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  • Transform :20 Week 3 Review! Weight Loss Transformation!

    Transform :20 Week 3 Review! Weight Loss Transformation!

    Being home from vacation right at the start of week three was refreshing.  As nice as the hotel gym was, I was really glad to get back to my basement.

    Sunday evening, my husband and I decided to do something a little drastic with our nutrition. I’ve been looking at using intermittent fasting as a way to lose extra body fat but still stick to my container plan with the Transform :20 nutrition guide.I also decided to cut out the majority of the grains in my diet and add in a little extra healthy fats with avocado and coconut oil. Let’s not lie, a little peanut butter thrown in their daily.

    I’ve actually felt better this week than I thought by changing this up. I’m eating within an eight to nine hour window and three larger meals. My hours are 11 – 7 and I’m eating at 11, 2:30 and around 6 o’clock. Now this may change based on the day but for now it fits well into my routine. I’m seeing now how bloated and puffy the carbs make me look and maybe that’s because I’m already sensitive to gluten.

    I’ve been gluten-free for around six years and really try to limit the breads and rolls that are labeled gluten-free. Rice cakes and rice crackers usually work better with my system but I’m cutting even those out now. I will keep you posted on how this goes the last three weeks of the challenge but for now I’m pretty impressed.

    The moves aren’t necessarily getting easier mainly because I have put the extra riser on the step. I like the challenge even though some of the moves are really hard to do for the full minute. I’ve been taking it with stride, not stressing if I can move as quickly as the Transform :20 cast members.

    Overall I’m loving that it’s only 20 minutes and I thought I would be doing double workouts more by now but the workouts are so intense during the 20 minutes I have not found myself needing to double up as much. There are still some spots left in our February online Boot Camp if you want to start the six week challenge with me I would be happy to coach you and show you the ropes. Message me today!

  • Transform:20 Week 2 Review! Weight Loss Transformation!

    Transform:20 Week 2 Review! Weight Loss Transformation!

    Week two review is here. All I really want to say about this week is, going on vacation and starting a new workout program does not mix well. It was more of a struggle than I want to admit.

    Here’s why.  I decided to bring my step with me which my husband was kind of on board with but it still took up a lot of room. When we got to the hotel I did my usual, laid out my shoes, my laptop, my room key, my mom crack, my water; everything I would need for the next morning’s workout. I always set it in the bathroom so I can get up and ready but not wake the kids.

    That part was great because I have my discipline and my routine in that area.   My body just felt really sluggish and heavy most of the week there was maybe two workouts, out of the five that I did there, where I actually felt like I had a little pep in my step. Even though I try hard to read ingredients and stick to lots of vegetables and lean proteins, there is still junk that gets put in the foods.

    Whenever I travel, I’m so grateful that I have to eat gluten-free because it’s really tempting to eat empty carbs when you are busy and just need to grab something for a quick energy.  I think a few days I did not drink enough water and that always makes me feel bloated and almost like I have a weighted bodysuit on, it’s really uncomfortable during these cardio workouts.

    A couple things I learned about my body on this trip that might help you too is that when you order eggs they tend to use way more oil than they need to.  I normally have my shakeology in the room before we head out for the day, but they had a really great egg white frittata that Matt had had the day before and it looked amazing!  It had a lot of veggies and it I thought it would be healthy.

    For the next four hours my stomach felt like it had a heavy weight in it and I was really bloated. I realized it was from the oils that they used on the eggs and I swore that I would always stick to my shakeology in the mornings so that I could start my day off right and not feel gross.  I also thought it would be brilliant to buy a spicy pickle that they had at the market but that too had some interesting preservatives, and way too much salt so the next day during my workout I felt really puffy. There are so many things that are just not worth it for my sensitive system.

    On the bright, I was able to switch my rest day. It’s scheduled to be on a Sunday but I moved mine to Wednesday because I knew I would be home on Sunday to get a good workout in.  I also was thankful that the workouts are only 20 minutes because then I could get back to the room and shower and get to Disneyland.

    Having my “trainer in my in the box” aka the Netflix for fitness right on my laptop, really saves me! I recommend it to everyone but you need to coach too. You need to be in a private accountability group with me, so that you cannot only do your program from anywhere you need to you also get the support of the girls and I so that you have those eyes watching.  Making sure you’re showing up for yourself!

