout Recover drink and drink it within 30 minutes after my workout.  It prevent muscle soreness and gives my body the exact carb/protein levels I need to get the most from my workout. BEACHBODY PERFORMANCE RECOVER

    beachbody performance recover, beachbody recover, beachbody supplement, healthy supplements, Stacy's Favorite Supplements, post workout supplement

    Here’s the hydrate.  Think of it as healthy Gatorade!  This performance line is NSF certified and backed by Ironman.  There are now artificial flavors, colors or sugars. BEACHBODY HYDRATE

    beachbody hydrate, hydrate, healthy supplements, Stacy's Favorite Supplements, workout supplement

    Before you purchase any of the Beachbody supplements I take, make sure to email me or fill out this form: Find Your Inner Glow so I can tell you about the bundle sale kits to save you money!

    All my best,


  • Comfortable Fall Fashion

    Comfortable Fall Fashion

    I had to share this with you girls.

    I had been looking for a long duster that wasn’t too bulky or heavy.  I wanted to wear it with different tanks and leggings, you know, the mom uniform stuff.


    When I saw this one, I knew it was the perfect material.  It is so comfortable!! CARDIGAN It does run a bit big. I ordered a medium but wish I had a small.  Thanks, Amazon, for supplying everything I will ever need in this life including all things mom style.

    affordable cardigan, comfy cardigan,


    This looks great with jeans and OTK (over the knee) boots, jean cut-offs with booties, a fitted dress or with basic black leggings.  Speaking of leggings, Spanx are always an excellent choice. This is the pair I have SPANX

    spanx, comfy spanx, best spanx

    Next on my list is this pair of Camo Spanx CAMO SPANX because they are black but will have the different shades and design to them.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this camo trend I’m seeing everywhere.  Camo is the new black in my world.

    best camo spanx, favorite camo spanx, comfy camo spanx

    V-Neck Tank

    Here is an idea of a cute yet simple striped tank to wear with this cardigan, click here, but any tank or t-shirt would work.  The one thing I’m pretty picky about for me is that when I’m wearing tight leggings, my shirt needs to be long enough to cover my “area.”

    striped vneck shirt, target shirt, affordable shirt

    For some reason, I think it looks too revealing when your shirt is too short and your lovely lady lumps are showing.  Wearing an athleisure style is a totally different rule set but if you’re dressing up and rocking this style, you need a tank or t-shirt  long enough.

    My husband actually requested this outfit for our thirteenth wedding anniversary date night.  I’m happy he loves it because the comfort level is high and great for the stretch factor when we’ve had too many drinks and dessert to top it of. I keep forgetting how Amazon is a great place to find unique pieces with affordable pricing.

    I would love to see what you do with this once you get it!  XOXO, Stacy

  • Affordable Holiday Decor

    Affordable Holiday Decor

    Of course the day after Halloween brings a whole new wind in my sails!!  Our family starts to get our Holiday decor out and the kiddos get Christmas fever.  It was a tad embarrassing at first when everyone knew we were decorating so early but now we don’t care!  We jump the gun and now basically give Thanksgiving a quick wave and a smile. We wait to put up outdoor lights until after Turkey day at least!

    It’s been a couple years since I added to our decorations and this year, I got bit by the “flocked tree” bug.  I asked a couple friends, I know had experience in this affordable Holiday decor so I asked them where I could get a smaller tree.  After they told me Walmart, I made every excuse to get there right away.

    This 6 ft tree is only $35 and I was able get lights and a mini tree for our entry way:

    Holiday Time Unlit 6′ Greenwood Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

    It took 3 packs of these lights to string it, make sure you get white wire strands, to go with the flocked tree:

    Set of 100 Warm White LED Mini Christmas Lights 4″ Spacing – White Wire

    But I’ve seen a lot of girls not decorate their flocked trees.

    Our house is smaller and doesn’t have many places for a second Christmas tree but I got creative and saw a spot in our dining room area.  This time of year gets so dark, having extra light in the evenings is a warm welcome.

    While I was there, I saw this little cutie:

    Holiday Time Artificial Christmas Trees Unlit 3′ Snow Burlap Artificial Tree


    And bought these battery operated twinkle lights for it:

    GDEALER 4 Pack Fairy Lights Halloween String Lights Battery Operated Waterproof 8 Modes Remote Control 50 Led String Lights 16.4 Ft Copper Wire lights for Bedroom Wedding Christmas Decor Warm White


    It’s perfect for our small entry above the stairs and sends light down the hallway.

