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  • Cobb Salad is great, the Hawaiian Cobb Salad is Amazing!

    Hawaiian Cobb Salad

    I’m not gonna lie, this Hawaiian Cobb Salad was to die for.  It literally was the best Cobb Salad I have ever had.  Trust me, I have had a lot of salads in my life!  For some reason this one hit the mark more than others.  I loved it beyond words!  It really had a sweetness I had not tasted before.  It was also super fresh, which really made it stand out!  The lovely Anthony’s at Point Defiance is where this lovely food of heaven was served!  It is a local favorite of my husband and mine.  It is a beautiful setting, right on the water with views of the Olympics and Mt. Rainier.  I would definitely recommend it!

    Being gluten-free and eating out is tricky at times. I either order the fish, chicken or a salad. Sounds boring but actually it’s not so bad. Sure I miss a big fatty burger and bun but my body does not. It loves the salads.  The leafy greens help in so many ways and try to eat two salads a day.  This way I am getting a quality amount of fiber and it makes my feel fantastic.

    Here is what is in a Hawaiian Cobb salad recipe. It was topped with:

    • Mango
    • Bacon
    • Celery (chopped small)
    • Shrimp
    • Avocado
    • Tomato
    • Blue Cheese (just a tiny bit because it’s not technically gluten-free)
    • Sweet herb dressing on the side

    Embracing the beauty of salads has been huge for me!  I actually wasn’t sure I wanted to try this one, because of the blue cheese and what not.  But this was a date night and a cheat meal and it ended up being not only amazing but not very much of a cheat!  A win-win in my book!  This Hawaiian Cobb Salad really hit the spot!

  • Hug Those You Love, You Never Know What’s Next!

    Remember to Love!

    Love is all important.  Have you ever had something scary happen that will forever be with you?

    Last year to the day, my love, Samantha and I were in a terrible car accident. It was your average day driving home from our errands and I started getting nauseous. We were only a few blocks from home and I thought for sure I’d be able to make it there before getting sick.

    The next thing I knew, I woke up to my baby girl cryingin the seat behind me, my Tahoe that was now crushed by a telephone pole and people standing all around us. It was something you never think will happen to you, to black out behind the wheel. I actually passed out right before a traffic light, sideswiped a car in oncoming traffic and then hit the telephone pole about 150 feet past the intersection.  It was a miracle I hit the pole because the alternative would have been an apartment complex at 35 or so miles per hour.  God’s love is gracious!

    It was the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me, to our family. I thank God so often that his plan wasn’t to take me home. I’m so grateful that it was just a bizarre accident. Even after going to the ER, they had no answers to why it happened after giving me an MRI and CT scans.  I can’t even imagine what life would’ve looked like for Matt to be left behind with two small children we love so dearly.

    It gets me thinking though, about our health and how precious it is. Sure I’ve had some major healing to do with my body. That was not a small impact and my body took the brunt, but what if I hadn’t been working on my flexibility and strengthening my muscles prior to this? Can you imagine how many issues I could have had?

    I believe wholeheartedly that the stronger and more physically in shape you are going into something, the faster and better you will heal. I’ve seen it in my body now firsthand.  It starts with love.  With loving ourselves and those around us, that we see the importance of working out and eating healthy.

    I hear time and time again, from mom’s who not only want to look good for their husband but also want to be a strong example of health to their children. But then life gets in the way and there is no sense of urgency. No real “reason” to really make those workouts a priority.  They forget that those workouts, that eating right is a sign of love to their family.  That love is an action, not just a, L O V E

    I want you to LOVE your body in every aspect. To feel confident in your own skin and be able to get dressed with a deep sense of knowing, that you have put in the focus and energy. That you are showing your family how much you love them.  Especially, knowing that you are setting yourself up for more years of happiness as you focus on your body now.

    These programs have changed not only my husband and my life but also the lives of SO many of our friends. If you can’t tell, I’m really passionate about helping you feel your best. Not just for today but for years to come.  Why these programs?  Because I know they work and they come with a plan of attack.  They make part of the process easier.  They help us love ourselves easier.  I am not saying we need a six pack either, I am talking about being healthy from the inside out.  It is about seeing consistent, small attainable victories.  I have a passion and a love to see people win this battle and change their families lives, just as mine has.  Mine actually started with my husband wanting to love us more and prove it through action and a change of lifestyle.  What are you going to do?

