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  • Forever 21 Shopping – Forever 21 Fall 2021

    Forever 21 Shopping – Forever 21 Haul 2021 – Forever 21 Fall 2021

    Forever 21 shopping is here!  I’m dying over how dang cute and quality these pieces look for the price! Forever 21 has been outdoing themselves lately. So happy I could make this for you! 

    Everything fit tts and I needed to view them in person because the quality can be hit or miss. All the pieces I’m sharing do not look cheap and that’s important to me.

    Links to buy 🔽

    Black jacket, Mother jeans, Golden Goose sneakers, Amazon tank:

    This Neutral Shacket from Forever 21 is sooo good! Neutral combat boots from Marc Fisher and Spanx make it all very wearable and on trend! 

    Pink graphic t-shirt. It’s crazy soft and the men’s medium fit perfectly. Levi’s tts:

    Denim quilted jacket, spanx, striped shirt outfit:

    Black quilted jacket outfit, Spanx, Hunter boots:

    Lavender button-down jacket, Levi’s & Amazon tank:

    Cream tunic sweater:

    Amazon slippers Samantha and I both love:

    Black maxi dress:

    Athleisure outfit. I also share my favorite grey leggings that style well with this color hoodie:

    Two staple sweaters at a fraction of the cost :

    Links to buy🔼

    Happy shopping and I sure hope you found a few things to get!!! 

    XO, Stace 

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  • FabFitFun Box Fall 2021 – Subscription Fall Box 2021

    FabFitFun Box Fall 2021 – Subscription Fall Box 2021 – Fabfitfun 2021 Unboxing

    FabFitFun Box Fall 2021 is HERE and we are so excited to show you what we picked. I’ve already tried the cleanser followed by the mask last night and my skin is smooth and glowing today!!! The Arhaus candle and blanket have me so happy that Christmas is around the corner, too!  In this one, I brought my daughter, who loves FabFitFun, she’s 11, along for the ride through this new fall box.  Come and join us!

    I suggest the annual membership because you can save more and customize earlier than others with the quarterly membership.

    Here’s the link to snag your box:

    The code to save $15 is F9-IVFVV

    Thanks so much for watching, we appreciate you taking the time.  You have to tell us what you think!! 

    XO, Stacy & Sam 


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  • Amazon Try On 2021 – Part 2 – Try On Haul Summer

    Try On Haul Summer – Amazon Try On 2021 – Part 2 – Amazon Fashion Try On Haul 2021

    Try on haul summer, Amazon try on 2021 is back!  Here is the second part to this Amazon favorites haul. I have to say that there are some steals right here!

    Such great items for amazing prices! 

    My type of shopping.  

    The only thing I haven’t loved from Amazon are the shoe choices. I can’t seem to find much in that selection so if you know of something, I’m all ears.

    Amazon black dress:

    All Saints black crossbody bag:

    Amazon backpack:

    Black puff sleeved shirt w/ suede skirt:

    White tank outfit:

    Red dress outfit accessories:

    Red floral dress:

    Grey blazer:


    Hoola Bronzer (great for any skin tone):

    Lots of fun items to choose from! Tell me what you end up ordering!! 


    XO, Stace 

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    Amazon Try On 2021 – Part 1 Video is here!  Amazon Try On 2021 – Part 1

  • Amazon Try On 2021 – Part 1 – Amazon Must Haves

    Amazon Try On 2021 – Part 1 – Amazon Must Haves – Best Amazon Haul

    Amazon try on 2021!  I’ve been wanting to show you these goodies for a couple months now and broke it down into shorter videos! I’ll have the second one up next week! I’m impressed with the price, style and quality as Amazon never ceases to amaze me when it comes to fashion.

    For reference, I’m a Medium for tops and dresses. Some things are from Nordstrom as I just shopped the sale. 

