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Amazon Fashion Deals 2022 – Amazon Try On 2022

Amazon Fashion Deals 2022 – Amazon Try On 2022 – Amazon Fashion 2022

Amazon Fashion Deals 2022 are here!  I can’t believe it’s already 2022.   It’s so fun for me to share some of the cutie items I’ve found on Amazon with you!  Amazon has stepped up their game with selections.  In this video, I show a bunch of comfy and also workwear styles.  I work from home, so I’m not at an office, but I still have meetings.  Let me know what you think!

I will list the outfits here in order that I show them on the video. Any questions, just ask! I’m here to help and thanks for following me on Instagram and the app! 

Brown jacket and skirt:

Travel steamer:

Houndstooth vest:

Black tie dress:

Black and white print dress:

Long shacket:

Love t-shirt:

Ugg look alikes and warm black coat:  At first, I was very skeptical of these Ugg look alikes.  After trying them on, I was sold.  Very hard for me to believe they would even remotely compare….but they did.  I actually love them.  I’ve already had some friends purchase them as well!  They are a great staple and I highly recommend them!

Faux leather vest:

Veja 3 lock sneakers:

Faux leather pants & blazer:

Faux leather pants & denim jacket:

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