    I am inviting you to join us in our 21 Day Fix Holiday Challenge.

    The 21 Day Fix has changed our eating habits and let us track our food in a really easy way. We all know that nutrition is just as important as the workouts and that’s why it makes so much sense.

    It TAUGHT me how to eat clean and to eat exactly what I needed for my goals, and not feel deprived, sending me into a binge.

    Little did I know that these new changes would become my daily habits that are always a part of me…that make me who I am today.

    Here is what comes with this challenge:

    ✅21 Days
    ✅Personalized meal planning system
    ✅30 minute at-home daily workouts
    ✅Daily superfood meal replacement shake
    ✅One-on-one coaching with me!

    Don’t miss this opportunity! Show those closest to you how much you love them because you never know what tomorrow brings…

  • Exfoliate or Not to Exfoliate!

    To Exfoliate

    Before we begin talking about how to exfoliate, let’s talk about why, and how often you should exfoliate your skin.  As a licensed esthetician, I get asked this often with clients and also friends.  I find there is no perfect answer, mainly because it all depends on your skin.  And as I talk about these exfoliating gloves, they are a great way to exfoliate your body, but I use a whole different group of products for my face.  I have very oily skin, I have dealt with acne all my life.  Let’s get going!

    Why do we Exfoliate?

    You might not even know it, but your body is constantly producing new skin cells. That, combined with environmental factors and the use of makeup, can be damaging to the skin. If you don’t exfoliate, your pores can accumulate dirt and other oils, causing breakouts. This is not just limited to your face, this can happen in other areas of your body as well, specifically your chest or back, as well as your upper arms and legs.  Exfoliation helps slough off dead skin cells, remove dirt and keep pores looking smaller.

    Should you exfoliate everyday?

    No. While your skin does need to be tended to regularly, exfoliating more than necessary can actually cause skin to become rough, dry and patchy. It actually depends more on the type of skin and the amount of oil you produce.  To exfoliate properly, you need to be aware of your skin and what it needs.  For your body, I would use exfoliating gloves.  They allow you to have more control and they are perfect in a shower or bath.

    Figure out your skin type before you exfoliate

    I have found that there are 4 main types of skin.  We have oily skin, sensitive skin, dry skin and then there is normal sort of combination skin.  None are perfect or better than the other, we are what we are!  Sometimes I hate my oily skin, but then I see what other women deal with, when having dry skin and I find that it is just different problems, not better or worse.  So let’s break these down a bit more.

    1. Oily Skin – Most people think only teenagers have oily skin. Wrong! Women of all ages can experience it. I know I have!  As a general rule of thumb, the oilier your skin, the more often you can exfoliate.  Having oily skin makes it hard for dead skin cells to be removed.
    2. Sensitive Skin – This one is pretty self explanatory.  When you have sensitive skin, you are going to tend to be careful when preparing to exfoliate.  You may end up using exfoliating gloves only very, very lightly, or find that you should only use a warm clean washcloth and that does the trick.  Listening to your body is the key.
    3. Dry Skin – Many people believe that exfoliating may not work with dry skin. This is not the case. In fact, women with dry skin actually get an abnormal buildup of skin cells, preventing normal exfoliation and normal moisture retention. Exfoliating helps the dead skin cells shed at a more normal rate, making room for new skin cells and hydrating the skin. If you’re a woman who has dry skin, you could use exfoliating gloves twice a week for your body.  But listen to your body.  My husband, yes I make my husband exfoliate, tries to use the exfoliating gloves twice a week and it has worked well for his dry skin.
    4. Normal or Combination Skin – Women who have normal or combination skin often have a T-zone that is oily and cheeks that are dry. These women also tend to have large pores, especially on the nose, and they experience occasional breakouts. If this sounds like you, then a chemical peel that contains alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids is the right thing for you. Such peels are extremely effective in eliminating excess oil through the T-zone area. How often you should use such peels varies by product, so make sure to always follow the directions. Women with normal skin can also use exfoliants like scrubs up to three times each week.

