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  • A Mom’s Letter to Herself!

    A Mom’s Letter to Herself!

    Our team had a call last week where we shared how different all our lives would be if we had NOT come across the beautiful healing of this health and fitness journey we are all on. If we had not found this business venture that is so very rewarding. It was a very tearful experience for all of us as we all shared WHY we had so badly needed a change and how much we appreciate what we have found. Here was our assignment. A letter to me, my why.

    Dear Stacy,

    It’s 2012, you are pregnant with your second child and so very tired. You feel bloated ALL the time. You’ve yet to learn that gluten destroys your stomach and makes you lethargic. It’s the main culprit for your stomach pain. You still enjoy Taco Bell about once a week but you know how much you want to break up with fast food all together.

    You wonder if you’ll ever find the willpower you so badly want. The thought of having two small kiddos to take care of scares you every time it enters your mind. You not only want to have enough energy to play and be present for them but there is this nagging feeling you keep having. This feeling comes up inside of you often because you’ve been shown your entire life, that having children is overwhelming. That they will ruin your body and you’ll never feel or look the same again.

    life by design, motherhood, a mom's letter to herself, life by design, 80 day obsession mom

    You wonder if that’s really true. The fear of letting yourself go and giving into the “mom jeans” and extra weight that a busy life brings, is not what you truly want. You see others having success but it’s always been so hard to maintain balance for yourself, how will that ever happen now? Things never seem to come easy for you.

    You also have an extremely large fear of your family (children) not respecting you. You know that it stems from that fact that you don’t respect yourself. You need a change. Something new to help you find your calling. Something that will allow you to add value to the world outside of being a mom and wife. Little did you know it was coming sooner than you expected….

    There was a NEED a deep yearning for more. Working long days at the spa would cause back pain and carpal tunnel, so you knew esthetics would only be a small piece of your future. But you wanted more than that. Diapers and play dates were not the only thing you saw yourself doing day in and day out. You LOVE working and providing for your family.

    It keeps you sane and out of trouble (online shopping trouble). Little did you know, that the company and products that helped your husband lose 65 pounds in seven months, while you were pregnant, is going to become the avenue that God would use to fill this NEED in you.

    Three months after Jude comes into this world, you start with your own health and fitness. You know that learning to manage your time and personal goals will set you up for success later. You fight systems and always want to “do your own thing” but this time around, you don’t have that luxury. You must stick to this plan. It’s your only hope.

    You are convinced that you can get your body in shape after this tough pregnancy. You give up gluten after much procrastination and can’t believe the weight that’s been lifted. Enjoying veggies more and saying goodbye to fast food is next on the list. After months of tears, planning, craziness and pain….you feel transformed. You feel new, stronger and more fit than you ever remember feeling. It’s amazing!!!!!!

    Turbofire, Shakeology, fitness transformation, stacy rody, gluten-free

    This health journey you’ve embarked upon also came with a business journey. You hesitate because you’re not a “salesperson” and would hate to push anything on anyone. The thing you do know, is when you took those “before” pictures, you pushed for good “after” pictures because maybe, just maybe…you could help another mom see the light like you have. You could help her gain the traction and freedom she never thought was possible. You’ve always had negative perceptions toward this type of business though and you swore up-and-down that you would never get involved with anything like it.

    best mom, mom mom, mom blogs, mom blog, mom pics, fit mom, kids, mom, mother, nursing, pregnancy,

    After a year of seeing your anxiety lessen, your moods became more positive, your marriage healthier, you knew that there’s more to this than you realize. You realize that the mom who needs to find what you have found is always in the back of your mind. It has been the whole time.

    You know if you don’t share your journey, she’ll never be able to see herself IN it and make the changes she needs to make for her family. You want so bad for her to experience the positive powers of a truly healthy and balanced lifestyle.

    The moment you hear God speak to you (you remember the exact location you were standing in your kitchen), you choose to listen and obey Him. This unorthodox type of business has penetrated your heart. You are finally open to it!

    The second decision you make is to not care about what people think. You are no fitness expert so how dare you post on fitness moves and tips? There were more than a handful of people who knew ten times more than you about nutrition. Who are you to post and share these things? You had to NOT care. You had to share what you were learning and what you knew, authentically.