    Needless to say, we love it all!  Having artificial trees isn’t something I grew up with but I really don’t mind it.  It makes decorating November 1st easier because you don’t have to wait for the Christmas tree lots to open lol!

    I found these plaid pillows and knew they would be the perfect Winter feel in our house:

    Plaid Oversize Square Throw Pillow Black/Red – Threshold™

    Affordable Holiday Decor, holiday pillow,

    As well as this Christmas mural pillow.  It goes perfect with the plaid pair I purchased above.

    Toile Velvet Oversize Lumbar Throw Pillow Black/Cream – Threshold™

    holiday decor, holiday pillow

    A nice front door wreath for under $50 is always a steal.  This one feels lodge-y to me and I love the simplicity:

    Wreath Flocked Pine & Pine Cone – Threshold™

    Affordable Holiday Decor, holiday wreath,

    I hope this inspires you to enjoy all the magic of Christmas a bit earlier this year.  From my family to yours.

  • Sorel Waterproof Boots

    Sorel Waterproof Boots

    The temps are dropping and I’m always on the lookout for stylish yet warm and cozy looks.

    My go-to boots when I don’t want my tootsies cold are these Sorel’s. Bonus: they are on sale!! This isn’t my exact pair, I actually found mine a few years ago and they still have similar ones at Nordstrom!

    They pair perfectly with some cozy Spanx or high-waisted Zella leggings and a puffy jacket.  Think soccer mom uniform.

    I was just talking to someone about how it used to take me over a year to invest in the shoe I really wanted, mainly because of the price.  My Uggs, Tory Burch flats, Hunter boots and now these. I fight buying them because first, I question if they will go out of style too quickly and second, there are usually decent knock-offs to be found.  After I finally find a discount code or sale price, I’ll buy.

    I’ve come to the realization now though that is it’s something I’ve been wanting for longer than a couple months and I can’t stop thinking about it..I need to just buy them.  Better to have sooner than later so I can enjoy them longer, right?!

    Every time I go to Target and try to justify a cheaper pair, I’m never satisfied and end up taking them back.  I’m a higher quality shoe girl and I’ve accepted it. It might mean I have quality over quantity and I’m okay with that.  My husband on the other hand …


    Sorel ‘Tofino Ii’ Faux Fur Lined Waterproof Boot

    A diamond-quilted shaft and smooth trim add textural interest to a waterproof boot topped with a fluffy cuff. Cozy faux-fur lining with 100 grams of fixed insulation provides a soft, warm barrier between your feet and cold winter winds. Style Name: Sorel ‘Tofino Ii’ Faux Fur Lined Waterproof

    Sorel ‘Joan Of Arctic’ Waterproof Snow Boot

    A warm, waterproof boot is designed with cozy faux fur trim and features a lace-up panel that adjusts for a perfect fit. Comfort rated to -25 degrees Farenheit, it’s built to keep your feet feeling warm and toasty when temperatures take a nose dive. Style Name: Sorel ‘Joan Of Arctic’ Waterproof Snow Boot.

    Sorel are amazing boots!  Click on the pictures and go get your own pair.


  • How to Overcome Excuses to get Your Workout In!

    How to Overcome Excuses to get Your Workout In!

    Motivation can be deceiving!  Do you really think the people that seem to have it all together are constantly motivated?  I honest to goodness used to think there was something wrong with me until I read the book by Mel Robbins called “The 5 Second Rule”. She addresses how it’s the people who simple decide to take action, even when they don’t feel like it are the ones who see success and new healthy habits in their lives.  Her Ted Talk is pretty amazing, you’ll have to watch it when you get a minute!

    My best tips for getting your workout in is:


    1. Planning!  I set out my workout clothes the night before to be intentional with what I will put on first thing.  Being dressed and ready to workout when I take the kids to school helps so much.


