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  • Best Face Wash – Alba Botanica – Acnedote!

    The Best Face Wash

    I really believe this is the best face wash out there for the price!  I am actually not too competitive…so please no haters, this is just my opinion!  I love facial products and was a makeup artist for over 15 years.  I still do a bit of makeup for friends from time to time.  I am also an esthetician and really look into what I use.  I love PCA products and I give myself facials on a regular scheduled basis.  I want my skin to look young.  I also have oily skin and get really bad acne as well.  Alba Botanica has the best face wash I have found.  Oh and let’s remember, face wash is only a small part of having good, healthy skin.

    For those of you with teens or really oily/congested skin, this is a great way to clear it up and have your face feeling renewed and not break the bank.  Apply it once a day at first, to make sure it doesn’t dry your skin out, and then you can apply as needed in trouble spots.  Listen to your body and don’t overdo it.  You can damage your skin and that is definitely not worth it!

    I have always had acne prone skin. Since I started living a gluten-free lifestyle and added Shakeology (my superfood meal replacement) to my daily routine, it’s cleared up a lot. Yep, I’m an esthetician with breakouts. Oh well?  So make sure you really take  a look at your diet.  Dairy can also have a lot of negative affects on your acne.  Food is a tough area to change, because usually thing hurting us, is the item our tastebuds love the most!

    You can find Alba Botanica, the best face wash at Super Supplements or Target.  (I prefer Target….because there are so many options and who doesn’t want to roam around Target for a bit!)


  • Gluten-Free Meal Plan for the kids!

    Gluten-Free Meal Plan

    Gluten-free meal plan prep has become a way of life for our family.  With myself and my daughter, highly gluten intolerant, we really have to be careful.  I wanted to show you an example of what I have given my daughter.  Practicing packing lunches for my kindergartener and I think this combo might be a hit!  Here is what I packed for her, food items I use all the time:

    • Organic Sausage
    • Almonds
    • Carrots
    • Raspberry
    • Cantolope
    • Black Bean BBQ Organic Chips
    • Hummus

    These items really are part of my gluten-free meal plan.  Now to get frilly toothpicks because these plain ones just won’t do. I love going the extra mile to treat my little girl like a lady.  She is only small once, I will never get this opportunity again. 😉

    This gluten-free meal plan list, is really just a mix and match.  These are the main foods I give my kids.  I really stay basic and consistent.  I don’t really make it a big list.  My kids hardly ever have soda, and have never had fast food.  That is not to brag, we just don’t have those things as a family and we educate our kids on why.  We also keep our meals simple.  We have found they love all these food items probably because we just have not introduced them to the junk that we had before we got healthy.

    • Oranges
    • Bananas
    • Chicken (Organic breast and thighs from Costco)
    • Tacos (gluten-free tortilla shells, ground turkey, lettuce, home made guacamole, salsa, green onions, romain lettuce, yogurt, and black beens.)
    • Grapes
    • Eggs
    • Spinach/Kale/Lettuce
    • Dried Fruit
    • Fish of any kind
    • Gluten-Free Toast – we love Udis or Rudis.
    • Organic Peanut Butter
    • Vegan Chocolate Chips (the kids love these, we get them at a co-op near where we live.)
    • Organic Fruit Snacks (Costco has some bulk options)
    • Any vegetable!!
    • Pamela’s Gluten-Free Pancake Mix (My husband makes pancakes once a week, but only uses about half a cup of mix and includes 7 to 8 eggs.  He calls them his “protein pancakes”.  It is probably the kids favorite meal.)
    • Broccoli (it is a staple and our most eaten vegetable.  Just steamed with a little himalayan salt.)
    • Coconut Chips (I already have a write up on these.  Love them!)
    • Shakeology (Yep, they have it everyday….I practice what I preach!)

    I will continue to add to this list.  But our gluten-free meal plan is simple.  Take basic healthy foods and have our kids eat them consistently.  (Here is another lunch idea I posted.)  We don’t keep them from eating junk occasionaly, but their main treats are included above.  Literally this is the list we eat from 5 to 6 days a week.  My husband BBQs chicken every week, he makes a braised leafy green and egg mix every day, which he shares with our son.  It is crazy how well our kids eat and mostly it is because we share what we eat with them.  We just all eat the same thing.  No one gets different food at dinner.

