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  • Self Tanning Tutorial 2022 – Best Self Tanner

    Self Tanning Tutorial 2022 – Best Self Tanner – Self Tanner For Pale Skin

    Self tanning tutorial 2022 is finally here.  I mention all the products, whether it be self tanner itself, or all the add ons that you need to make the self tanner really work well.  Because of my past cancer scare, this one really hits home and I hope it helps you making smart decisions.  Self Tanner can be very expensive if you don’t prep your body for application.  Because of my esthetician background, I’ve been able to try a lot of different options over the years.  I started spray tanning in 2007, so have tried a LOT of products.  I love helping others and making sure we choose what’s right for each of us.  Each body is so very different.  So you may have to try a multitude of different products to find the right set.  So, here we go….

    Here are the products to SHOP:


    Loving Tan 2 hrs express in dark:

    Organic body lotion in med/dark:


    Golden Star Beauty 15% off code 

    Lux Unfiltered:

    Try their hand cream & body lotion while you’re at it! 


    Save body scrub:

    Splurge body scrub:



    Body Butter:


    Isle of Paradise in medium:

    Lux Unfiltered drops:

    My favorite facial sunscreen:

    You will still need sunscreen even with self-tanner on. I do get that question so wanted to mention it. 


    Body Blur body makeup:

    Recommendations from my Instagram fam! Follow me @stacyjrody:

    If every single self-tanner had turned you a strange yellow / orange shade, try this Bali Body in Ultra Dark:

    Some friends in the beauty industry swear by this Coco & Eve in dark:

    A nursing mama friend of mine said she used this during her pregnancy:

    Happy tanning and please let me know if you have anything to add or share in the comments of this video!

    XO, Stacy

  • Fire and Flow Review – Fire and Flow May 2022

    Fire and Flow Review – Fire and Flow May 2022 – New Beachbody Workout

    Fire and Flow review is here!  I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to do this program!! May 24th starts the exclusive Fire and Flow launch window of this new program. I’ve done both Elise and Jericho’s programs before. Every time I’ve completed the program, I see chiseling results and feel so much stronger! Here’s a blurb from the Beachbody blog below: 

    What Is FIRE AND FLOW?

    FIRE AND FLOW is a 4-week program designed to bring more balance and joy into your life while helping you get in great shape.

    For just 25–30 minutes a day, six days a week, you’ll alternate between Jericho’s intense FIRE workouts and Elise’s stress-reducing FLOW sessions.

    This allows you to go hard, but at the same time have plenty of time to help you recover and rejuvenate. Jericho and Elise want you to work out, not burn out.

    You’ll also be showing yourself some major love with the FIRE AND FLOW 4-Week Journal.

    Filled with 5-minute self-care prompts and a handy habit tracker, the journal is part inspiration, part creator of healthy routines.

    By the end of the program, Jericho and Elise will help train your body to be active, as well as help train your mind to embrace new opportunities, release anxiety, and quiet the self-judgment.

    Want to join me? I will coach you through every step and walk alongside you answering any and all questions. I will also be there to celebrate the small and big wins. 

    Simply email me at:  

    [email protected] with the subject line “Fire & Flow” and I’ll know exactly how to get you started. I’ll also go over your goals and any nutritional help needed. 

    Can’t wait to connect!! 


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  • Merit Makeup Review – Luxury Clean Makeup

    Merit Makeup Review – Luxury Clean Makeup – Makeup Haul 2022

    Merit makeup review is here and I wanted to give you a quick rundown on a company striving for better ingredients and everyday beauty products called Merit.   Merit is a winner of multiple Allure beauty awards in 2021 and in 2022, they are now one of my essentials. This clean brand is now carried at Sephora and gaining major momentum in the beauty industry.  It is vegan, minimalist, and is amazing to use!

    Here’s a breakdown of all I shared:


    An everyday mascara that defines, separates, and lengthens lashes for a wide-awake look with no smudging ever.

    Tinted Lip Oil in shade Au Natural:

    A slick of sheer color infused with rosehip oil and shea butter for healthy-looking lips all day long.

    Also shown: Lip oil Warm Clear and link is the same as above. Great for a tween or teen who wants a little shine and glow.

    Brush #1:

    A go-to brush to blend out any complexion product so well that you won’t be able to tell where your skin and makeup meet.

    The Minimalist Perfecting Complexion Foundation and Concealer Stick in shade Bisque :

    A lightweight, medium-coverage complexion stick with a natural finish to replace both foundation and concealer in your makeup bag. Long wearing and top-rated. 

    Cheeky cheek color:

    A foolproof, flexible balm that deposits a creamy and transparent veil of color to let your skin show through. 

    Day Glow Highlighting Balm in Bounce (rose gold) :

    A sheer, lightweight moisturizing highlighter made for daytime wear that visibly illuminates your skin for a dewy glow with zero sparkle. I like to use this on my lips too. This is probably my favorite product from this review and I feel like every woman young or old should own this!! 