    You could add value to someone’s life, right? The walls continued to be broken down so that people’s judgements and concerns over what you were doing, didn’t trap or entangle you. You had to finally come to terms with the fact that it was okay to be unapologetically you. You knew where you were going and they could either come with you or watch you.

    dream team, 80 day obsession mom,

    The third decision you make, is to just start taking action, start sharing your journey and never ever ever look back. Know your why.  The beauty of this business will not only continue to help you with all of the things you need for your physical and mental health, but God’s going to use it to create the leader that He made you to be.

    He’s going to use it to heal you and to show you His love. He’s going to use that to provide income for your family (especially during that time you didn’t know you were going to need it so bad). He’s going to use it so that you can see you have WORTH, VALUE and RESPECT for yourself and others will too. You can’t hide anymore, you can’t stay in your safe bubble of complacency and mediocrity. The time has come for you to move forward and pursue the dreams in your heart. To pursue helping others find their value and health.

    Thank you for reading and 👇🏻

    ***please reach out if you need something like this*** The current group of girls have had major success this past month and I want that for you.  What is your why?

  • Dear Abs… A letter to myself!

    Dear abs,

    First off, I love you. I appreciate you because you continually remind me of how STRONG I am.

    You carried two beautiful miracles within your walls.

    You look strong and defined when I’m on point with my fitness & nutrition (aka no sugar and wine) and bloated to crap when I’m being lazy. When it looks like I’ve swallowed a giant marshmallow, I’m reminded it’s GO time again and I need to check myself and get moving. In the right lighting, with a good spray tan and the right angles, you look lean in pictures. But when I’m in plank and doing quick feet, well, you look less than desirable.

    Dear abs, you motivate me to keep pushing because you’re the very last thing to change. The very last 🙄. You look smoother and smoother with the muscle development growing under you, so thanks. I’ll keep pushing. You look BETTER now than before I had kids so I’ll take it. You may never be what I want you to be but I’m forever grateful for your motivation. You keep me curious as to what can truly happen if I push hard!

    As for the loose skin…well, I call it LOVE skin because perfection isn’t reality and I love why it’s loose.

    With all my gratitude, Stacy



    *Please share with a mama who needs this. Write a little “Dear Abs” letter to yourself!  Remember we are strong, mighty and God created us perfect the way we are!!*


  • New Year STRONG with Core De Force

    Core De Force Meal Plan & Week 4 Update

    Core De Force Week 4 Meal Plan is going down today.  Failing to plan is like planning to fail.  When I first heard that phrase I thought it was crazy.  Like seriously…. who plans out there food every week?  I don’t have time for that and seriously, who actually eats what they plan out?  That was my thinking 4 years ago, and I quickly realized after failing over and over at my nutrition that there was truth to meal planning and that I needed to embrace it.  Do I always eat exactly what is on the plan??  NOT AT ALL! But at least I have a plan, I have food in the house and I am empowered and set up for success.  So it’s Sunday and I call this my planning day.  I am sitting here with the Core De Force nutrition guide, my blank meal plan template I created on a spreadsheet, and my grocery list so that I can get my game plan together for the 4th week of Core De Force.

    After 4 years of clean eating and exercising I have found my perfect combination.  I have done everything from the The South Beach Diet, The Fat Flush Diet, Eat Right For your Blood Type Diet, 21 Day Fix, Fix Extreme, 3 day refresh (<<btw, you would love this one) and following a Gluten-free diet.  I have found that my body personally responds to food very differently.  I get bloated with dairy and grains, I get mentally foggy and almost an instant headache with refined sugars.  If I eat paleo, stay away from dairy, gluten, and sugars that are artificial I feel my best.  No bloating, no mood swings, no headaches and improved muscle definition and tone.

    So here is my “ideal” lifestyle ( even though I love raw cheddar, brie and Elleno’s Greek Yogurt)

    • Dairy free
    • Gluten Free
    • No artificial sugars at all
    • No legumes
    • Paleo lifestyle

    I can share with you the difference is for sure in the results too:

    I just don’t have those crazy crashes in my energy level like I did before.  I am not sluggish, I don’t have headaches unless my alignment is out of place, my skin is clearer and I’m just healthier and happier all around.

    core de force, mom blog, healthy mom, gluten-free mom,

    [June: Pre-workouts]                                                                            [November: After Core De Force]

    The picture on the far left is from June when I was able to start working out again post surgeries.  You can search my blog for details on that fiasco.  The one on the far right is after completing 21 Day Fix Extreme, 8 weeks of Hammer and Chisel and 3 weeks of Core De Force.  I can really see my definition showing up.  I know I’m already fit but I feel healthy, powerful and STRONG which is really what I’m after.  Plus I really love that Core De Force is so focused on your core and that you do not need any weights at all.  It is just the perfect Hashtag Girlboss workout.  I wear my weighted gloves and I can do it in my own home.  No one cares how my hair looks.  Half the time I am grunting and punching and looking completely ridiculous.  