    1. Mom Crack!  Bringing my Mom No-Excuses drink with me in the car.  This let’s me drink it when I’m on my way home from the kids school and get to work shortly after I walk in the door.  I can’t not workout once I’ve finished it (I mean, it a pre-workout drink) so that extra layer of accountability is key!  Plus I love the taste!! Get yours here:


    1.  Playlists!  Turning on my favorite music and promising I’ll finish 5 minutes of my workout is the next step.  That way, I’m not mentally committing to 45 minutes, just 5 and that is something anyone can do. Once I get warmed up and into it, no way would I quit.  Having those fun Spotify playlists or podcasts to listen to keeps my mind focused and willing to do the work.


    1.  Practicing “I am” statements.  It is a new practice I’ve started this year.  Think positive self-talk and affirmations meet endorphin highs!  The ultimate reward after a workout for sure. I saw these to myself when I’m stretching and cooling down. Statements like “I am capable.  I am worthy of success. I am strong.” You get the drift. The way we speak to ourselves is very very powerful.


    1.  Anxiety Warrior.  The anxiety I may feel trying to add more healthy habits to my day like planning my food or fitting in a workout pales in comparison to what I feel when I just let my day happen.  When I feel in control of the things I have control over, my life is just better! I can now teach my kids how important self discipline is and that we have the power to finish a day strong and accomplished!


    I hope these help you in your search for that simple healthy lifestyle you’re seeking.  You know where to find me if you want the plan that’s worked so well for me and my families schedule!

  • Week Five Liift 4 Review

    Week Five Liift 4 Review – A Mom’s Weight Loss Transformation!

    I’m  in the  full swing  of week five  and I’m excited  to share with you  because I am just loving  this program. I feel like for  any busy mom or for any woman who  has a really hard time finishing a workout  program and staying true to the promises that  she’s made herself to complete a workout program,  this one is the one for you, for us. It’s only 40  minutes at the most that you’re going to be working out  and you can totally do that. And also it is just four days  a week.

    So  if you  want to do  more, you can.  If you don’t want  to, there’s no guilt.  So I was loving the core  moves this week that he did  because I pushed myself with the  heavier weights. The core moves really  hurt and I could feel them moving all the  muscles. And on my rest day I did a pilates  yoga fusion.

    You  can see  here that  I did 15 minutes  of a stretch, and strength.  It’s definitely a faster moving  yoga because I don’t have a lot  of patients for yoga, but it made  me feel alive and awake. I just need  that and that’s why I’m so addicted to  the endorphin high that exercise brings me.

    So  leg day,  I tried to,  lift heavier weights,  this was probably the  hardest leg day that I’ve  done in the program and he  actually says that. So I was  really trying to push myself and  focus and lift heavier.

    I  did  a workout  on my rest  day, on Saturday,  I did A Little More  Obsessed, which is an Autumn  Calabrese calibration program that  use sliders and bands. And that was  a really good feeling as well because  I could elongate my muscles again and just  have something a little bit different. That’s  not the heavy heavy weights.

    I  was  thinking  about something  important this week  because I think as women  we so often break the promises  that we make to ourselves in order  to maybe take care of those around us.  And I found that when I keep the promises  to myself, it helps me to trust myself. So that  I believe that I can actually do what I set out to  do. So keep lifting those weights, working out hard and  enjoy the process. On to week six!


  • Final Review Of 80 Day Obsession Transformation

    Final Review Of 80 Day Obsession Transformation – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation!

    My 80 Day Obsession journey has been a ride like no other! I mustered a fierce determination after the Holidays and the fact that I felt disgusting helped. The scale was only moving up, and I knew I had lost control with my eating. I don’t think this program could’ve come at a better time for me. Health is such a journey, never a destination. And I needed a new growth season for my journey!

    I decided to give up alcohol for the entire program even though I knew I would be going on vacation and it would be hard. To be honest I tried not to eat out at all or have any girl’s nights. The temptation is so strong for me and I wish it wasn’t.

    To have something that we’ve never had we have to do something that we’ve never done. I live by this philosophy, and it really helped me to forge a new path for 2018!

    I was really determined to stick to the time nutrition as well. I don’t do well flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to food. I’m gluten-free, so I need to plan, I need to pack it’s essential for my health.

    Having Autumn map out when and what I should be using helped Make my days easier. The thought of eating before my workout was foreign to me, but I knew if I gave it a chance and made the change I would benefit from it.

    Don’t you find it always seems to take longer than we think it should when it comes to our bodies transforming? It can be frustrating but I was in it for the long-haul. I took photos at the end of each phase and made sure to do my measurements before and after the program.

