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What is a Goal? Something You Have to Prioritize.

What is a Goal?

What is a goal?  What are goals?  According to Business Dictionary a goal is:  “An observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe.”

What is a goal to me?  Well, it sure wasn’t the definition above in my life.  I would think about something and hope that I would accomplish it. Now, I live by goals and my number one is getting my workout in daily.  It is a non-negotiable!   Ahhhh, happy vibes are here! Sometimes I dread starting a workout but when it’s over… day is set. Nothing can compare to the feeling of a good workout. The rush of endorphins!!

{{Honesty alert}}

When I first started setting goals for myself, I wasn’t fully sure it would work. I had the picture of what I wanted in my mind (the vision). I had a plan but after two kids, you just never know what your body will do. Plus, I was 35 and age does become a factor at some point and I was super busy with two little’s who needed me lots.

I was talking with a client about how we want so much more for ourselves to be healthy for our kids and feel beautiful for our hubs. I think she said it better than I could have. Here’s what we had in common:

Goals: be toned, fit into my clothes better, feel confident.

What is a goal I am working on now?  Owning my workouts. The feeling of accomplishing something that has been making me feel a little depressed for the last couple of years. That even when people tell me not to worry, it’s just part of getting older, and that I should just accept it. Instead of accepting it, I can look in the mirror and say I didn’t accept it. I conquered it! Getting older is not an excuse.

Fitness struggle: going to the gym and not knowing what I’m doing or if what I do will get me the results I want. Plus, the time it takes is too much sometimes.

Anxiety, depression, feeling overwhelmed, not having clear direction. All things I struggled with before. Some of them will still pop up depending on what’s going on in my life but overall it’s a ton better. It is and will continue to be my mission to share what’s worked for me.

There should be nothing keeping us from how we want to feel!!  Make sure you know what is a goal and what you are going to do to accomplish it!

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