    I hope this gives you some insight to finding your best “clean” products that work well and look amazing!! 

    XO- Stace 

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    Instagram:    @stacyrody

  • Best Gifts For Mom – Nordstrom Gift Guide

    Best Gifts For Mom – Nordstrom Gift Guide – Holiday Gifts 2021

    Best gifts for mom, that I know I love and have used for years! It’s never easy finding the right gift! I’m excited to bring you some gift ideas today for your mom, wife or daughter!

    When I used to work at Nordstrom, I enjoyed watching husbands, sons, daughters and moms come in to shop for their friends and family. I put together a list of things you can’t go wrong with! Nordstrom is quality over quantity and I have stayed loyal to the brand all of my adult life.  As a mom, wife and daughter I feel these items fit the everyday needs.  They are amazing products.  So take a look and hopefully it helps your process.

    Cheese Knives & Board / Kitchen Accessories:

    Essential Oil & Diffuser:

    Voluspa & Capri Blue Volcano Candles:

    Barefoot Dreams Blanket:

    Ugg Cardigan Wrap:

    Amazon Slippers:

    Ugg Slippers:

    Body Oil & Kiehl’s Body Cream:

    Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant:

    I wanted to add this hair care and mask set. It’s how I save my hair from color and bleach! Everyone I know that uses it loves!!

    Good luck with checking off your gift list this year! Let’s hope that shipping isn’t too delayed. 

    Here’s another video I did that would give you some great options for the holidays:  Top 10 Nordstrom Staples.

    XO, Stacy 

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  • My Top Ten Nordstrom Beauty Staples

    My Top Ten Nordstrom Beauty Staples – Nordstrom Beauty Favorites – Beauty Haul 2021

    Nordstrom Beauty Favorites!  I’m so stinking excited to compile this list for you. These are my tried and true Nordstrom staples that I feel would work for almost every woman regardless of skin type, tone and texture. I also share the one hair product from Living Proof that makes my hairstyle last and look good for multiple days.  I am an esthetician and these have never steered me wrong! And if there is a problem, Nordstrom is so easy to deal with.

    I’ll start from top to bottom so here goes:

    Living Proof Dry Shampoo: used in combination with the amazing 

    Dry Volume Blast:

    Kiehl’s Night Time Repair Creme:

    Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish( goes under foundation on the high points):

    Laura Mercier Foundation:

    YSL Touché Eclat Under Eye & Face Highlighter Pen:

    Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder:

    Hoola Bronzer:

    Target Brush:

    Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush:

    Trish McEvoy Blush:

    Anastasia Brow Powder Duo:


    Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 Refillable Lipstick in color Dancefloor Princess: 

    Tarte Eyeliner & Mascara I’ve been loving:

    Let me know if you need anything and make sure you find me on Instagram @stacyrody so you can watch my stories and see insider tips and other products I use and love!

    Talk soon- Stace

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  • FabFitFun Box Fall 2021 – Subscription Fall Box 2021

    FabFitFun Box Fall 2021 – Subscription Fall Box 2021 – Fabfitfun 2021 Unboxing

    FabFitFun Box Fall 2021 is HERE and we are so excited to show you what we picked. I’ve already tried the cleanser followed by the mask last night and my skin is smooth and glowing today!!! The Arhaus candle and blanket have me so happy that Christmas is around the corner, too!  In this one, I brought my daughter, who loves FabFitFun, she’s 11, along for the ride through this new fall box.  Come and join us!

    I suggest the annual membership because you can save more and customize earlier than others with the quarterly membership.

    Here’s the link to snag your box:

    The code to save $15 is F9-IVFVV

    Thanks so much for watching, we appreciate you taking the time.  You have to tell us what you think!! 

    XO, Stacy & Sam 


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  • Air Fryer Review 2019 | Is It Worth The Money?

    Air Fryer Review 2019 | Is It Worth The Money?

    Girls, here’s my air fryer review!  I finally got the air fryer!  I saw so many of my fellow health coaches making incredible looking meat and veggie dishes and the fomo got me.  It’s claim to fame is how it can turn anything into a crisp, quickly cooked meal with less fat. 75% less actually!  For instance, I love to order sweet potato fries at restaurants but I know they dip them into all the nasty oils to give them the crisp texture.

    Well this gadget doesn’t use oil. It uses a high speed convection system that makes everything taste like restaurant foods! Winning!!! Anytime we can get nutrient dense vegetables and lean meats to taste delicious, I’m on board!  You will need to coat them a little with 1 tsp-1 Tbsp but that’s it! My community is all about this new discovery & a lot of my clients are jumping on the airfryer train!

    “Skinny Taste One and Done” is a book I highly recommend: Recipe Book HERE!.

    If you have an Instant Pot (my exact one is here, My Instant Pot) or air fryer, it’s worth your investment.  One and done style meals that will not compromise your waistline but be full of flavor!  Check out my Instant Pot Article and Recipe HERE

    Here is the specific TOP rated Philips HD9220 Airfryer that I have: Philips Airfryer HERE!