    So many of my friends had amazing transformations along this ride as well. The community is top notch and such a huge piece of our success. I would love to share more with you!

    Being able to increase my strength by lifting heavier weights all the while keeping the promise to myself that I wouldn’t skip a day was a really exciting things for me!

    The loops and slides became my best friends and I saw muscle definition in places I didn’t even know I had muscles ;).

    This was a perfect challenge for change!

    If you have needed a change and desire a community of like-minded women to do it with, message me today! I will hook you up! You’re going to feel like a total rockstar when you complete a program like this!

  • The Best Cold Remedy Recipe

    The Best Elderberry Syrup Recipe – The Best Cold Remedy Recipe

    No house is immune from the icky bugs that like to spread this time of year.  I have to say, it kinda freaked me out when my kids were itty bitty and they would get really sick.  I would rush them into the Naturopathic doctor and she always gave me great ideas on how to boost their immune systems.  Instead of just masking the symptoms with over the counter medications full of dyes and questionable ingredients. I loved her approach of using natural ingredients to simply encourage the body to heal quicker with this simple cold remedy.

    The more I get into the health and fitness world, the more amazed at how miraculous our bodies are designed. They want to work, they want to heal and we are the stewards of that process most of the time.

    I’ve noticed in the past that right after Halloween is when the massive colds and flues hit.  I wonder if that’s because sugar suppresses our immune systems. We have a candy goblin that visits our front porch every year to leave money for the candy the kids leave for him.  It’s a way we get them to only save 10 of their favorite candies and ditch the rest. Either way, every year since I learned about this magical immune boosting potion, I’ve made it.  When I look at the store pricing, it confirms I just need to make it at home to cut costs.

    Here are the elderberries I use:

    I like to store it in a glass jar in the fridge:

    You also need a mesh strainer:

    What makes it so good for us?  Here’s the technical explanation from my Naturopath!  Elderberry syrup is an excellent preventative and remedy for colds and flu.  The elderberries (Sambucus nigra) are immune enhancing and contain high amounts of bioflavonoids that work with vitamin C to fight viruses.  The honey the syrup is soothing to the throat. The brandy is also medicinal in its traditional use as a nervine. The ginger stimulates circulation to get the medicine where it’s needed.   There are numerous ways to make a syrup, this is just our favorite.

    Elderberry Syrup Recipe:

    ½ cup elderberries (Sambucus nigra)flu remedy for kids

    ½ cup honey

    ¼ cup brandy

    1 inch fresh ginger, peeled (optional)

    1. Simmer ½ cup elderberries and fresh ginger (peeled and cut into small pieces) over low heat in 3 cups of water for 20 minutes.
    2. Mash berries and strain off liquid
    3. Place infusion back on the stove and simmer over low heat until it reduces to 1 cup
    4. Add ½ cup of honey and ¼ cup brandy
    5. Place label on bottles and date
    6. Store in fridge.  Expires in 6 weeks.

    Children’s dose: ½-1 tsp 1-3 times a day

    Adult dose: 1-3 tsp 3 times a day

    Recipe and advice courtesy of Dr. Leslie Charles at Gig Harbor Naturopathic Medicine

    I know your kiddos will love it as much as mine do.  Here is the fast breakfast I blend up for them on school mornings that is full of healthy fats and nutrients to get their little brains ready to learn and not having a sugar spike and drop first thing in the morning.  Find out more about Daily Sunshine HERE!

    cold remedy, elderberry cold remedy,

    Enjoy and please comment with any tried and true immune boosting tricks you use!!  XO, Stacy

  • Fat Blasting Drink to Start your Day!

    Fat Blasting!

    Morning Fat Blasting Drink!!

    I used to drink only lemon water but this is taking it up a notch for me. Drinking this fat blasting drink in the morning☀ first thing ☀has kind of got me addicted. Remember to drink it right when you get up.  Last night I actually made this and then had it ready to go in the morning.  So many health benefits to combat the Christmas chocolate I just can’t seem to throw away ??

    Here is a great breakdown on why this is so important!