    Here’s the first outfit: 

    Rose knit tank (size down):

    White front tie dress (size up):

    Plaid blazer (tts):

    Black sweater w/ leopard Spanx and knee high boots:

    Amazon bodysuit w/ Levi’s jeans & LA baseball hat:

    Sam Edelman tan combat boots:

    Travel beach bag:

    Los Angeles t-shirt (size up if you want a true oversized look with leggings) with Spanx and combat boots:

    White high neck stretch tank w/ tan suede baseball hat, my favorite Agolde denim shorts & Tory Burch Miller sandals:

    Amazon gold hoop earrings:

    Thanks for watching and I hope you find some new fresh staple pieces for your closet!

    XO, Stacy

    Check out my American Eagle Try On

  • Express Try On Haul 2021 – Express Fashion Haul

    Express Try On Haul 2021 – Express Fashion Haul – Express Clothing Try On

    Express Try On Haul 2021!!!   Here’s a little Express haul for you! I saw so many pretty tops, dresses and pants I wanted to showcase some for you. 

    Black Satin:

    Black Twill Trousers (the pair I liked best):

    Wide Leg Black (Or White) Trousers:

    Coral Satin Dress:

    Silky Blush Loungewear Set:

    White Eyelet Top:

    Navy Mock Neck Ruffle Dress:

    Here are the Express shoes I’m a fan of:

    I wanted to share this little clutch from Target because it would go well with these outfits:

    I hope these looks gave you ideas and I helped save you time & effort with your online shopping!

    XO, Stacy

  • Nordstrom Sale Try On Haul – Nordstrom 2021

    Nordstrom Sale Try On Haul – Nordstrom 2021 – Nordstrom Anniversary Try On

    Hey friends!

    It’s here, the Nordstrom Sale Try On Haul!!! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale goes from 7/28-8/8, anyone can shop the Nordstrom sale, you don’t have to have a Nordstrom credit or debit card. I wanted to show you some of my faves to save you time. Honestly,  I was hesitant to make this video for you because last year things sold out so quickly but I’m seeing more restocks and you could find some incredible deals!!! All my sizing recommendations are listed on the liketoknowit app so thanks for using my links. I appreciate you being here with me!! Let’s get to it! 

    Sale Jewelry (and some not one the sale):

    #1 Billabong t-shirt, Mother jeans & Steve Madden booties:

    Treasure & Bond grey shirt jacket outfit:

    Shirt jacket in tan/ black with Spanx:

    Free People tunic:

    BlankNYC suede jacket:

    BlankNYC suede skirt & Free People cropped sweater:

    Free People oversized sweater and Sam Edelman knee high boots:

    Good American black dress:

    Shirt jacket with Spanx and over the knee boots:

    Rag & Bone acid wash jeans:

    Free People sweater, Spanx and over the knee boots:

    Black Mother jeans and white Free People top:

    The best denim colored Levi’s on the sale:

    All Saints leather jacket ($170 off!) Caslon scoop neck t-shirt and Good American jeans:

    The best $12 I spent at the sale. Grey scoop neck Caslon pocket t-shirt:

    Off-the-shoulder oatmeal colored sweater/shirt:

    Cream fuzzy jacket:

    Nike crew sweatshirt (my favorite purchase of the entire sale!):

    Boys Nike jacket:

    Randoms I buy every year:

    Kiddos Underwear:

    No-show Adidas socks:

    My favorite bra:

    Bonus! A really cute Free People top I wish I would have tried on for you :

    Happy shopping!! This truly is a sale worth shopping and even though I’m loooving the sun right now (summer is my favorite season) I also can’t wait to wear these outfits!

    Big hugs-Stace

  • American Eagle Summer Haul – Aerie Summer Haul

    American Eagle Summer Haul – Aerie Summer Haul


    Okay! I’m so excited to bring you this American Eagle & Aerie try on. There have been many times I wanted to try this brand and share it but never got the chance. The fits and styles are like Free People but the prices are about $10-30 less.

    Here is my favorite find of the entire try on. Slouchy fitting and in the best color options is this t-shirt:

    All sizing is described in the video and Liketoknowit posts. 

    Here’s the coral sweatshirt. The color is so vibrant and pretty! I’m hoping the material washes up better than Target sweatshirts.

    This dress is gorgeous! Can work without a bra and as a swim coverup! I can’t seem to find it online anymore but keep checking and head to a store becasue it was by the swimwear. So sorry!!