    *Week 4 Core De Force & Paleo/Whole30 eating*

    So let’s also talk nutrition.  I am following the Core De Force meal plan. I also really do modify and I don’t always get in the yellows.  I eat maybe 1 per day and I eat more good fats because I follow the Paleo lifestyle.  That is what my body responds to the best. Here is my week 4 meal plan:


    core de force mom

    I have snacks typically in the afternoon between lunch and dinner and then after dinner I usually need a snack.  I do make my last meal of the day at least 3 hours before bed.  I do not have any kind of carbohydrate after dinner unless it’s the occasional bowl of air-popped popcorn with coconut butter.  Shhhhh 😉

    My latest go to snack has been:

    -1 honeycrisp apple

    -handful of chopped almonds

    -sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice

    -Microwave for 45 seconds and it’s warm and soft. So good!!!

    If you want to start soon, it is super easy to do that. Just rock it out with your ipad, iphone or computer with Beachbody On Demand.  If you don’t have it, ask me how. It’s super easy!!  You can stream your workouts anywhere there is wifi or download 7 workouts to your library to do with no wifi connection.

    Last week of Core De Force, but I’m going to continue on with month 2 because I love it that much!!!!


    core de force couple

    My hubby and I are doing Core De Force together!!


    Do you want to give Core De Force a TRY? Do you need a little ACCOUNTABILITY? I am kicking off my Health Bet Challenge Jan. 9th, but could get you a HEAD START!!! Complete the Application BELOW and I will contact you within 24 hours to get MORE details!

    Fill out my online form.



  • Life Can Be Hard, What Choice Are You Going To Make?

    •Choose YOUR HARD•

    It’s hard to feel comfortable nakey. It’s hard to fit well in your clothes. It’s hard to feel confident in your body. It’s hard to start a new fitness or nutrition plan. It’s hard to have anxiety and higher stress levels. It’s hard to not ever want to put a swimsuit on OR shorts. It’s hard when your kids see you looking disgusted when you look in the mirror or at the scale. It’s hard to be locked into an unhealthy lifestyle with no end in sight. It’s hard to have the fear of worse PCOS, high cholesterol, brain fog and the possibility of diabetes. It’s hard to think about not being healthy and active for your kids and future grandkids. It’s hard to jump to the next plan when you “think” your current plan isn’t working fast enough.

    It’s also hard to stick to a plan. It’s hard to trust the process when you don’t see the end results you want. It’s hard to stay consistent. It’s hard to not overindulge. It’s hard to check in with your team or coach after you’ve failed. It’s hard to set your alarm. It’s hard to push past in the moment for that one extra rep when your body wants to give up. It’s hard to keep a positive mindset when all you feel is failure. It’s hard to stay consistent with your daily nutrition and stay true to what you promised yourself.

    •It’s all hard if you look at it•

    I pick my hard everyday. I strive for more and try to think long term! Our kids are watching and learning so we must set the legacy of health for them! I have lots to improve on but I do know the time will pass anyway and I want to be better next year than I am today!! ‪#‎momgoals‬ ‪#‎motivation‬ ‪#‎realtalk‬

    [youtube id=”3oXhGtv1dNE” align=”center”]

  • Mompreneur! Never Thought I’d Be an Entrepreneur!

    An Entrepreneur?!

    Never in a million years did I ever think I would be a Mompreneur. A mom running my own business from the comfort of my own home, setting my own hours.  I get to choose when I work and having the ability to be my own boss – all the while still having time to love on my kiddos and hubby! It feels amazing and I can’t keep it a secret.  Being an entrepreneur is amazing…and I really didn’t even think about being one until I started this journey.