    Your Morning Fat Blaster

    When we awaken in the morning, we are ending a period of fasting that has lasted all night long. The first thing that you consume in the morning is very important and can have a critical impact on our health. Easy absorption on an empty stomach is the main reason.  A simple glass of warm water containing cayenne pepper, lemon and apple cider vinegar can have a significant impact on your health. The benefits of this simple drink are extensive and nothing short of amazing. Want to know more about the benefits that you will see from consuming this beverage first thing every morning? Here they are:

    • The lemon helps to break up mucus, helping to clear your sinuses that can be a significant benefit for allergy sufferers or those who have a cold or flu.  Restoration of the alkaline acid balance in your body which will relieve any issues that you are suffering due your consumption of a diet that is high in acid-producing foods.
    • This beverage will help to remove toxins from the body.
    • Clears up the skin and gives it a noticeably healthy glow.
    • Can help to break down fats in the body which will result in noticeable weight loss.
    • This beverage will lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels.
    • Feeds the liver and detoxifies it at the same time.
    • Strengthens the immune system so you do not get sick as often.
    • Gives your body a lighter feeling.
    • Boosts up the metabolism and gives you more energy to get on with your day.
    • Purifies the colon which makes it much easier to improve the digestive process and allow your body to absorb nutrients more easily.
    • Colon purification helps to clear up the skin and improve its appearance.
    • Can effectively lower high blood pressure.  Helps your digestive system and allows you to eliminate waste more regularly and efficiently.
    • Pushes your lymph system into balance that can assist with the various daily functions of the body.
    • It can also help to fight infection and to balance the body fluids.


    Directions For the Fat Blasting Drink:

    • Always drink this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach when you first wake up.
    • Stir all of the ingredients together and drink the beverage immediately.
    • It is a good idea to drink this concoction through a straw so that you do not get all of the acids on your teeth that can cause damage, especially if you are drinking this every day.
    • Don’t eat anything else for 10 – 15 minutes so that you allow your body a chance to absorb all of the ingredients.
    • When you first begin drinking this mixture you may find it very tart and difficult to consume. If necessary, add in a teaspoon of honey that will add a little bit of sweetness. As you start to get used to the taste you can start to reduce the honey until you no longer need to add the honey.
    • This drink has a lot of major health benefits, and your body is going to appreciate it. You may not like it at first, but once you make it a habit of drinking this daily, you are well on your way to enjoying the health benefits that this elixir provides.

    Anyone want to try it with me tomorrow morning? Seriously though, Google the ingredients and you’ll be pleased at what you read.  I know a lot of different people have tried it.  I actually know a lot that have had success.  One of my friends actually did a cleanse with this.  The ingredients are a bit different, but people do use this to cleanse the body!  So go check it out!  This fat blasting drink is no joke!


    Fill out my online form.

  • Week Four Liift 4 Review

    Week Four Liift 4 Review – A Mom’s Weight Loss Transformation!

    I can’t believe it’s already week four! Our team is having so much success with Liift 4. Everyone is feeling more energized, lighter, tighter, more in control of their schedule and the fact that it’s only four days a week, is really making it successful for a lot of busy women.

    We have a new group starting this week and then if you want to jump in on our next month’s group, please message me today. I am just loving that I can up my weights, track my weights and then on my two free days, I’m doing my favorite kickboxing, my Turbofire workout. I have almost a thousand workouts to choose from, so I can, you know, take those rest days and make the most of them and have fun with it.

    Liift 4 has some awesome shoulder moves that look easy and are actually pretty difficult. He does the craziest hit moves and I swear every core move that Joel puts together for the end of the workout feels perfect in conjunction with what you did that day.

    It’s like he knows exactly what muscles didn’t get worked and need to get worked. And then need to get double worked. It’s pretty crazy this week. Our leg day had no weights involved. It was only hiit and it was 27 minutes of pure craziness. My quads were on fire. Those triple bears are just crazy.

    I definitely notice having no wine all month in my waist line. My love skin from having two kids is so much tighter because of the muscle that is happening underneath it. And the fact that I’m focusing on more water and no alcohol has helped a ton.

    I’m also focusing on making new recipes. So of course I’ve been using my Instant Pot. You can see my other YouTube video for that. I use some spicy chicken sausage with my spaghetti squash and did a little sauce on top of that and warmed it up. I’m also making a fennel, almond and lemon salad. I’ll also be checking in next week with another video and then, a new transformation video so you can see the progress that I’ve made. Thanks for watching.

    Instant Pot Blog and Recipe:

    Connect with me:
    Instagram: @stacyrody