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February 11, 2022

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  • Abercrombie and Fitch Try On 2022 – Criss Cross Jeans

    Abercrombie and Fitch Try On 2022 – Criss Cross Jeans – Jeans Try On 2022

    Criss cross jeans try on, this is a very specific topic but I really do think we will see this design for a while. It’s very flattering on the waist and almost gives a cinched look. I have seen a lot of women share the Abercrombie criss cross pair for under $100 but also this specific Agolde pair (the second pair of both brands). 

    Here they are in order and more of my thoughts on each pair.

    Abercrombie Dad Jean:

    I personally like the color of these the best but needed to size down one. The leg was just too wide for my liking. 

    Abercrombie High Rise Jean:

    These come in a black wash, medium and light color. The ones I show are the light. I like the fit of these best but the light is too acid wash for me so I would need to try the medium color. Super cute and flattering and I got my true size. They are on sale right now for $75!!! 

    Agolde Eternal Jean:

    This pair has a one star review on Nordstrom lol but they aren’t that bad. I would say the leg is a bit wider than the other Agolde I show you and the color isn’t quite my favorite. They would look awesome with sneakers and are totally on trend. Size down for sure! 

    Agolde Suburbia Jean:

    This is the pair I kept (even though I think I might order the medium wash of my favorite Abercrombie pair to try). Size down one and they are super cute with any shoe. I see amazing reviews on these and I know why, the booty and leg is flattering and the perfect length for me @5’7. 

    If you’re jumping on this trend you have to tag me on IG and comment to let me know!! Don’t forget that the LTK is such a simple way to shop and completely FREE!! Tell your friends and follow me here to shop this entire video:



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