    Have you ever wondered what exactly I do as a Coach? I had no clue what a coach actually did before I started, which is why I want to give you a sneak peek. There is no pressure & no strings attached.  Just a preview of it to see if it’s a good fit for you and your family.

    I joined this incredible community over 3 years ago because I needed an answer to fix my yo-yo dieting ways and struggle to find my fitness. I had no clue I would find my inner strength and more confidence as well! The best part is, it has given me the ability to create my dream job.  That dream is inspiring women to live healthier lives, while still having the freedom to spend time with my family and provide for them.

     Are you Ready?!

    I am looking to expand my team, of Team Shine coaches and I’m looking for women who have a passion for helping others.  Women who want the freedom and flexibility of being their own boss. So, during these 2 days, you can grab your coffee and take a small part of your day to learn what it looks like. I will be sharing how a coach earns income, what it costs and what a day in the life of a coach looks like.

    If you are interested in learning what I do, comment below or click this link to request to join us!!

    Finally, I will add you to the preview that starts Wed. It’s a low key, 2 day group. The cool part is, I teach you all you need to know and you’re personally mentored by me.  Learn how I’ve become an entrepreneur mom, from my own home.


    **Disclaimer : Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income.**

  • Do One Thing A Day That Scares You!

    Something about these words light a fire in me. I was just talking to a new coach on my team yesterday and was reminded of how vital this is. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway. I’m a comfort zone junkie to the MAX! Three years ago, I stood up in church at the end of service as my pastor did an amazing job of stirring passion in my soul with his words. He challenged those of us that needed to let go and trust God’s plan to take a stand (literally) and surrender our fears. I realized I never needed God if I never did anything new and “scary.” That had to stop. I needed to “need” God.

    I vowed that day to take every opportunity head on and allow God to work in me as I moved forward in motherhood, business and life in general. I’m grateful to Beachbody for being that outlet to help me do this. I would have never had the full opportunity without this coaching gig.

    I still struggle but I am so much braver than I used to be. I’ve learned that action builds confidence. The more we “just do it” (thanks, Nike) the walls of fear that surround us break down and we see how truly capable and fantastic we are! I’m gonna go now and practice what I’m preaching, haha!‪#‎feelthefearanddoitanyway‬

  • The LOVE/HATE Relationship of Food Prep!

    •I Love Food Prep • I Hate Food Prep•

    Okay maybe I hate food prep a little more than I want to admit, but it’s so worth having it done. I’m happy when I have fast healthy choices for me and the family.

    Here’s what I just did:

    ✅  Cut and washed the romaine and kale.

    ✅  Cooked two types of organic sausages.

    ✅  Prepped the taco meat and used one package ground turkey mixed with one package ground turkey breast.

    ✅  Baked paleo pumpkin muffins for the kids breakfast and before bed snack if they are begging for more food ? (recipe on my Instagram)

    Here’s our menu for the week:

    Monday: Tacos

    Tuesday: Roasted brussel sprouts and almond flour breaded chicken tenders with Fixate Cookbook, honey mustard dressing dip

    Wednesday: Kale salad and sausages

    Thursday: Udi’s GF cheese pizza (my late work night) with green beans

    Friday: Sweet potato fries and leftovers of their choice. We usually do popcorn for our movie night, too!

    Now to enjoy my strawberry, goat cheese, walnut salad..???‪#‎phew‬‪#‎foodprep

  • Free Trip!!! Bahamas, Jamaica and the Oasis of the Seas!

    Our Free Trip

    Free Trip….are you kidding me?!  At the end of 2013, I had heard of this “free trip” but didn’t understand how it worked.  I asked my husband, he just said I needed to help 3-5 people a month.  I already had the passion to help women find their health and fitness, now I had just that much more motivation.  See, there is still always that little bit of fear, nagging in the background.  Not with this!  I was going to get that free trip!  So in 2014 I accomplished my goal.  I helped 3-5 women a month…sometimes more and my husband and I, (yes you can bring a guest), got to go to the Moon Palace in Cancun in 2015!!

    It was amazing.  Literally blew my mind that we were there and not having to pay to be there!  Talk about a dream come true!  It also kept my fire lit.  I already had been hitting my goals for 2015, but it really pushed me to become more of a leader.  I really buckled down.  Guess what?  I earned my second free trip, this time on the largest cruise ship in the world, the Oasis of the Sea!  We were heading to the Caribbean to visit both the Bahamas and Jamaica!  I also must mention….the relationships we have built online around the country and Canada, but seeing everyone in person is also part of the “dream come true”.  It is beyond amazing!

