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  • Fab Fit Fun Winter 2022 – Subscription Unboxing 2021

    Fab Fit Fun Winter 2022 – Subscription Unboxing 2021

    Fab Fit Fun Winter 2022, full unboxing!  If you’ve been looking for a totally customizable subscription box with everything from home to beauty, look no further. just tap this link to save $15 off your first box!  The code is: W6-1ZLPO

    You can customize your preferences in regards to jewelry, home decor, makeup,quality skin care, clothing and more! 

    I’ve had my box coming quarterly for two years and I never get tired of it. They send emails out reminding what day the customization opens for your specific membership (I highly recommend yearly to save money and get first pick of everything)! 

    If something comes that you don’t think you’ll use, it’s a great way to gift fun things to friends. 

    The Sunday Riley serum retails for $85 and the Summer Fridays is $64. Just the skincare in my box retails for over $300! Let’s just say we get our money’s worth here.

    Let me know if you need anything and I’ll see ya next week! 😘


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  • FabFitFun Box Fall 2021 – Subscription Fall Box 2021

    FabFitFun Box Fall 2021 – Subscription Fall Box 2021 – Fabfitfun 2021 Unboxing

    FabFitFun Box Fall 2021 is HERE and we are so excited to show you what we picked. I’ve already tried the cleanser followed by the mask last night and my skin is smooth and glowing today!!! The Arhaus candle and blanket have me so happy that Christmas is around the corner, too!  In this one, I brought my daughter, who loves FabFitFun, she’s 11, along for the ride through this new fall box.  Come and join us!

    I suggest the annual membership because you can save more and customize earlier than others with the quarterly membership.

    Here’s the link to snag your box:

    The code to save $15 is F9-IVFVV

    Thanks so much for watching, we appreciate you taking the time.  You have to tell us what you think!! 

    XO, Stacy & Sam 


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  • FabFitFun Spring 2019 Full Review | Is It Worth It?

    FabFitFun Spring 2019 Full Review | Is It Worth It?

    My Spring Box is here and I’m excited to share!  Subscription boxes are all the rage lately. Everywhere I turn, a new company is going up and us moms are talking about it!  I especially love this box because it has the perfect mix for what my lifestyle needs are. Fab, fun and fit..get it! I think I’m funny.

    Just when I think it can’t get any better, they go and put Quay sunniest as a custom option so you know I snagged those up!  Great quality, trendy styles to choose from and with a case. I always need a sunglass case handy so I don’t ruin my good glasses.

    My second favorite additions to this box are the hair and skin products!  Ouai products are new to me but I’ll tell you after the first use in my daughters long blonde hair, I was sold.  We always need leave-in conditioners at our house so it will be well loved. I really like the scent (it’s kind of like hair perfume), and the formula itself is lovely, too. It’s a great detangler, and it doesn’t weigh down my hair.

    I try SO many de-puffing, under-eye eye treatments, and this is one of the few that I could actually feel and see working! After I applied the gel, it immediately gave my skin a cooling feeling. Then, over the next few minutes, I could actually feel a subtle tightening of my skin. (The tightening goes away when you wash this off.)

    It has an orange tint, which helps conceal the blue tones of undereye circles, but it didn’t make enough of a difference there for me to go without undereye concealer. And it gives your skin a smooth, powdery finish. (And just FYI, this isn’t an aloe-vera-type gel, it takes some effort to squeeze it out of the tube!)

    Looking at the reviews on Sephora, it seems like people either love or hate this. I’m a fan, but I’m guessing it doesn’t work as well for all skin types.

    Then I got the cute Swell water bottle, charcoal body scrub I can’t wait to use to prep my body for a spray tan.  Did I mention I’m completely obsessed with spray tans?

    The shiny new set of measuring spoons if fab, too!  I’m about to start baking more healthy treats with my kiddos so these will get lots of use in our kitchen!

    Here is the link to use to customize your own box!  Hurry, run! The doors are almost closed on this and I’d hate for you to miss out.  I just received an email that a few items have recently been restocked so don’t wait! XO, Stace $10 off CODE : SPRINGLOVE

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  • FabFitFun Winter 2019 Full Review | Is It Worth It?

    FabFitFun Winter 2019 Full Review | Is It Worth It?

    I finally did it!  After a year of asking all my friends what FabFitFun box was their favorite, this one WON!!

    Save $10 on your box with my link here so you know you’re getting the same options I’ve shown here.  FabFitFun Custom Box HERE!

    The main reason this box stood out to me was because of the jade roller.  I get terrible “puffy face” if I get on a plane or even look at a glass of wine.  I’m excited to travel with this tool and keep it in the fridge for the refreshing and relaxing effects it will bring.  The rollers at Nordstrom are around $20 so I thought all the other products I got would be worth my extra investment.

    It was really fun customizing my box!  You get an email before your box ships every three months so you can see what you want and what you don’t want.  I think I could use some of the fun products as gifts for my friends or family if I don’t think I’d use them.

    If you delay on investing in self-care goodies like I do, wait no more!!  This is something that will bring fun and excitement each season to your home.  I’ve heard Birchbox and Ipsy are fun as well (Birchbox winning in popularity) but everyone still says FitFabFun is their favorite!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.