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  • Best Gifts For Mom – Nordstrom Gift Guide

    Best Gifts For Mom – Nordstrom Gift Guide – Holiday Gifts 2021

    Best gifts for mom, that I know I love and have used for years! It’s never easy finding the right gift! I’m excited to bring you some gift ideas today for your mom, wife or daughter!

    When I used to work at Nordstrom, I enjoyed watching husbands, sons, daughters and moms come in to shop for their friends and family. I put together a list of things you can’t go wrong with! Nordstrom is quality over quantity and I have stayed loyal to the brand all of my adult life.  As a mom, wife and daughter I feel these items fit the everyday needs.  They are amazing products.  So take a look and hopefully it helps your process.

    Cheese Knives & Board / Kitchen Accessories:

    Essential Oil & Diffuser:

    Voluspa & Capri Blue Volcano Candles:

    Barefoot Dreams Blanket:

    Ugg Cardigan Wrap:

    Amazon Slippers:

    Ugg Slippers:

    Body Oil & Kiehl’s Body Cream:

    Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant:

    I wanted to add this hair care and mask set. It’s how I save my hair from color and bleach! Everyone I know that uses it loves!!

    Good luck with checking off your gift list this year! Let’s hope that shipping isn’t too delayed. 

    Here’s another video I did that would give you some great options for the holidays:  Top 10 Nordstrom Staples.

    XO, Stacy 

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  • Cozy Fall Sweater Try On – Varley Haul

    Cozy Fall Sweater Try On – Varley Haul

    Cozy fall sweater try on with Varley and Nike.  Had to share this line of athleisure wear with you. I first saw this Varley sweater on a fellow coach and was determined to see who made it. I am beyond impressed with the quality & fit!!  This would make a great gift for a special woman in your life because the look is timeless. Lots of fun color options and the best way to spruce up a pair of jeans or leggings! 

    Vine Pullover (shown in rose):

    Sweater (shown in pink putty):

    Turtleneck (shown in black and purple):

    Nike Tunic (shown for a longer alternative look):

    Everything in the video is on my page (  If you want to have a link for leggings, shoes or other styles that go with what I’m wearing it’s all there.  It makes it so easy for you to see exactly what I’m wearing and where it’s from.  So if you have any questions, just go there and check it out.  If I forgot something, be sure to ask, definitely forget stuff at times!!

    Have the best time splurging on this for yourself and possibly gifting one to a special woman in your life. Gotta love a good cozy sweater fall try on.  XO, Stace 

    Feel free to check out my Nordstrom Top 10 Staples!

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  • My Top Ten Nordstrom Beauty Staples

    My Top Ten Nordstrom Beauty Staples – Nordstrom Beauty Favorites – Beauty Haul 2021

    Nordstrom Beauty Favorites!  I’m so stinking excited to compile this list for you. These are my tried and true Nordstrom staples that I feel would work for almost every woman regardless of skin type, tone and texture. I also share the one hair product from Living Proof that makes my hairstyle last and look good for multiple days.  I am an esthetician and these have never steered me wrong! And if there is a problem, Nordstrom is so easy to deal with.

    I’ll start from top to bottom so here goes:

    Living Proof Dry Shampoo: used in combination with the amazing 

    Dry Volume Blast:

    Kiehl’s Night Time Repair Creme:

    Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish( goes under foundation on the high points):

    Laura Mercier Foundation:

    YSL Touché Eclat Under Eye & Face Highlighter Pen:

    Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder:

    Hoola Bronzer:

    Target Brush:

    Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush:

    Trish McEvoy Blush:

    Anastasia Brow Powder Duo:


    Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 Refillable Lipstick in color Dancefloor Princess: 

    Tarte Eyeliner & Mascara I’ve been loving:

    Let me know if you need anything and make sure you find me on Instagram @stacyrody so you can watch my stories and see insider tips and other products I use and love!

    Talk soon- Stace

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  • Nordstrom Essentials *My Top 10 Staples*

    Nordstrom Essentials *My Top 10 Staples* – Nordstrom Try On Haul – Nordstrom Gift Ideas

    Nordstrom Essentials *My Top 10 Staples* list is here!  I’m so excited to share what I think are the top ten closet staples you can get from Nordstrom. I could share more but these are the bulk of it. Everything is linked over on the LTK (formerly known as liketoknowit) app.  

    I worked at Nordstrom for about 8 years and loved it.  I love the service, I love the products, I love everything about the place.  They really are the best.  These 10 items are some of my absolute favorites!

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out and I really appreciate you being here with me. I’m sharing in order all the shoppable links below: 

    Treasure & Bond Sweater:

    Spanx Outfit With Marc Fisher Black Booties:

    Agolde Jeans With Veja & Golden Goose:

    Allsaints Leather Jacket:

    Free People Joggers:

    Zella Leggings & Cropped Bra:

    Kendra Scott & Gorjana Jewelry:

    Happy shopping and please comment below with any questions or thoughts. 

