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Cobb Salad Recipe

  • Cobb Salad is great, the Hawaiian Cobb Salad is Amazing!

    Hawaiian Cobb Salad

    I’m not gonna lie, this Hawaiian Cobb Salad was to die for.  It literally was the best Cobb Salad I have ever had.  Trust me, I have had a lot of salads in my life!  For some reason this one hit the mark more than others.  I loved it beyond words!  It really had a sweetness I had not tasted before.  It was also super fresh, which really made it stand out!  The lovely Anthony’s at Point Defiance is where this lovely food of heaven was served!  It is a local favorite of my husband and mine.  It is a beautiful setting, right on the water with views of the Olympics and Mt. Rainier.  I would definitely recommend it!

    Being gluten-free and eating out is tricky at times. I either order the fish, chicken or a salad. Sounds boring but actually it’s not so bad. Sure I miss a big fatty burger and bun but my body does not. It loves the salads.  The leafy greens help in so many ways and try to eat two salads a day.  This way I am getting a quality amount of fiber and it makes my feel fantastic.

    Here is what is in a Hawaiian Cobb salad recipe. It was topped with:

    • Mango
    • Bacon
    • Celery (chopped small)
    • Shrimp
    • Avocado
    • Tomato
    • Blue Cheese (just a tiny bit because it’s not technically gluten-free)
    • Sweet herb dressing on the side

    Embracing the beauty of salads has been huge for me!  I actually wasn’t sure I wanted to try this one, because of the blue cheese and what not.  But this was a date night and a cheat meal and it ended up being not only amazing but not very much of a cheat!  A win-win in my book!  This Hawaiian Cobb Salad really hit the spot!