    So be encouraged and make your own gluten-free meal plan.  It is not hard, but you have to be consistent with your kids and you need to eat it with them.  We can’t expect our kids to eat things we aren’t willing to eat.  Oh and I also give them gluten-free waffles for breakfast occasionally!  Anyways, I hope this helps, please share your ideas….I need all the help I can get!



  • Zucchini Noodles and Meatballs – Gluten-Free Dinner!

    Zucchini Noodles

    Zucchini Noodles make an amazing gluten-free dinner!! My bestie made it for me and I not only want her cute white dishes, I could have this meal weekly. Trying new dishes with friends is amazing.  My cousin, who was my maid of honor in my wedding and my best friend has lost a bunch of weight in the last few months.  This is one of the main reasons why.  Having things like zucchini noodles is a huge part of the process in getting healthy.  Not that she can’t have normal noodles, but keeping away from carbs, that are very starchy and dense, has been key in her transformation.

    Gluten-free Dinner

    You do need a spiral veggie cutter. Veggetti was what we used. $12 bucks and it’s small and easy to store.  Zucchini Noodles are easy to make and can be used in tons of different dishes.  My kids will eat them…which is huge!  Here’s a little excerpt from Organic Facts about zucchini,

    “Zucchini is well known to reduce weight, yet still boosting the nutrient value of your diet. Moreover, it helps to promote eye health, and prevents all the diseases that occur from vitamin C deficiency like scurvy, sclerosis, and easy bruising. It helps to cure asthma and has a high content of vitamin C, carbohydrates, protein and fiber. Zucchini contains significant quantities of potassium, folate, and vitamin A, all of which are important for general good health. Zucchini, when eaten regularly, can effectively lower your homocysteine levels.”

    So as you can see…..add zucchini into your diet as much as possible!  You can’t go wrong….now onto what we had for dinner.

    • What she threw in:
    • Organic marinara sauce from Trader Joe’s, heated
    • Aidell’s Italian meatballs, browned
    • Zucchini noodles, boiled for 2-3 min.
    • Salt & Pepper

    We did mix some gluten-free noodles we had made for the kids in with our zucchini noodles.  It is amazing how good something can taste, even when it is not what you think it should be.  Never, once when I was growing up, do I remember having zucchini noodles!

    The salad is:
    Green onions
    Mixed greens

    Feel free to use this for a 21 Day Fix Meal!  And remember, add zucchini noodles into your meal plan as much as possible!

  • Free Cruise! I Love What I Do!

    Going on a Free Cruise

    A free cruise?!  Are you serious?! We might be geeking out right now that we just got our free room on this ship, and yes, we upgraded just a bit to get a room with a deck!  We get to hit up the Carribean for free!!  If that isn’t exciting, I don’t know what is!  I never thought this would be possible, I just started this venture because I felt uncomfortable in my own skin….how times have changed! ??

    Being able to stay fit and help other people do the same has been an unexpected blessing to our fam. This trip is just one of the rewards we get for paying it forward. We’ve found something that works for us so we share it and get one vacation a year to celebrate it all!  I literally earned this free cruise by helping others in their health and fitness journeys.  So, by doing what I love, helping others with their goals, seeing the excitement of success and I get a free cruise for doing that……thank you very much, I’ll take it.  I literally helped 3-5 women a month throughout this last year and loving it!

    Still seems like a dream! ?

    The thing my husband and I love the most, is that we get to hang out with people with the same passion for helping others on this free cruise!  Most the other people going are in the same “boat” as us and have just been helping 3-5 people a month!  And, we are starting to have some of our team join us!  We are so excited for this adventure that is happening in early spring of next year!  On our way to see some of our local team right now and then a bday party with friends later. Kid free Saturday in the works.

    #datetrip #cruise #haiti #adventure

    Free Cruise! I Love What I Do!

  • Fitness Challenge to be that Fit Mom throughout the Holidays!

    Fitness Challenge

    *****I am looking for 10 women who have 10-30 LBS to lose and be part of our fitness challenge.*****

    The Holidays are here and I believe we can not only show our children moderation during this time but also get a head start on 2016 with some determination in our minds.  We have Thanksgiving, turkey, stuffing, jello, pie, snacks, and most of us have multiple parties to go to.  Then only less than 30 days later is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!  It is crazy how much food and junk we consume in just these two holidays.  Then, to top it all off we have New Years!  Oh and I forgot to mention the dreaded stockings….where all things bad for you reside!  Trying to be a good example for our kids is soooo hard to do!  Joining a fitness challenge could be the best thing you could do for yourself and your family!