    XO, Stace

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  • Women’s La Blanca Petal Pusher One-Piece Swimsuit

    La Blanca Petal Pusher! 

    This is one awesome swimsuit.  Covers up the needed areas, yet makes you feel girly with a touch of sexy!  Great swimsuit with the kiddos and my hubby loves it.  The La Blanca Petal Pusher is the best.  There’s nothing more classic than a black one-piece!


    Women's La Blanca Petal Pusher One-Piece Swimsuit, La Blanca Petal Pusher

    Just click on the picture and you will be directed to Nordstrom.  You know what to do from there!

    This La Blanca Petal Pusher one-piece has a plunging scalloped neckline and flirty lace-up back.  I love it so much!  Let me know what you think and feel free to hit me up and give me other suggestions.  I have really broad shoulders, so sometimes I feel very disproportionate in swimsuits and any clothes for that matter.  This one won’t do you you wrong regardless.  The one-piece fits perfect!

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  • Women’s We The Free By Free People Catalina V-Neck Thermal Top

    Women’s We The Free By Free People Catalina V-Neck Thermal Top

    This Free People Catalina V-Neck Thermal Top was probably my favorite Christmas gift from the hubs.  Every year he surprises me with some gifts that I had no clue about.  I love it, he always finds something that I usually love, but if I don’t, he gets it at Nordstrom so I don’t have to worry if I want to return it!

    This top is perfect!  Long in the back, covering the booty, so I can wear my ever comfortable leggings, and being light blue it allows me to partner it with something a bit subdued or bright, whatever works!

    It’s also got the perfect rounded chest, I can wear a few different necklaces with it and the sleeves are super long and cozy.

    The design is a really nice knit, making me love it that much more! Women’s We The Free By Free People Catalina V-Neck Thermal Top is everything I wanted this Christmas!

    Women's We The Free By Free People Catalina V-Neck Thermal Top

    Let me know how you like it!!

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  • Goals Were Never Even A Thought, Now They Are Everything

    The Girl with no Goals

    The girl in the before picture never made goals, felt self-conscience ALL the time, and had no idea how she was going to teach her kids about not giving up-because that’s all she knew how to do. She wasn’t in a place of need or guidance from God because she balanced it all on her own shoulders. She stayed in her comfort zone. Goals weren’t even in her thoughts.  She ate her emotions and hid her true feelings from just about everyone. This was 9 years ago.

    Fast forward 6 years and there was an opportunity placed in front of her. She watched as others shared their stories of where they came from and what they had accomplished. The goals they had made and accomplished.  She wondered, why not me? Why couldn’t she earn extra money and make my own hours, actually make goals and hit them?

    Working at Nordstrom’s left me wanting to not give up the niceties of life. Hello fashion, shoes and cosmetics!! Being able to support the family using the talents God gave me would be a win/win, right? Being healthy in mind, body and spirit for a career seemed pretty legit. To have something that fit in the cracks of my mommy-life and build on itself seemed too good to be true. I didn’t have all the health answers but I knew what was working for me and loved encouraging people. To have something that would teach me to step out, learn to fail and get back up and would continually build my character.  Here’s more of my full story!

    The Girl with Goals…..and Hitting Them!

    Fast forward to present day. I’ve been able to use the gifts God has given me. I actually have made goals and hit them!!  To invite others to join me in having more energy for their families. To stay home with the kiddos and work in my Juicy Couture sweats. To be challenged daily and fight the good fight of life and NEVER give up.

    Maybe you don’t have kids yet but you want to make a career out of something that keeps you accountable to your own health goals? Maybe you’re a mommy but want something on the side for yourself? Or perhaps you want to grow a business at your own pace for when the kiddos are in school full time or off to college? Maybe you want to switch careers to something more meaningful than what you’re currently doing.

    As I look at how much I’ve learned and grown, I can’t keep this to myself. I set goals, hit them and now help others do the same.  Coaching has given this worker-bee girl a sense of pride and purpose. It allows us as a family to give more and be together lots. No more punching time-clocks for me. Only freedom to pay it forward and teach others how to share their stories. Message me to join our group next week to learn more….let’s hit some goals! ??

  • Guess Online Comes Through with Sequins!

    Guess Apparel at Guess Online

    Annual White Elephant party outfit and a date night with my guy. Got my workout in and I swear it was a mood changer for me today.

    He found this outfit for me at Guess online (crazy good sale, btw). I love that he helps me dress in something other than yoga pants! ?

    I love these shoes.  I picked up these beauties at Nordstrom, two Anniversary Sales ago.  They are by Ivanka Trump. #sequinsfordays #yayforparties

    guess online, guess apparel, nordstromPhoto credit: Matt Rody – at the actual Party!  Yes I do drink wine occasionally!  This was a delicious red cab!  Loving me some Guess apparel!