    Nothing has taken longer than 15 min to cook, it sounds like a small fan when it’s on and then beeps when it’s done. It is loud enough to hear from your laundry room! 😉 #momlife

    The handle doesn’t get hot so if your kiddos are old enough to pull the drawer out and dump their own fries, you could take a break for a second.  I love that I don’t have to wait to preheat the oven anymore, this air fryer just gets right to work! Between amazon prime and my amazing kitchen gadgets, I’m set for speed & last minute planning!

    I recently saw a turkey burger recipe I’ll be making and want to try salmon soon!  Roasted veggies will not take as long now so we will be having those more as well! I hope this air fryer review helped you. Let me know if you snag it because I’d love to hear what you make!!

  • FabFitFun Winter 2019 Full Review | Is It Worth It?

    FabFitFun Winter 2019 Full Review | Is It Worth It?

    I finally did it!  After a year of asking all my friends what FabFitFun box was their favorite, this one WON!!

    Save $10 on your box with my link here so you know you’re getting the same options I’ve shown here.  FabFitFun Custom Box HERE!

    The main reason this box stood out to me was because of the jade roller.  I get terrible “puffy face” if I get on a plane or even look at a glass of wine.  I’m excited to travel with this tool and keep it in the fridge for the refreshing and relaxing effects it will bring.  The rollers at Nordstrom are around $20 so I thought all the other products I got would be worth my extra investment.

    It was really fun customizing my box!  You get an email before your box ships every three months so you can see what you want and what you don’t want.  I think I could use some of the fun products as gifts for my friends or family if I don’t think I’d use them.

    If you delay on investing in self-care goodies like I do, wait no more!!  This is something that will bring fun and excitement each season to your home.  I’ve heard Birchbox and Ipsy are fun as well (Birchbox winning in popularity) but everyone still says FitFabFun is their favorite!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

  • What you get with Transform :20?

    What you get with Transform :20 on your your way to your Weight Loss Transformation!

    I’m beyond excited to share this new program with you! In this video I explain everything that comes in your pack when you order!  There are so many highlights but here’s a few.

    • Every workout being unique as they are filmed live.  No fitness boredom over here!
    • The fact that the workouts are only twenty minutes and that there are six strength workouts and two ten minute bonus workouts.  A ten minute booty workout and cardio blast. I’ll be excited to use these as I need them!
    • The tracker so I can improve my speed and numbers!  I also like that he has a daily journal for us to track what we eat, how we felt and lots of other things!!

    I have twenty spots open for our exclusive Transform:20 accountability group starting January 7th with an optional three day cleanse.  You can try the workout now before the program releases. Message me today so I can send it over to you, or I’ll send it once you sign up:  Transform 20 with ME!!

    Here’s what you’ll get when you join our Transform :20 group:

    • One superfood meal a day you don’t have to prep or plan in 9 flavor choices, even vegan options
    • Full customizable meal guide
      based on your eating style and preference.
    • Hundreds of workouts to choose from.  I’ll help with what fits with your preference and goals after you’re done with Transform:20.
    • Me as your 24/7 coach, you’re go to girl!
    • Fun workout buddies rocking their own schedule from home but checking in online (app and Fb)

    I can’t wait to help you with your goals!!  Transform 20 with ME!!

  • Babyliss Pro Curling Iron, The Best Curling Iron EVER!

    Babyliss Pro Curling Iron, The Best Curling Iron EVER!

    I am only slightly freaking out right now, girls. If you have been frustrated at all with your hair and how it’s styling, something from this blog should help you start enjoying the entire process. I know first hand how frizzy and unruly hair can be in humidity and also from the highlighting chemicals and styling tools. Did you know your flat iron and curling iron can actually be damaging your hair every time you use them?

    I know now that my curling iron was not helping me one bit!!! I was so tempted to invest in the T3 system I kept seeing women rave about and while I’m sure the tools are beyond amazing, my budget does not fit that type of investment right now.

    So I asked my hair bestie and she quickly knew where to send me. Straight to the Babyliss Pro line of tools. After posting about this on my Instagram stories today, about 4 of my friends immediately responded that they have been using this brand of tools for a while and LOVE it!! I was behind the times on this but not any more!

    Here is the curling iron I purchased. 1 inch is the perfect size for me right now.

    I also talk highly of these tried and true styling products I’ve been loving lately. Here they are in order of how I use them on hair wash day. I explain how and why I use them in my video for you.

    First I sleep on this pillowcase to prevent fine lines and hair kinks:

    I also love these hair ties for my workouts because they don’t leave marks in my hair:

    Sexy Hair Active Recovery:

    Moroccan Oil Root Boost:

    Amika The Shield:

    Living Proof Volume Blast is great for refreshing day old hair and adding volume and texture anytime you need it:

    Moroccan Oil Medium Hairspray:

    If you get this brand of styling tools, you have to message me and let me know how much better your hair wash days are.

    XO, Stacy