    Do you want to feel comfortable in your own skin and confident every time you get dressed? I am looking for women who are serious about making changes in their eating and fitness. Not just hoping to change but to really want to put in the daily habits to change. This fitness challenge is specifically catered to women who are short on time, need quick results and a support system with other women shooting for the same goals. It’s all laid out for you with a calendar and meal guide.

    It is working so very well for my current challengers that I want to do another group. Their transformations (check out one here) are absolutely awesome, whether it be in inches around the waist or weight. What would your ideal number be? Start imagining your new self now!!!

    Come join our fitness challenge!  Email me at [email protected] or comment below with “I’m interested”


  • Shakeology Ingredients – What is in Shakeology?

    Shakeology Ingredients

    A Healthy Meal Replacement. This is what Beachbody claims with a nutritional dose of 70 plus ingredients, which include 23 vitamins and minerals. But, what about the Shakeology Ingredients? This Shakeology is more than just a “protein shake”. Throughout the following, we will take an in depth look at all of the Shakeology Ingredients listed on the bag, and examine what they do for you whether good or bad.shakeology ingredients, what is in shakeology, nutrition label

    First, here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to understanding the Shakeology Ingredients:

    • We will be using the nutrition label of the Chocolate Flavor Shakeology ingredients (click here to see the nutrition label).  I want to use the “whey” based blend, because it is very popular and if you remove the “whey”, you have the vegan blend, with additional vegan proteins to replace the “whey”.  (I personally have the vegan blend, click here to see the nutrition label.
    • We are going to start with the ingredients after the typical nutrition facts (calories, carbs, protein, and vitamins). This means we will begin with Folic acid and Biotin. We will then dig into the Proprietary Superfoods, along with the “other ingredients” listed on the label.

    Remember, this post is a little unique. Usually I am all about family, workouts, health and nutrition, goal setting, but I really want you to know about the Shakeology Ingredients.  My goal is to help you understand what the ingredients are and how (and IF) they can benefit you.   As you may know from some of my other posts I am gluten-free.  I have been drinking Shakeology for over 3 years now, as well as my husband.  I also had it throughout my pregnancy with my son daily.  I proceeded to have it throughout the next two years while I was breastfeeding my son.  Not once did I have any side effects that were negative.  We now all have it daily.  My husband, daughter, son and myself.  So, let’s take a look and break down the Shakeology Ingredients.


    Shakeology Ingredients – The daily Ingredients

    These are sort of  “daily ingredients”, they are still hard to understand. These are nutritional ingredients are so important to have every single day.  You may have seen these before in other foods, but here is what they do and why they are important for your health.

    • Folic Acid (50% of DV): This ingredient can also be referred to as Vitamin M or B9. Folic acid has many benefits including: Stroke reduction, Sperm Quality (in males, helps reduce chromosomal defects in sperm), Macular Degeneration (In Fact, a study was completed where women have reduced potential for degeneration by 34.7%).
    • Biotin (30% of DV): Also know as Vitamin H. Biotin’s primary purpose is to help break down fatty cells and help metabolism (fat burner, which we all need!)
    • Chromium (50% of DV): Chromium enhances the production of insulin in your body. Insulin helps with the metabolism and storage of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in your body. This in turn can help regulate potential for diabetes and speed up that metabolism.
    • Molybdenum (40% of DV): Similar to phosphorus, this ingredient helps strengthen tooth enamel and helps prevent tooth decay. A great reason to have this ingredient in your kids diet as well!
    • Pantothenic acid (50% of DV): This ingredient (Vitamin B5) helps with oxygen utilization efficiency. What does that mean? It helps fuel oxygen to your muscles, which reduces muscle soreness and aches.
    • Zinc (40% of DV): this is a great ingredient and supplement you should always have. Zinc is beneficial for your immune system. Better than that, it helps decrease the acceleration of skin and muscle aging. Not only that, it can be beneficial for your digestive trac (with proven abilities to reduce and eliminate diarrhea episodes, according to Bhutta, 2000).
    • Phosphorous (25% of DV): Having this ingredient daily can help strengthen tooth enamel. This leads to stronger teeth and prevention of early tooth decay.
    • Iodine (35% of DV): This ingredient is widely known to help with your thyroid. But not only that, iodine is beneficial for breast, stomach, brain, and other important tissues. Not having enough (or having TOO much) can cause problems for these vital tissues (source here).
    • Magnesium (20% of DV): magnesium helps regulates blood sugar, and keeps heart rhythm running, strong bones, and your immune system in check.
    • Copper (40% of DV): not having enough copper in your diet can lead towards deficiencies such as osteoporosis, infections, and glucose problems. Copper ingests into your liver and spreads through your bloodstream to regulate your blood sugar and benefit your bones and glucose levels significantly.
    • Manganese (100% of DV): one of the awesome Shakeology ingredients that helps your body properly digest and collaborate with other ingredients like zinc, copper, and iron better. Manganese has been seen helping treat things like:  diabetes, Schizophrenics, Rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy, asthma, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, (find out more here). A powerful ingredient that gives you 100% of your daily value in one serving of Shakeology.