    For this trip, we headed down to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida a day early and got prepared to board ship the next day.  We got on the next day around 2 PM and get acquainted with the ship and started saying hi to all of our friends and join 6,000 other coaches to a cruise ship totally rented by our company.  We all see each other usually twice a year, so it is definitely a reunion every time.  The fun had begun!  The next day was the Bahamas.  There was so much to do, we chose to walk the town, checking out a local Rum Distillery, from the early 1800’s and then hung out on the beach.  Absolutely beautiful and the culture was amazing!

    After that we got to have a formal night on the ship, we dressed in our best, my hubby even wore a suit and tie, and we hung out with 3 different groups of friends!  So awesome!  The next day we were at sea all day.  Every morning there were celebrity trainer, live workouts.  Tony Horton from P90X, 22 Minute Hard Corps and P90, Autumn Calabrese from 21 Day Fix and Hammer and Chisel, Sagi Kalev from Body Beast and Hammer and Chisel, and Joel Freeman and Jericho McMathews from Les Mills Pump were at different times every morning.  You could go to one or all 4 workouts!!  It is always breathtaking to be with a huge, like minded group of people do a live workout!  Right afterwards, all the pool bars had turned into Shakeology bars!!  Amazingness!

    The next two days were awesome!  We went on an excursion in Jamaica, got to hang out at a private beach and have an authentic Jamaican lunch…delicious by the way and really just relax.  We took naps, we worked out, we had a few drinks, we had cheat meals….a lot and really enjoyed our friends.  It was perfect.  It is beyond a blessing and so much fun.  Take a look at all the pics!!

    view tonyhorton, workout, free trip, free cruise stacy matt stacy matt bahamas stacy bahamas ship morning workout morning workout action malonie rody fun formal night, free trip, free cruise, stacy rody feet and sand chair black and white laugh bikinis behind water stacybeach fun group Free trip, bahamas, jamaicahearts, free trip, free cruise, angela maloney, stacy rody, bahamas, sunshine, blue water

    To say the least, this free trip is just another reason why this business we do has changed our lives.  My husband I are so grateful for this opportunity.  My goals were set in January and we have almost earned our free trip for 2017 in the Dominican Republic mega resort, Punta Cana!!  I am so excited and can’t wait to be there with our team!  As I write this, I want to make sure you have the opportunity to join me and my team.  If you are at all intrigued… stop waiting and reach out.  Health and fitness are what we are about, this is just one of the perks for getting yourself in shape and helping others do the same!! Send me a message here!  I look forward to connecting and working on your goals!!  Free Trips are the bomb!  🙂


  • My Journey – Who Is Stacy Rody?

    My Journey

    Oh the journey!!  My social media family has grown tremendously over the last few months.  I thought it was time to share a little more about me – the good, weird & ugly.

    I’ve seen an incredible amount of personal growth & business growth over the past 3 years. My team is growing by leaps and bounds this year and I couldn’t be more proud. I wanted to share a little more about me or remind some of you what my passions are.

    It isn’t all perfect … not even close! I’m a REAL person.

    * I grew up a very insecure person
    * At the age of 12, I was told by a relative that I might be cute on the outside but as soon as I opened my mouth, nothing important came out
    * I met Jesus at age 12 but didn’t surrender my life to Him until I was 23
    * Really “meeting” Him was the pivotal moment that changed the course of my life forever. He heals my hurts and loves on me daily.
    * I had a pony named Partner growing up and learned how to french braid on his tail. Growing up on 5 acres with all sorts of animals was so fun!
    * I dabbled with drugs and the party scene until I met Jesus. Smoked cigarettes for over 5 years until I was 23 and then quit cold turkey
    *On my 13th birthday I ate almost a whole bulk container of Sour Patch Kids and every Christmas it was a bulk container of Jelly Belly’s
    * I’ve since traded dried fruit for my old “gummy” addiction and feel tons better
    * I am very sensitive to foods and finally realized I was gluten-intolerant after having my second baby. I won’t touch the stuff.
    * There have been times where I’ve struggled with depression and secluding myself into a shell. Exercise is the BEST drug for me to combat this
    * I am learning how to have a “thicker skin” and ONLY look at the positive in life

