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Hug Those You Love, You Never Know What’s Next!

Remember to Love!

Love is all important.  Have you ever had something scary happen that will forever be with you?

Last year to the day, my love, Samantha and I were in a terrible car accident. It was your average day driving home from our errands and I started getting nauseous. We were only a few blocks from home and I thought for sure I’d be able to make it there before getting sick.

The next thing I knew, I woke up to my baby girl cryingin the seat behind me, my Tahoe that was now crushed by a telephone pole and people standing all around us. It was something you never think will happen to you, to black out behind the wheel. I actually passed out right before a traffic light, sideswiped a car in oncoming traffic and then hit the telephone pole about 150 feet past the intersection.  It was a miracle I hit the pole because the alternative would have been an apartment complex at 35 or so miles per hour.  God’s love is gracious!

It was the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me, to our family. I thank God so often that his plan wasn’t to take me home. I’m so grateful that it was just a bizarre accident. Even after going to the ER, they had no answers to why it happened after giving me an MRI and CT scans.  I can’t even imagine what life would’ve looked like for Matt to be left behind with two small children we love so dearly.

It gets me thinking though, about our health and how precious it is. Sure I’ve had some major healing to do with my body. That was not a small impact and my body took the brunt, but what if I hadn’t been working on my flexibility and strengthening my muscles prior to this? Can you imagine how many issues I could have had?

I believe wholeheartedly that the stronger and more physically in shape you are going into something, the faster and better you will heal. I’ve seen it in my body now firsthand.  It starts with love.  With loving ourselves and those around us, that we see the importance of working out and eating healthy.

I hear time and time again, from mom’s who not only want to look good for their husband but also want to be a strong example of health to their children. But then life gets in the way and there is no sense of urgency. No real “reason” to really make those workouts a priority.  They forget that those workouts, that eating right is a sign of love to their family.  That love is an action, not just a, L O V E

I want you to LOVE your body in every aspect. To feel confident in your own skin and be able to get dressed with a deep sense of knowing, that you have put in the focus and energy. That you are showing your family how much you love them.  Especially, knowing that you are setting yourself up for more years of happiness as you focus on your body now.

These programs have changed not only my husband and my life but also the lives of SO many of our friends. If you can’t tell, I’m really passionate about helping you feel your best. Not just for today but for years to come.  Why these programs?  Because I know they work and they come with a plan of attack.  They make part of the process easier.  They help us love ourselves easier.  I am not saying we need a six pack either, I am talking about being healthy from the inside out.  It is about seeing consistent, small attainable victories.  I have a passion and a love to see people win this battle and change their families lives, just as mine has.  Mine actually started with my husband wanting to love us more and prove it through action and a change of lifestyle.  What are you going to do?

I am inviting you to join us in our 21 Day Fix Holiday Challenge.

The 21 Day Fix has changed our eating habits and let us track our food in a really easy way. We all know that nutrition is just as important as the workouts and that’s why it makes so much sense.

It TAUGHT me how to eat clean and to eat exactly what I needed for my goals, and not feel deprived, sending me into a binge.

Little did I know that these new changes would become my daily habits that are always a part of me…that make me who I am today.

Here is what comes with this challenge:

✅21 Days
✅Personalized meal planning system
✅30 minute at-home daily workouts
✅Daily superfood meal replacement shake
✅One-on-one coaching with me!

Don’t miss this opportunity! Show those closest to you how much you love them because you never know what tomorrow brings…

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