    As you can see, even the “daily” foundation of Shakeology Ingredients are very much needed, fast food won’t get you those! So the big question is: Why can’t we just eat healthy and get these? You can! The only thing you should consider is the price. To match the serving of all of these ingredients in everyday food will cost you more than a $4.33 serving of Shakeology.

    Next we will explore the Best Superfoods.  We will delve deeper into the specific Proprietary Shakeology ingredients.

    Shakeology Ingredients – The Best Superfoods

    • Shakeology Ingredients supplementsProprietary Protein Blend: Proteins are important for mental clarity, lean muscle building, improving skin and hair, and reducing cravings. The proprietary superfoods in this blend include: Whey, Sacha Inchi, Chia, Flax, Quinoa, Amaranth, Brown Rice, Pea.
    • Proprietary Super-Fruit/Antioxidant Blend: promotes antioxidant support for a healthy immune system, heart, and optimal blood pressure. The proprietary superfoods in this blend include: Camu-Camu, Acai, Acerola Cherry, Bilberry, Goji Berry, Grape Seed, Green Tea, Lun Hao Guo, Pomegranate, Rose Hips.
    • Proprietary Super-Green/Phytonutrient Blend: This is an interesting blend of the Shakeology ingredients, mainly because of what it can do. It detoxifies! The liver, kidneys, and blood get detoxification benefits that restore health and vitality. Superfoods in this blend include: Moringa, Chlorella, Spirulina, Spinach, Barley Grass, Kamut Grass, Wheat Grass, Oat Grass.
    • Proprietary Adaptogen Blend: this helps protect the body from stress, supports the immune system, and balances the endocrine system. Superfoods that support this blend include: Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Cordyceps, Ginkgo, Maca, Maitake, Reishi, Schisandra, Tulsi (Holy Basil).
    • Proprietary Pre- and Probiotic/Digestive Enzyme Blend: helps increase nutrition absorption, promotes regularity, and improves digestion. Superfoods in this blend include: Yacon Root, Lactobacillus Sporogenes, Amylase, Cellulase, Lactase, Lipase, Protease, Bromelain, Papain.

    Shakeology Ingredients – The “Other” Ingredients

    Ingredients to any foods are good to look at on a normal basis. You never know what lies beneath until you turn over to the nutrition label and look at the bottom. Let’s look at the “other” ingredients listed on the Shakeology bag, and what they mean, and if they are bad for you.

    • Natural Sweetener Blend (Non-GMO Fructose, Stevia): this is where the 6 grams of sugar in each serving come from. But unlike other “diet” and health shakes that used the cursed “Aspartame”, Shakeology has NO aspartame and uses Stevia. Stevia is found in sunflower family of sweetleaf and sugarleaf. The sweetness ends up being 300 times more sweet than artificial flavorings. The best part is, it controls diet by giving you less carbs and less chance of disease and study-proven cancer like Aspartame.
    • Natural Chocolate Flavor: this means that the flavor of chocolate is derived from a cacao plant, which produces natural cocoa.
    • Xanthan Gum: this ingredient is in a good number of food we eat (along with Guar Gum). This is basically a laxitive ingredient that helps with food thickening.  Find out more about this ingredient here.
    • Guar Gum: according to Wikipedia, this gum can help with digestion and regularity. It has a significant amount of soluble fiber which helps promote this effort, and is used for most foods to thicken appearance. Again, I couldn’t find anything too risky on this ingredient either.

    Shakeology Ingredients – Good or Bad?

    So here we are.  You have now been given a pretty sufficient breakdown of the Shakeology Ingredients.  They are not perfect as is nothing.  As a gluten-free mom of two, this is the best meal replacement supplement I have found.  I stand by it, not just because I am a coach, but because my family has seen so many benefits over the last 3 years.  Being gluten-free has gotten easier as our culture has found so many allergies relating to it, Shakeology has never affected me negatively.