    How I Exfoliate and My Recommendations For your Face

    Here’s what I do with my skin type when exfoliating.  Twice a week, I use a face polish or scrub to get all the dead skin cells off and help my skin look and feel smooth so my makeup goes on nicely, hence exfoliate.  Laura Mercier Face Polish is my favorite but there are so many good brands.  The one I discourage is the St. Ives Apricot Scrub, it has uneven sharp apricot kernels that can create tiny incisions in the skin, allowing bacteria to get in.  It is overall a little rough for the face.  I also love Philosophy’s Micro-delivery Peel for a once a week smoothing.  It feels so amazing and pumps vitamin C into your skin as well so you are left with a bright, smooth complexion for the week.  exfoliate, exfoliation, exfoliating gloves, exfoliating lotion

    Being an esthetician, I also know the value of what I like to call “lunchtime” peels.  What these are are lactic, glycolic, or citric acid peels that you could literally get done on your lunch break and still look halfway normal returning to work.  I recommend finding an esthetician near you who uses PCA products.  They are my favorite and the entire brand of home care and clinical line was designed by a dermatologist and esthetician so you’re getting the best of both worlds.  

    These types of peels are best done in a series.  I recommend to my clients to do 3-5 in the Spring and 3-5 in the Fall.  Depending on your skin type you would get one every 3-4 weeks during your series.  Summer is never a good time to do any peels since we are always in the sunlight whether we want to be or not. You don’t want to damage the  improvements you’re trying to make to your skin, by forgetting your hat or extra sunscreen while  at the park, or out and about, on accident.  This can actually cause hyperpigmentation as your skin heals from a peel, all the while you are trying to decrease any unwanted pigment from acne scars or sun damage.  Deeper exfoliation from a peel helps rid the skin of any unwanted pre-cancerous cells, pigment, oils, acne pigment scars, overall sebum/oil buildup.  It helps so much with preserving the youthful texture and radiance.  


    For the body, the reason I like the exfoliating gloves, is because you can wash them easier than a loofah and they last for a long time.  You adjust the pressure you apply by feeling your touch and can use soap or your favorite shower gel.  Sugar and salt scrubs work well, too, but can gunk up your shower and honestly, I just have never seen them work quite as well.  If you like to get spray tans, the best practice is to exfoliate your face and body 1-3 days before you go in for your appointment. Exfoliate, exfoliating gloves, eco gloves, target You can wait until the morning of, but if you get a few good light scrubs in prior, your skin will accept the tan well.  All the places you get really dry will have had a chance to soften quite a bit, which really makes the spray tan last a day or two longer.  For example, elbows, edges of the feet, knees and legs.  Make sure to always hydrate with your favorite lotion after you’ve exfoliated in the shower while your skin is still warm and soft.  Your product will penetrate deeper and you’ll skin will glow!  Make sure not to put lotions on before a spray tan appointment though because you’ll want the tan solution to be able to absorb evenly into your skin.  


    I hope this helps as you begin or continue to exfoliate your skin.  I still get acne, I still have issues, I’m no where perfect.  But I also see the lasting affects of exfoliating on a normal basis.  I want my skin to look good when I’m 70 not just right now!  To keep it up, we must continually exfoliate and be ever so kind to our skin!



  • Fitness Transformation! A Bit about ME!

    Fitness Transformation and a Bit about Me!

    I have some new followers lately and I wanted to say hello and thank you for joining my in our continual fitness transformation!! I am honored to share my journey and new things as I learn them. Here’s a little bit about me.