    Overall, staying on track keeps my momentum for my results going strong so that when I come home I don’t have too much to make up for even if my eating was not perfect.  You can see in the video that I show some of my salads that I chose and really you just have to seek it out and want to find a healthy food because when you do it’s always there.

    PS:  The caramel apples in Disneyland are definitely worth it.

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  • A Mom’s High Ponytail Tutorial 2019! Dress Up That Casual Look!

    A Mom’s High Ponytail Tutorial 2019! Dress Up That Casual Look!

    This style is so so cute!!! It dresses up any outfit or style. I often forget how changing my hair can change the entire vibe of my look and it doesn’t cost extra! That’s a win in my book. This high ponytail would also work if you don’t have time to wash your hair but want to look put together and feel cute!

    The #1 one trick I’m freaking out about in the video, is to combine the two ponytails! Especially if you have thicker hair and ponytails give you a headache. The two rubber bands give your hairstyle much more support and will help prevent the headaches a lot. I always start and end my styles with this product: Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast
    It adds volume, texture and a little grit for styling plus it smells amazing!!!

    The first thing you start with is a half-up, half-down small ponytail making sure you’ve lined up the part to the edge of your eye line as you can see me do in the video. Make sure you take small sections out in the front you can curl because this adds to the glam. You could always do a sleek high pony with no hair down in the front if that compliments your face shape and style, (I’m thinking of J Lo’s sleek ponytails and buns)

    Then bring the rest of your hair up and add the second elastic (preferably one that matches your hair color.). Remember, it’s not about perfect structure, it’s about “a little messy and little fancy” when it comes to hair. As I watch this video, I’m thinking I need more blonde put in my hair.

    The next step is to take a small section from the back, wrap a half-inch section of hair around the elastic to hide it and then wrap little hair around the end of the bobby pin before you secure it under the ponytail.

    Then take a brush like the one I use in the video. You can find one here: Cricket Amped Up Teasing Brush and gently sweep the under part of the ponytail to have more volume and lift. Here’s my favorite curling iron: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

    Finishing up with a little more Living Proof Volume Blast to add the final touches and maybe a little hairspray. Be sure to pull out and finger through the front curls so they don’t look like 90’s ringlets! Here’s my favorite hairspray that comes in medium or firm hold (I always get the Medium). The reason I keep buying this hairspray is because it doesn’t EVER make my hair sticky, but leaves a perfect shine and finishes my look so that I don’t look like I have helmet hair!  Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium

    I hope you’ve enjoyed this and I’d love you to tag me in Instagram or in your Instagram stories so I can see your finished look!

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  • 9 Ways To Use Lavender Essential Oil For Cystic Acne

    An outbreak of common acne is bad enough, but when the acne is Cystic, you have to start a treatment regimen right away. Cystic Acne (also known as Nodulocystic Acne) is characterized by large, painful nodules on the face, neck, scalp, back, upper arms, chest and shoulders. Unlike less aggressive pimples, Cystic Acne does not disappear quickly on its own, and may take weeks, months or even years if left untreated. If they burst, they can spread the infection, causing more breakouts, and when they finally recede, they tend to leave scars: Atrophic Scars, Ice Pick Scars and Box Car Scars.

    A severe form of Cystic Acne is more common in men, but women get it too – usually in the lower half of the face.

    Medical treatments, like oral antibiotics and cortisone shots, are prescribed to fight outbreaks, but if you want an effective natural remedy without all the harsh chemicals, then Lavender Oil is a great choice.

    Lavender Essential Oil is often used for Cystic Acne because it is gentle on the skin and does not cause irritations that lead to overproduction of oil in the infected area.



    Treatment # 1: Lavender Oil And A Carrier Oil

    • Wash your face and apply Lavender Oil directly on the Cystic Acne spots before going to bed. If your skin is extra-sensitive, dilute it in a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba. The anti-microbial properties will target the surface bacteria, while aromatherapy benefits from the lavender will help you get a good night’s sleep and maintain your body’s hormonal balance.

    Treatment # 2: Lavender Oil With Other Cystic Acne-Busting Oils

    • A second way to use Lavender Essential Oil for Cystic Acne is to combine it with other essential oils that also have strong anti-bacterial properties. For example, Tea Tree Oil, Clary Sage Oil, Chamomile Oil and Geranium oil. Mix 2 or more of these oils in equal parts in a carrier of your choice and apply topically on the problem area before going to bed.