    It is gluten-free, making it the best possible option for my entire family.  Personally, we prefer the Vegan Chocolate Shakeology or the Tropical Vegan Shakeology.  I prefer to get my animal based protien through other sources than whey.  This is my personal opinion only.

    Getting all of these ingredients in your daily diet would cost you a whole lot of money. It would be incredibly expensive because many of the items must be bought in bulk and you would have to buy them in their perishable form.  By going through and finding each of the 70 plus ingredients it would be around $1256.40 per month, at $41.88 per day. One serving of Shakeology is around $4.33 or $129.95 per month.

    If you are like me and are serious about your health, take the first step and talk with me.  You do not do this on your own.  I am a fitness coach, a person that genuinely loves helping others.  I want you to reach your goals.  I want to walk along side you through the good and the bad.   So, take the first step and fill out some basic info here, and let’s begin this incredible journey towards getting in the best shape of our lives!

  • What is a Goal? Something You Have to Prioritize.

    What is a Goal?

    What is a goal?  What are goals?  According to Business Dictionary a goal is:  “An observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe.”

    What is a goal to me?  Well, it sure wasn’t the definition above in my life.  I would think about something and hope that I would accomplish it. Now, I live by goals and my number one is getting my workout in daily.  It is a non-negotiable!   Ahhhh, happy vibes are here! Sometimes I dread starting a workout but when it’s over… day is set. Nothing can compare to the feeling of a good workout. The rush of endorphins!!

    {{Honesty alert}}

    When I first started setting goals for myself, I wasn’t fully sure it would work. I had the picture of what I wanted in my mind (the vision). I had a plan but after two kids, you just never know what your body will do. Plus, I was 35 and age does become a factor at some point and I was super busy with two little’s who needed me lots.

    I was talking with a client about how we want so much more for ourselves to be healthy for our kids and feel beautiful for our hubs. I think she said it better than I could have. Here’s what we had in common:

    Goals: be toned, fit into my clothes better, feel confident.

    What is a goal I am working on now?  Owning my workouts. The feeling of accomplishing something that has been making me feel a little depressed for the last couple of years. That even when people tell me not to worry, it’s just part of getting older, and that I should just accept it. Instead of accepting it, I can look in the mirror and say I didn’t accept it. I conquered it! Getting older is not an excuse.

    Fitness struggle: going to the gym and not knowing what I’m doing or if what I do will get me the results I want. Plus, the time it takes is too much sometimes.

    Anxiety, depression, feeling overwhelmed, not having clear direction. All things I struggled with before. Some of them will still pop up depending on what’s going on in my life but overall it’s a ton better. It is and will continue to be my mission to share what’s worked for me.

    There should be nothing keeping us from how we want to feel!!  Make sure you know what is a goal and what you are going to do to accomplish it!

  • Fit Couples here we come! We are a Work in Progress!

    Fit Couples Here We Come!

    When on vacation, I see so many fit couples.  When we were younger, we were in a different place in our health and fitness.  We ate what we wanted, when we wanted, and didn’t think anything of it.  We didn’t think of consequences.  When you get into your early thirties, that doesnt’ work anymore!

    Today as we leave for the farmers market with the kids (and we are weirdly excited to buy kale).  I think back on the health journey we’ve been on the last three years. It started with the fear of having a second child… yeah, that’s kinda scary haha. But he realized that he would need to have more energy to help me and that means focusing on his health. I realized we were done having kids and I wanted to push myself beyond what I ever had before. To see what my strong mom body was capable of.

    It was time to become one of these fit couples we had seen on the beach.  Not really to look better, but to feel better and be healthy.  I won’t lie though, it is really nice to feel better in your own skin, knowing that the decisions you have made are helping your body.  It’s also really nice to fit in your clothes comfortably.  We made a decision to have our super food smoothie daily, add fitness to our daily routine and (not just talk about doing it). We looked at the future progress it would bring not just the instant results. We made a decision and looked at the big picture. Oh and we cut out all fast food, soda, double batches of chocolate chip cookies and family size Papa Murphy’s pizza because those were our weakness. Sometimes you just have to say goodbye to things, right?  Have to keep the goal and that vision of those fit couples in your mind.