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    * I do not have a college degree
    * I’m addicted to spray tans
    * I’m a makeup artist and esthetician by trade but have become literally obsessed with helping women feel beautiful from the inside out with health and fitness
    * Working at Nordstrom for 8 years left me with a nice appetite for all things beautiful ‪#‎shopping‬
    * I’m an “outgoing” introvert and have a fierce phobia of microphones
    * I had my heart broken at 19 and I went from one unsuccessful relationship to the next… always missing something…
    * I had to take a year off from dating (I’ve been on more blind dates than one person should ever go on) to let Jesus come into my heart and heal it
    * I ironically met my husband on a blind date ;)* I was in debt when I got married and never thought I would make a decent income….was used to living paycheck to paycheck
    * We’ve been married 10 years and I adore my man! Being a wife and mom is the BEST thing ever to me
    *Having a girl and a boy is what I’ve always dreamed of. Love their personalities and snuggles.
    * I love working to help support my family and also grow as a person so I can teach my kiddos about failing forward and how to push past tough obstacles
    * I’m not a certified fitness trainer but I love helping women find their inner confidence through their physical strength
    * I get excited to coach other women build successful businesses from home so they can have freedom to choose if they want to work outside of the home or not
    * I love working with those that stay in the game….the consistent ones who will not give up

    …. because – that – is – me!!

    I am NO longer that shy insecure girl but a CONQUEROR! That is ALL because of what Jesus has done in my life…. all the way down to Beachbody. He knew I needed this business so He could refine me and show me I had a voice.

    There is always a message in our messes. The journey is the beautiful part of it all.

    So… while I LOVE fitness, nutrition, make up, fashion, hair, home decor and all things girly -everything does not come easy to me. I have to work hard at it!

    Go buy ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ on Amazon. You will NOT regret it!

    If you need someone in your corner – I’m that girl. I’d love to hear more about you 🙂

    Thank you for your support here and on social media. I truly appreciate the community that has grown around and with me…

    Have a wonderful night!

    XO, Stace

  • 22 Minute Hard Corps – An Amazing Woman’s Workout!

    Finally, 22 Minute Hard Corps!

    I finally get to do 22 Minute Hard Corps.  I have been watching my husband just kill it the last 7 weeks while I have been having surgeries and been super sick… (thanks antibiotics!!!)  I was approved by Beachbody Corporate to do the workouts ahead of the launch of this amazing program!!  Yay!  It is short, sweet and I love it!  I definitely have to modify some of the moves, and am not doing every single set, but overall it is a HIIT style workout that pushes me past my limits!  22 Minute Hard Corps is very hardcore.

    I think I am going to like it a lot, but it will definitely push me beyond normal.  I am crazy about form, I like to do every move as perfect as possible.  Tony Horton, the creator of 22 Minute Hard Corps, doesn’t want you to sacrifice form, but he pushes you hard and fast.  Some of the moves that Matt, my husband is doing in the advanced workouts, are tough to keep up with.  Matt is going to do a second round, just to get everything totally down and so that he can get through every workout perfectly.  I struggle with all things push ups and pull ups.  Those are going to be my trouble areas.  Want to know how amazing this program is….Matt has already lost 19 lbs and over 9 inches….in just 7 weeks!!  He is looking good!  I can also see the energy he has now.  He had been doing Body Beast and then started Hammer and Chisel right before being invited to do the test group.  I haven’t seen him so excited about a program ever.

    Here’s a little sample pack of what you have to expect.

    [youtube id=”vGNOW0g__k8″]

    [youtube id=”p0ky-73SQxw”]

    I got done with my first full week and it was a challenge for this rebounding mom!  22 Minute Hard Corps is definitely a boot camp style workout.  It is about twice as fast paced as my old circuit classes I would take at the YMCA.  This is also a great program to change up with Turbofire.  They are nothing alike, but really can compliment each other.  Being a Turbofire and Chalene Johnson “lifer” (both are my first love because they changed my life) it is sometimes jump out of my comfort zone.  22 Minute Hard Corps is the perfect jump.

    I am excited to be doing this program and I’m excited for others to join me!  My husband has lost 18 lbs through 7 weeks and lost over 9 inches!!  I’m excited how my body will respond…I already feel the changes happening!