    Treatment # 3: Lavender Essential Oil With Apple Cider Vinegar

    • Mix 3 drops of Lavender oil with 2 tbsp of unfiltered apple cider vinegar and 2 tbsp of water. Apply on the Cystic Acne like a spot treatment before going to bed.

    Treatment # 4: Lavender Oil With Baking Soda

    • Make a paste with 1 tbsp baking soda and water. Add 2-3 drops of therapeutic grade lavender oil and apply on the Cystic Acne at least 2-3 times a week.

    Treatment # 5: Lavender Oil With Fuller’s Earth

    Fuller’s Earth, is a special kind of clay that is often used in natural beauty treatments because it gets rid of excess oil and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. Make 1 tbsp of paste by mixing Fuller’s Earth and water, and add 2-3 drops of lavender oil in it. Use topically.

    Treatment # 6: Lavender Oil With Manuka Honey

    • Organic Manuka Honey has strong anti-bacterial properties and it is one of the most powerful kinds of honey to use for cystic acne. Mix 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil in 1 tbsp of Manuka Honey and apply as spot treatment.

    Treatment # 7: Lavender Oil With Pure Neem Oil

    • Pure Neem Oil works really fast to clear up cystic acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation and redness. Mix Lavender Oil and Neem Oil in equal parts and apply to the problem area before going to bed.

    Treatment # 8: Lavender Oil With Aloe Vera

    • If you can get hold of an aloe vera leaf, keep it in the fridge and cut into it every day to extract some of the jelly that is stored inside. If that is not possible, buy aloe vera gel and it should work just as effectively. Mix 2-3 drops of lavender oil in the aloe vera gel and apply on the cystic acne.

    Treatment # 9: Lavender Oil With Potatoes

    • Raw potato does a great job of extracting excess oil, dirt and grime from the skin. Grate a raw potato and squeeze out 1 tbsp of juice. Mix 2 drops of lavender oil in it and apply on the cystic acne outbreak.

    Caution About Lavender Essential Oil

    • Never use perfume-grade lavender oil to treat Cystic Acne. It will have no impact at all. Use therapeutic-grade lavender oil only. It is a little more expensive, but these are the ones that have medicinal and healing properties.


    1) Place ice cubes on them.

    2) Disinfect all your pillows and towels regularly.

    3) Eat more fibrous foods rich in probiotics and Vitamin A.

    4) Try to avoid sugar, caffeine, chocolate, fried foods, spicy foods and conventional diary products like milk, cheese and ice-cream.

    5) Reduce alcohol intake.

    6) Exercise more. It will get your lymphatic system going and help to detoxify the body.

    7) Ensure that you sleep well at night because stress and fatigue make cystic acne problems worse.

    8)  Resist the urge to pop them.

    Good luck!

  • Transform:20 Week 1 Review! Weight Loss Transformation

    Transform:20 Week 1 Review! Weight Loss Transformation

    It’s finally here!  Week one of the new program we’ve been waiting patiently for.  It’s a step program but not like anything you’ve ever seen. Shaun T has us digging deeper than ever before because we will need to find a new cadence as we incorporate the step.  The levels threw me off a little this week and were harder to get the hang of than I thought. I know my body will transform in really unique ways as I complete the next six weeks.

    The Holidays did me in as far as bloat and four pounds of weight gain.  I decided this will be the very last Christmas I let my nutrition go too chance.  I worked out six days a week, yet still, gained and got soft. It’s so interesting to learn about yourself and what keeps you ahead of your own game.  I like the upper edge on my progress with enough water, lean proteins and veggies and plenty of sleep. Netflix binging and chocolate at 10 pm apparently doesn’t do a body good.

    This week I did something funky to my neck and upper back.  I was probably getting used to the moves and straining my next to see the screen.  Even through the soreness and pain, I was able to see my massage therapist and show up all six days.  I always get sad when I see women say they are too sore or something threw them off their game because I know they would feel so much better if they pushed through.

    So here I am, ready to rock and do it alongside some pretty fantastic ladies!  Our online bootcamp is full of beautiful ladies rocking their best selves! Our theme this week was commitment! When we commit to each other, it builds relationship and trust.  When we commit to ourselves, we build esteem, confidence and momentum!!