    I have to say I would have slacked more if it wasn’t for him and I bet he’d admit the same thing. We bounce ideas and frustrations off each other but we never quit. Quitting is not an option for us. We had quit too many times before and lost all the progress that was made. Consistency is key in those lifestyle changes.  I love this man! Almost ten years of ups and downs but we manage to keep communication open and promise each other to keep striving to be our best.

    So here we go, sharing our journey and inviting others to join. We love our team and clients like our second family. Our #fitfam. They keep us accountable and we get to grow and share together. Embracing our health today and thanking God for those hard times because those are the growth periods that help you push past.  We are working on helping many more become fit couples, being comfortable in their own skin.

  • Healthy Filling Snacks aren’t easy to find!! Coconut Chips!

    Healthy Filling Snacks

    Healthy filling snacks are not always easy to come by.  If you have not tried these coconut chips, then maybe you should start now. 😉 I love clean treats that won’t make me feel terrible or super boated after I eat them.  I am also gluten-free, so these work in that area too.

    Some rules I have about what treats I eat that might help you:

    1. Read the label!!! The least amount of ingredients, the better. If you’ve ever even looked at the back of a Quaker Oats bar for example, you’ll see way too many ingredients. So many of them are not needed or are damaging to our bodies.

    2. Stay clear of lots of food coloring and artificial anything. Look for different brands that use better ingredients for the color.

    3. Look for dark chocolate or dried fruits that taste sweet and are fulfilling but will still be a benefit and fuel your body. Trader Joe’s has some really great treats. These you can grab at Starbuck’s and Whole Foods.  All three of these stores have a lot of different healthy filling snacks, these coconut chips are just one of my favorite.  You can go check out these tasty little treats on their website.

    When you are out and about, always take time to look at those nutrition labels.   I like to reiterate this point because it is so important.  The reason being, I forget to do it.  It is crazy how companies will add in extra little ingredients, especially in snack foods.  So I am extra careful when looking for healthy filling snacks.  I want them to be as pure and as natural as possible.  I also try to stock up on them when I can.  Some of these types of snacks won’t get replenished all that often.  So make sure to grab a few bags for the road.  Thanks for taking the time to check out my tips, please feel free to share with me if you have any healthy filling snacks that you love!

  • Creamy Garlic Dressing – Gluten-Free Dressing – 21 Day Fix Approved!!

    Creamy Garlic Dressing


    It’s food prep day for a lot of us and a gluten-free dressing is the perfect option, better yet, creamy garlic dressing! I love spending just 1-2 hours on Sunday’s making simple foods to have on hand for the week.  I am always looking for better ways to take care of my family.  I am also always looking for gluten-free options.  There is gluten in so much more than we think and I have felt the affects of not knowing I was eating gluten, when I actually was.  One of the big culprits can be salad dressings.  My husband went through a 21 Day cleanse back in 2012, called the The Ultimate Reset, and this little gem made it a lot easier for him.  It called for a ton of salads and this was his dressing of choice.

    Finding out I needed to go gluten-free during that time, I started going crazy on nutrition label reading.  This one was about as simple as they come!  I made it for him the first time and we were both in love.  Shoot, my kids even love it!  I never even thought about making a creamy garlic dressing, but this is the magic one!  I have to give my husband credit for going through The Ultimate Reset.  We actually gained an amazing amount of knowledge from those 21 days.  So know that this creamy garlic dressing is absolutely healthy in every way and delicious.  A great cookbook I use is Fixate.  She is the creator of 21 Day Fix and has a ton of awesome recipes like this.

    Here is one of my all time favorite homemade salad dressings:

    Creamy Garlic Dressing Recipe:

    1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

    1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

    3-5 cloves garlic, crushed

    3 Tbsp fresh lemon juice

    2 Tbsp chopped fresh parsley

    1 tsp Himalayan salt

    1/2 tsp Dijon Mustard

    1 Tbsp honey or agave

    creamy garlic dressing - gluten-free dressing is awesome

    Blend for 30 seconds or until well mixed. Store in refrigerator and warm to room temp to shake and serve. Makes 8-10 servings.

    Great with a little balsamic as a combo dressing. I also have a lot of clients that do the workouts and meal plan with 21 Day Fix.  This creamy garlic dressing is absolutely great to use with that program and pretty much for anything.  It is vegan and if you buy organic, you can’t really get a more pure dressing.  Enjoy!

    Garlic Creamy Dressing Courtesy of The Ultimate Reset