    • I’m a wife ❤, sister, daughter and mom to 5 year old Samantha and 3 year old Jude.
    • I am saved by grace and didn’t start truly living until I surrendered my life to Jesus. God’s plan is better than anything I could come up with anyway 😉
    • I am a former makeup artist turned health coach.
    • I am also an Esthetician and spray tan addict (I mean artist ;))
    • I am obsessed with helping women feel more beautiful from the inside out.
    • I am an outgoing introvert.
    • I consider my main two hobbies working out and shopping.
    • I lost 40 lbs with Beachbody nutrition and home workouts and continue to do each new program as it launches.
    • I decided to help women know they could lose weight, have energy, and do it without feeling like they had to starve themselves.
    • I run online challenge groups to give the best support to my clients.
    • I used to eat a bag of gummy candy a day (ie sour patch kids or Haribo gummy bears) Now currently a dark chocolate addict!
    • My kids and I have been gluten-free for three years.
    • I’ve struggled with infertility and PCOS.
    • I had acne my whole life (hence the career choices I made and the gummy bears may have had something to do with it).
    • I’ve been incredibly blessed to be able to snuggle my kids and still have a career where I earn more per month than what I made at Nordstrom and the Spa I worked at. ‪#‎TeamShine‬

    My fitness transformation has been going on for 3 years now.  The photo on the right is to remind you all (and myself) to speak positive things to and about yourself, to know you are stronger than you think, and to never stop letting your light shine.

    Hard work pays off, let’s go make a fitness transformation for you too!! XO


  • Daily Routine – Don’t Skip It!

    Daily Routine

    Having a daily routine is so very important.  Listening to the BEST podcast on what a balanced approach is to nutrition. The top tips on what most fit people do. I did a lot of this naturally because I was so fed up wth crazy diets and restrictions, I had to find a way to live and feel GOOD in my body without feeling like everything was taken from me. Restrictions stink but some things need to be a “no-no”. For me that was excessive candy and fast food. I don’t like to think about what I took away when I lost my baby weight. I like to think about what I put in.  I set up a very structured daily routine to make sure that I would stay on task.  The following breaks down the main 4 things that I consistently do daily.

    Here’s the 4 items that have helped me the most:

    ? One salad a day to your daily routine (And by salad I mean add carrots, cucumbers, almonds, dried cranberries, anything healthy really.  Here is an article on some ideas for what to put in your salad.)
    ? Way more water to your daily routine (at least 64 ounces, more if you are feeling under the weather.  My rule of thumb is half my body weight in ounces.)
    ? Daily exercise I enjoyed and could work into MY daily routine (21 Day Fix, Body Beast, Insanity and my favorite Turbofire are all between 30-50 minutes.  They are also all at home workouts, that I can fit in any time.  And Shakeology…everyday)
    ? Being at peace with knowing if I treating my body well, it would do what I wanted.  Now that it is a marathon and that my daily routine will help me finish this very long race.  It is NOT about sprinting and stopping after 2 weeks.

    Those are my 4 rules.  If I continually make those 4 areas my daily routine, I tend to feel good and continually keep away the softness that I so very much dislike.  One last tip, which is very hard for me, focus on the wins.  That means the small victories.  For example, I might not lose much weight, may even gain weight, but because I take photos and measurements, I can always see small victories.  So, know that it will take time to see the change and that your body needs time and consistency to change.  I hope this helps and encourages you to push towards that ever changing transformation.  Go and make your daily routine that works for you!


  • Zucchini Noodles and Meatballs – Gluten-Free Dinner!

    Zucchini Noodles

    Zucchini Noodles make an amazing gluten-free dinner!! My bestie made it for me and I not only want her cute white dishes, I could have this meal weekly. Trying new dishes with friends is amazing.  My cousin, who was my maid of honor in my wedding and my best friend has lost a bunch of weight in the last few months.  This is one of the main reasons why.  Having things like zucchini noodles is a huge part of the process in getting healthy.  Not that she can’t have normal noodles, but keeping away from carbs, that are very starchy and dense, has been key in her transformation.

    Gluten-free Dinner

    You do need a spiral veggie cutter. Veggetti was what we used. $12 bucks and it’s small and easy to store.  Zucchini Noodles are easy to make and can be used in tons of different dishes.  My kids will eat them…which is huge!  Here’s a little excerpt from Organic Facts about zucchini,

    “Zucchini is well known to reduce weight, yet still boosting the nutrient value of your diet. Moreover, it helps to promote eye health, and prevents all the diseases that occur from vitamin C deficiency like scurvy, sclerosis, and easy bruising. It helps to cure asthma and has a high content of vitamin C, carbohydrates, protein and fiber. Zucchini contains significant quantities of potassium, folate, and vitamin A, all of which are important for general good health. Zucchini, when eaten regularly, can effectively lower your homocysteine levels.”