  • Free People Review 2019 | Free People Shirts

    Free People Review 2019 | Free People Shirts

    I love Free People shirts!!  It’s so refreshing when you can find cute tops that are also very comfortable! That’s what these are for me.  Free People is at the top of my list for brands I love. The sleeves are always the perfect length on my long arms and also tend to run longer in the torso which I need.  Most Free People tops can be tucked in with jeans or worn long with leggings. Another bonus, versatility! So let’s get to showing this awesomeness!

    My exact black top is last years thermal style but it fits very similar to the Catalina thermal so you can buy that one.  Here’s another style I found on Zappos! Free People Long Valley Long Sleeve Top They have free shipping both ways and excellent service (same as Nordstrom).

    Free People Sweater Top Grey:

    Free People Sweater


    Free People Shirt – Blue Long Sleeve Thermal:

    Women's We The Free By Free People Catalina V-Neck Thermal Top

    The blue thermal runs large so size down.  I’m wearing a small. I thought the medium size in the grey top would be too big but I actually liked the way it fell.  The shape of the shirt is perfect for a front tuck and cute belt. I just started wearing belts more and like it! There is limited supply but you can find my Gucci belt here:


    Knit Lace TankHere is the lace tank I often times wear under any black shirt to hide my bra strap.  I like it because of the wide tank strap that add a touch of pretty lace. Here’s where you can get it


    Free People Bralette And lastly, that cutie little bralette that can enhance any off the shoulder top is here There are so many fun colors to choose from but I went with white so when I have a spray tan, it would add a bright white pop of color to my look.

  • How To Get Started Right With Transform:20!

    How To Get Started Right With Transform:20! Shaun T 20 Minute Workout!

    There are some definite tools that help with success when you set out to complete a program. Here are some things I’ve learned that help set our group up to finish strong.  We always start with a strong WHY. A reason that pulls us toward our goals. Then we take before stats simply meaning pictures, measurements and weight. The Transform:20 journal has a commitment that you sign for your goals.  It also has an amazing daily tracker that lets you track all the healthy habits like water, sleep, container count, foods and joy or mood. There is also a place to journal about how you’ve overcome challenges and setbacks for that particular day.

    2B Mindset

    I have found that it helps to decide when you will be done eating for the day.  “Dinner and done” is a rule I learned from doing the 2B Mindset. 2B Mindset is a program designed to teach you about nutrition, reading labels, and overcoming emotional eating.  I highly recommend it if you’re like me and love all the food. For a treat that won’t bust my waistline, these bars are my go to. Low in sugar and high in protein but without any of the artificial crap they put in other brands.  Both flavors are yummy but these are my favorite: BEACH BARS

    You can find 2B Mindset here: 2B Mindset

    It is extremely helpful to learn which healthy foods I like and stick to having them weekly.  It does take some trial and error to find foods the entire family enjoys. I make them eat broccoli but other than that we’ve found a good rhythm with the nutrient dense foods.  Basically tacos once or twice a week and I will make their favorite vegetables with whatever meat we are having. We all drink Shakeology daily, too!


    Another trick I realized I had done today was that I filled in my food on the tracker in the morning.  I organized it all and knew what I was making at dinner. Mason jar salads are a fantastic way to prep four tasty lunches in advance.  You may even get them to last five days but I always prep for just four days. These Tazo dessert teas are such a craving saver for me.  Since I’ve decided to give up wine for this challenge, I like something fun to drink. The Glazed Lemon Loaf is my top favorite found here:  I also like to sip this Natural Vitality Natural Calm Diet Supplement before bed as a calming and stress combating drink:

    Writing out your perfect daily schedule and trying to stick to it as closely as possible is another sure way to make sure you can align your activities with your goals.  When you plan well, things flow much easier and allow for that buffer we need if our day doesn’t go as planned. That’s why I am choosing to wake-up early to get my fitness in.

    When we, as women, complete the program and do the things we promised ourselves we would do it builds us up.  We fight off the self-sabotage and build esteem, confidence and success. It’s always easier to do the things that are convenient but showing up when it’s not is powerful for our results.  As I mention in the video, the weight and inches seem to fall off the last 7-10 days of the program but a lot of women give up before that happens. Our mantra at Team Beachbody is decide, commit and succeed and that’s what I’ve seen in my life and hundreds of my friends lives.  Now is your time!!!

    Mason Jar Salads:  I made this blog a while back, but it has some great tips for you to help with nutrition and stay on point!  Mason Jar Salad Tutorial

    Alcohol:  I have no problem with alcohol, I love wine, but it can really hinder weight loss and our overall transformations.  In this blog, Tips to Stop Drinking Alcohol, I give some points on what to do to give the alcohol a break.