    Their workout leggings are so good!! I’m obsessed with the sports bra, too! 

    Greg joggers and cute blue cropped tank here:

    Matching joggers and sweatshirt set:

    Black swim cover-up that comes in 5 colors! Highly recommend this one:

    The cutest front tie sweatshirt: 

    I hope you like these pieces as much as I do! It’s been fun to see their sizing and best of the best as far popular items go! 

    XO, Stace 

  • Morning Meltdown 100 Review! Exciting New Program!

    Morning Meltdown 100 | 100 Workouts, 30 Minutes or Less

    I don’t have all the details yet but I do have enough information to know that I will be counting down the days until Morning Meltdown 100 releases this SUMMER!!!

    I have been the rebellious, do it on my own terms type of person for most of my life so finding a fitness program calendar that actually gets me results AND has simple structure to tame my stubborn spirit…’s just what I need.  I’ve had amazing results from longer 60-80 day programs similar to this one so I am ecstatic for this release!! Being able to check off one workout each day for ONE HUNDRED days will be a huge momentum builder!!

    Introducing Morning Meltdown 100

    The whole idea is to burn a layer of FAT off your body every day for 100 days. You will also boost your metabolism, gain strength, feel confident and have music to enjoy during your workouts.

    This program is perfect for the busy person who wants to become/stay strong, healthy and fit, but has trouble finding the time to workout. In just 20-30 minutes per day, Jericho McMatthews, our super trainer for this program, will lead you through a workout that is intended to help you transform your body!

    What can you expect from these workouts?

    • Short: Just 20-30 minutes/day
    • Variety: You’ll see workouts that incorporate HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), resistance, mobility and/or active recovery workouts.
    • Progress: Jericho has created 100 unique workouts to progress you through the program, which means no plateaus!
    • Music: For the first time ever, there will be a live DJ during the workout with “beats per minute” coordinated with each specific move.

    Why is it called “Morning Meltdown 100?”

    What you do in the morning can set the tone for the entire day. Honestly, if you can commit to 20-30 minutes/day for YOU in the morning, you will feel happier. You will feel accomplished. You will feel strong. And you will see AMAZING results.

    I set my alarm for 5:45 every morning so I can get my bible devotions read and drink my preworkout aka mom crack before I workout. Here’s some benefits and reasons why I enjoy my morning routine.

    1. Success leaves clues.  From so many of the virtual mentors I’ve had, they all have a set morning hustle or routine to start their days of right.  I focus on my natural energy surges and I have much more of it in the morning. Plus, I hate working out at night.  That means I have to get it done in the morning otherwise it won’t happen.  I feel super focused and ready to take on the day when I get it done before my two kiddos are even awake.
    2. I’ve seen it with myself and with many of my friends and challengers: life happens.

    If you want to do your workout at the end of the day, or when you find a crack in the day, it often doesn’t happen. Kiddos don’t nap when you think they do. Your kid gets sick. You get invited to happy hour. Or frankly, you’re just too exhausted from the day. But when you do it first thing in the morning, these things won’t get in your way!

    1. My energy levels are much higher if I’ve started the day with a workout.

    This is likely because when you workout in the AM, your metabolism gets revved up immediately! Your endorphin rush starts before you get out the door. On the days I choose to sleep in instead, I feel much more lethargic, less focused, and fatigued throughout the day.  More energy is almost as valuable to me as money.

    1. Stress reduction.

    Exercise is my outlet, it helps me release all the stress from everything going on in my life and start each day fresh!  Endorphins are God’s natural anti-anxiety drug. I am happier when I workout and don’t hold onto stress the same.

    morning meltdown 100 preview 2019

    Are you as excited as I am? Ready to get started?!

    Do you want to be a part of my first Exclusive Morning Meltdown 100 Test Group beginning in July 2019? Get on my VIP Early Access List by filling out the form below so you can do this workout with me and be a part of this amazing Test Group!

    As an exclusive VIP member, you’ll get access to the full program MONTHS before anyone else. And you’ll be a member of my first ever Morning Meltdown 100 Test Group.