    So as you can see…..add zucchini into your diet as much as possible!  You can’t go wrong….now onto what we had for dinner.

    • What she threw in:
    • Organic marinara sauce from Trader Joe’s, heated
    • Aidell’s Italian meatballs, browned
    • Zucchini noodles, boiled for 2-3 min.
    • Salt & Pepper

    We did mix some gluten-free noodles we had made for the kids in with our zucchini noodles.  It is amazing how good something can taste, even when it is not what you think it should be.  Never, once when I was growing up, do I remember having zucchini noodles!

    The salad is:
    Green onions
    Mixed greens

    Feel free to use this for a 21 Day Fix Meal!  And remember, add zucchini noodles into your meal plan as much as possible!

  • Free Cruise! I Love What I Do!

    Going on a Free Cruise

    A free cruise?!  Are you serious?! We might be geeking out right now that we just got our free room on this ship, and yes, we upgraded just a bit to get a room with a deck!  We get to hit up the Carribean for free!!  If that isn’t exciting, I don’t know what is!  I never thought this would be possible, I just started this venture because I felt uncomfortable in my own skin….how times have changed! ??

    Being able to stay fit and help other people do the same has been an unexpected blessing to our fam. This trip is just one of the rewards we get for paying it forward. We’ve found something that works for us so we share it and get one vacation a year to celebrate it all!  I literally earned this free cruise by helping others in their health and fitness journeys.  So, by doing what I love, helping others with their goals, seeing the excitement of success and I get a free cruise for doing that……thank you very much, I’ll take it.  I literally helped 3-5 women a month throughout this last year and loving it!

    Still seems like a dream! ?

    The thing my husband and I love the most, is that we get to hang out with people with the same passion for helping others on this free cruise!  Most the other people going are in the same “boat” as us and have just been helping 3-5 people a month!  And, we are starting to have some of our team join us!  We are so excited for this adventure that is happening in early spring of next year!  On our way to see some of our local team right now and then a bday party with friends later. Kid free Saturday in the works.

    #datetrip #cruise #haiti #adventure

    Free Cruise! I Love What I Do!

  • What is a Goal? Something You Have to Prioritize.

    What is a Goal?

    What is a goal?  What are goals?  According to Business Dictionary a goal is:  “An observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe.”

    What is a goal to me?  Well, it sure wasn’t the definition above in my life.  I would think about something and hope that I would accomplish it. Now, I live by goals and my number one is getting my workout in daily.  It is a non-negotiable!   Ahhhh, happy vibes are here! Sometimes I dread starting a workout but when it’s over… day is set. Nothing can compare to the feeling of a good workout. The rush of endorphins!!

    {{Honesty alert}}

    When I first started setting goals for myself, I wasn’t fully sure it would work. I had the picture of what I wanted in my mind (the vision). I had a plan but after two kids, you just never know what your body will do. Plus, I was 35 and age does become a factor at some point and I was super busy with two little’s who needed me lots.

    I was talking with a client about how we want so much more for ourselves to be healthy for our kids and feel beautiful for our hubs. I think she said it better than I could have. Here’s what we had in common:

    Goals: be toned, fit into my clothes better, feel confident.

    What is a goal I am working on now?  Owning my workouts. The feeling of accomplishing something that has been making me feel a little depressed for the last couple of years. That even when people tell me not to worry, it’s just part of getting older, and that I should just accept it. Instead of accepting it, I can look in the mirror and say I didn’t accept it. I conquered it! Getting older is not an excuse.

    Fitness struggle: going to the gym and not knowing what I’m doing or if what I do will get me the results I want. Plus, the time it takes is too much sometimes.

    Anxiety, depression, feeling overwhelmed, not having clear direction. All things I struggled with before. Some of them will still pop up depending on what’s going on in my life but overall it’s a ton better. It is and will continue to be my mission to share what’s worked for me.