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  • Women’s We The Free By Free People Catalina V-Neck Thermal Top

    Women’s We The Free By Free People Catalina V-Neck Thermal Top

    This Free People Catalina V-Neck Thermal Top was probably my favorite Christmas gift from the hubs.  Every year he surprises me with some gifts that I had no clue about.  I love it, he always finds something that I usually love, but if I don’t, he gets it at Nordstrom so I don’t have to worry if I want to return it!

    This top is perfect!  Long in the back, covering the booty, so I can wear my ever comfortable leggings, and being light blue it allows me to partner it with something a bit subdued or bright, whatever works!

    It’s also got the perfect rounded chest, I can wear a few different necklaces with it and the sleeves are super long and cozy.

    The design is a really nice knit, making me love it that much more! Women’s We The Free By Free People Catalina V-Neck Thermal Top is everything I wanted this Christmas!

    Women's We The Free By Free People Catalina V-Neck Thermal Top

    Let me know how you like it!!

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  • Jennifer Lopez Hair Tutorial | High Bun 2019

    Jennifer Lopez Hair Tutorial | High Bun 2019

    Can we talk JLo for a minute? Her high buns are so on point and we wanted to show you a new way of achieving the look you want with yours.

    The thing you’re not seeing in this video is that we started with a double pony.  What does that mean? It’s a crazy cool trick. If you have heavier or thick hair, this is most certainly for you.  You pull half your hair up in a rubber band and line it up with your eye line. Not too high and not too low. Then you bring the bottom of your hair up and combine the two elastics.  This gives you a secure ponytail that has extra support to help prevent headaches and the feeling of your hair falling down.

    This rest is all shown here!  I never ever thought to twist my hair and tie it in a knot!  I used this trick on my 8 year old daughter, Samantha’s hair.  Her hair is so long, I could knot it 3 times! Her bun not only looked better, it stayed in her hair longer.

    You just need some good volume spray and this is my all time favorite Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast

    Then you’ll want a great hairspray and this is my go to!  I don’t even like using other hairsprays! Moroccanoil by Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium

    I feel much more confident to do a top knot bun now that I saw the little tricks and tips that go in to it.  Sending love and hugs today! I know that when we take a little extra time and help our outward appearance match our inward, we’re more effective!  I know I feel better when I take time to do my hair and makeup!

  • Air Fryer Review 2019 | Is It Worth The Money?

    Air Fryer Review 2019 | Is It Worth The Money?

    Girls, here’s my air fryer review!  I finally got the air fryer!  I saw so many of my fellow health coaches making incredible looking meat and veggie dishes and the fomo got me.  It’s claim to fame is how it can turn anything into a crisp, quickly cooked meal with less fat. 75% less actually!  For instance, I love to order sweet potato fries at restaurants but I know they dip them into all the nasty oils to give them the crisp texture.

    Well this gadget doesn’t use oil. It uses a high speed convection system that makes everything taste like restaurant foods! Winning!!! Anytime we can get nutrient dense vegetables and lean meats to taste delicious, I’m on board!  You will need to coat them a little with 1 tsp-1 Tbsp but that’s it! My community is all about this new discovery & a lot of my clients are jumping on the airfryer train!

    “Skinny Taste One and Done” is a book I highly recommend: Recipe Book HERE!.

    If you have an Instant Pot (my exact one is here, My Instant Pot) or air fryer, it’s worth your investment.  One and done style meals that will not compromise your waistline but be full of flavor!  Check out my Instant Pot Article and Recipe HERE

    Here is the specific TOP rated Philips HD9220 Airfryer that I have: Philips Airfryer HERE!

    Nothing has taken longer than 15 min to cook, it sounds like a small fan when it’s on and then beeps when it’s done. It is loud enough to hear from your laundry room! 😉 #momlife

    The handle doesn’t get hot so if your kiddos are old enough to pull the drawer out and dump their own fries, you could take a break for a second.  I love that I don’t have to wait to preheat the oven anymore, this air fryer just gets right to work! Between amazon prime and my amazing kitchen gadgets, I’m set for speed & last minute planning!

    I recently saw a turkey burger recipe I’ll be making and want to try salmon soon!  Roasted veggies will not take as long now so we will be having those more as well! I hope this air fryer review helped you. Let me know if you snag it because I’d love to hear what you make!!