    MAN, can you imagine that feeling of crossing off day 100 from your calendar?! Are you ready to do this with me?! Complete this health assessment form and I will keep your goals safe Find Your Inner Glow Form!

    If you want to get a head start on your health before July, we can most certainly do that, too!!

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  • FabFitFun Spring 2019 Full Review | Is It Worth It?

    FabFitFun Spring 2019 Full Review | Is It Worth It?

    My Spring Box is here and I’m excited to share!  Subscription boxes are all the rage lately. Everywhere I turn, a new company is going up and us moms are talking about it!  I especially love this box because it has the perfect mix for what my lifestyle needs are. Fab, fun and fit..get it! I think I’m funny.

    Just when I think it can’t get any better, they go and put Quay sunniest as a custom option so you know I snagged those up!  Great quality, trendy styles to choose from and with a case. I always need a sunglass case handy so I don’t ruin my good glasses.

    My second favorite additions to this box are the hair and skin products!  Ouai products are new to me but I’ll tell you after the first use in my daughters long blonde hair, I was sold.  We always need leave-in conditioners at our house so it will be well loved. I really like the scent (it’s kind of like hair perfume), and the formula itself is lovely, too. It’s a great detangler, and it doesn’t weigh down my hair.

    I try SO many de-puffing, under-eye eye treatments, and this is one of the few that I could actually feel and see working! After I applied the gel, it immediately gave my skin a cooling feeling. Then, over the next few minutes, I could actually feel a subtle tightening of my skin. (The tightening goes away when you wash this off.)

    It has an orange tint, which helps conceal the blue tones of undereye circles, but it didn’t make enough of a difference there for me to go without undereye concealer. And it gives your skin a smooth, powdery finish. (And just FYI, this isn’t an aloe-vera-type gel, it takes some effort to squeeze it out of the tube!)

    Looking at the reviews on Sephora, it seems like people either love or hate this. I’m a fan, but I’m guessing it doesn’t work as well for all skin types.

    Then I got the cute Swell water bottle, charcoal body scrub I can’t wait to use to prep my body for a spray tan.  Did I mention I’m completely obsessed with spray tans?

    The shiny new set of measuring spoons if fab, too!  I’m about to start baking more healthy treats with my kiddos so these will get lots of use in our kitchen!

    Here is the link to use to customize your own box!  Hurry, run! The doors are almost closed on this and I’d hate for you to miss out.  I just received an email that a few items have recently been restocked so don’t wait! XO, Stace $10 off CODE : SPRINGLOVE

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  • How Does Botox Work? Why I Got Botox And Why It Works!

    How Does Botox Work? Why I Got Botox And Why It Works!

    Hi my name is Stacy and I am 40! Which means that Botox is my new best friend. So is Dr. Bryan McIntosh, (@drbryanmcintosh on Instagram), as you can tell from the video! I wanted to make this for you so you can watch Botox in action. The needle is scary but it doesn’t hurt much at all.

    I had my first Botox experience when I was 36 and I didn’t notice a huge difference but it did feel good to know that I was doing a little age prevention. I did it again when I was 38 and currently I have been going in every 4 to 5 months keep everything fresh and in place.

    Here’s my honest thoughts about it, I love the way it makes me feel like I’ve been getting really good sleep at night. I like the way it keeps my eyes from looking really tired and saggy and I also like that I know I’m preventing deeper wrinkles from forming by keeping those muscles from moving so much.

    Every time I leave the doctors office I get a new lease on life. Almost that same feeling like you’ve gone to the mall and spent $500 on new clothes. It gives me that same high if you well. Retail therapy and Botox therapy, it feels the same.

    So here’s the common concerns and also the benefits! You can find more information here: Benefits of Botox

    Paralyze or freeze your face
    Poison you
    Fill in deep lines and wrinkles
    Create abnormal facial expressions
    Prevent you from smiling

    Decreases forehead lines
    Minimizes frown lines
    Prevents crow’s feet
    Decreases headaches
    Leaves your face relaxed and refreshed

    Have you done it? Did you love? Leave me a comment.
    XO, Stacy

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