    There should be nothing keeping us from how we want to feel!!  Make sure you know what is a goal and what you are going to do to accomplish it!

  • Creamy Garlic Dressing – Gluten-Free Dressing – 21 Day Fix Approved!!

    Creamy Garlic Dressing


    It’s food prep day for a lot of us and a gluten-free dressing is the perfect option, better yet, creamy garlic dressing! I love spending just 1-2 hours on Sunday’s making simple foods to have on hand for the week.  I am always looking for better ways to take care of my family.  I am also always looking for gluten-free options.  There is gluten in so much more than we think and I have felt the affects of not knowing I was eating gluten, when I actually was.  One of the big culprits can be salad dressings.  My husband went through a 21 Day cleanse back in 2012, called the The Ultimate Reset, and this little gem made it a lot easier for him.  It called for a ton of salads and this was his dressing of choice.

    Finding out I needed to go gluten-free during that time, I started going crazy on nutrition label reading.  This one was about as simple as they come!  I made it for him the first time and we were both in love.  Shoot, my kids even love it!  I never even thought about making a creamy garlic dressing, but this is the magic one!  I have to give my husband credit for going through The Ultimate Reset.  We actually gained an amazing amount of knowledge from those 21 days.  So know that this creamy garlic dressing is absolutely healthy in every way and delicious.  A great cookbook I use is Fixate.  She is the creator of 21 Day Fix and has a ton of awesome recipes like this.

    Here is one of my all time favorite homemade salad dressings:

    Creamy Garlic Dressing Recipe:

    1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

    1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

    3-5 cloves garlic, crushed

    3 Tbsp fresh lemon juice

    2 Tbsp chopped fresh parsley

    1 tsp Himalayan salt

    1/2 tsp Dijon Mustard

    1 Tbsp honey or agave

    creamy garlic dressing - gluten-free dressing is awesome

    Blend for 30 seconds or until well mixed. Store in refrigerator and warm to room temp to shake and serve. Makes 8-10 servings.

    Great with a little balsamic as a combo dressing. I also have a lot of clients that do the workouts and meal plan with 21 Day Fix.  This creamy garlic dressing is absolutely great to use with that program and pretty much for anything.  It is vegan and if you buy organic, you can’t really get a more pure dressing.  Enjoy!

    Garlic Creamy Dressing Courtesy of The Ultimate Reset

  • Nordstrom Rack – Nike Air Max Steal!

    Nordstrom Rack Super Find

    New #nikes from Nordstrom Rack are making me want to workout today.???? Matt snagged these, Nike Air Max 2015 shoes, for me and they were a steal!! My husband is the best at finding deals at Nordstrom Rack.  Whether it is the main store or the Rack, he is always looking for deals.  He wants me to feel good as I strive to do my best daily.  It is so important to have support.Nordstroms, norstroms, norstrom, nordstorm

    I worked at Nordstroms for over 8 years as a makeup artist.  I love Laurie Mercier and was the counter manager when they first came to Seattle.  I love everything about it.  I love everything about Nordstroms, the lines they carry, the service, the training I was given.  It is such a classy store in every sense of the word.  It is what I pride myself over, I was trained by the best.  Even the Nordstroms Cafe has the best food….and they have some healthy choices!  One of my husband and my favorites is the NIÇOISE SALAD WITH SALMON!  Click on the name to see the menu!

    Whenever we go shopping, it usually revolves around a Nordstrom Rack.  There is no better place for returns.  My husband had a pair of jeans he had never worn, but we had removed the tags.  We took them back and they accepted them and gave us a full cash refund!!

    To be honest, I haven’t worked out much this week since I was nursing my strained neck (2 car accidents in a year) and my diet wasn’t as great as I wanted (late night peanut butter anyone?) but I was up this morning telling myself to just get it done! 30 minutes goes by so fast.  New Nordstrom Rack, Nike Air Max workout shoes get me in the mode!

    The compound effect of a daily routine adds up for the good but it can also add up for the bad. Review what your compounding effect is and tweak it if you aren’t going in the right direction. You deserve to look and feel your best ?  Go check out a Nordstrom Rack!