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Self Tanning Tutorial 2022 – Best Self Tanner

Self Tanning Tutorial 2022 – Best Self Tanner – Self Tanner For Pale Skin

Self tanning tutorial 2022 is finally here.  I mention all the products, whether it be self tanner itself, or all the add ons that you need to make the self tanner really work well.  Because of my past cancer scare, this one really hits home and I hope it helps you making smart decisions.  Self Tanner can be very expensive if you don’t prep your body for application.  Because of my esthetician background, I’ve been able to try a lot of different options over the years.  I started spray tanning in 2007, so have tried a LOT of products.  I love helping others and making sure we choose what’s right for each of us.  Each body is so very different.  So you may have to try a multitude of different products to find the right set.  So, here we go….

Here are the products to SHOP:


Loving Tan 2 hrs express in dark:

Organic body lotion in med/dark:


Golden Star Beauty 15% off code 

Lux Unfiltered:

Try their hand cream & body lotion while you’re at it! 


Save body scrub:

Splurge body scrub:



Body Butter:


Isle of Paradise in medium:

Lux Unfiltered drops:

My favorite facial sunscreen:

You will still need sunscreen even with self-tanner on. I do get that question so wanted to mention it. 


Body Blur body makeup:

Recommendations from my Instagram fam! Follow me @stacyjrody:

If every single self-tanner had turned you a strange yellow / orange shade, try this Bali Body in Ultra Dark:

Some friends in the beauty industry swear by this Coco & Eve in dark:

A nursing mama friend of mine said she used this during her pregnancy:

Happy tanning and please let me know if you have anything to add or share in the comments of this video!

XO, Stacy

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