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  • On Running Review – Best Athletic Clothes

    On Running Review – Best Athletic Clothes – Nordstrom On Running

    On Running review, the best athletic clothes I’ve found at Nordstrom!  A few friends have raved about the shoes and I didn’t even know they made such quality apparel.  The sports bra, tank and shorts are amazing!

    On Running / On Cloud is picking up momentum quickly in the fitness world with their renowned Swiss engineering and shoe recycling program. You’ll love the way the shoes feel, as if you’re walking on clouds honestly!

    Here are the items I show in this video:



    Active Bra:

    Cloudgo Shoes:

    My daughter has already asked to wear my shorts to volleyball practice because of the liner and awesome fit! 

    Have you tried this brand yet? 

    What’s your favorite?!



    #ad #nordstrompartner

  • Nordstrom Anniversary Try On – Nordstrom 2022

    Nordstrom Anniversary Try On – Nordstrom 2022 – Nordstrom Sale Try On Haul

    Nordstrom Anniversary try on is here! It’s just a couple days away and we will be able to shop one of the best sales of the season. It’s the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022 and I truly appreciate how many quality closet staples the sale has. From leather and suede jackets, to designer denim, handbags and shoes these major markdowns add up to a lot. I love that a lot of Nordstrom sale items are repeats. A lot of the options are still in style and they are everyday wears.  I hope you find some deals you love and really enjoy this awesome sale!

    Here are some of my favorite pieces from last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary sale and the link to shop this year’s sale:

    Shutz heels (comfortable always):

    Black Midi Skirt:

    Suede Zip Mini Skirt:

    Free People Sweater:

    Initial Necklace:

    Wedge Black and White Sandal:

    White / Nude / Black Knee High Boots:

    Neutral Booties:

    Marc Fisher Black Boots:

    Lug Sole Boots:

    Spanx Faux Leather Leggings:

    Cropped Nike Sweatshirt:

    Good American Ribbed BodyCon Dress:

    Over-The-Shoulder Pullover:

    Plaid Shacket:

    Black Blazer:

    All Saints Black Leather Jacket:

    Mother Jeans:

    Shiny Black Leggings:

    Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Lipstick Collection:

    Platform Converse(with gold):

    No-Show Socks:

    Nike Sneakers:

    You can start your wishlist today and then when it’s your day to shop, everything will be added into your cart easily.

    Let me know if you need anything!!

    XO, Stacy

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  • NORDSTROM Anniversary Sale

    NORDSTROM Anniversary Sale!!  Hi there Friend!


    Image item

    I can’t believe it’s already that time of year again to start talking about the Nordstrom anniversary sale! It starts on July 6th this year!

    If you’ve been following me for a while, you know this is my favorite sale of the year. When I worked at Nordstrom, the energy and buzz in the store was contagious. It’s such a great time to get exclusive items and the lowest pricing of the year!

    I know the #nsale can be overwhelming and sometimes intimidating so today I just wanted to break down exactly what the sale is, the dates you need to know and when you can shop.


    What is the Nordstrom Sale?


    The Nordstrom sale is the biggest fashion event of the year!

    You get a chance to shop all of the top designer brands and new arrivals for fall at big discounts. It’s the best time of year to get your kids some new staples like jackets, shoes and even undergarments. It’s also the time for you to update your wardrobe for fall and snag all of your essentials. I always find a new pair of boots, Nike’s and a stylish jacket to update my looks. You can even buy early Christmas and birthday gifts!

    Image item

    The Nordstrom sale is your opportunity to buy designer jeans, high-end activewear, baby gear like diaper bags and strollers, boots and luxury shoes, beauty products, home decor and so much more for up to 40% off!


    How do I Shop the Nordstrom Sale?


    Everyone can shop the Nordstrom Sale starting at 9:01pm on July 14th, but I would recommend applying for a Nordstrom card so that you can shop early because things will sell out quickly! Depending on your ‘status’, credit card holders can start shopping on July 6th.
    If you get a Nordstrom card you can…
    Here’s how it works for each shopper based on “status” level!


    Nordstrom early access is exclusive to card members only. Your Nordstrom Club level is based on yearly spend amount, but once you become a card member you immediately start at influencer status, which means you can shop almost a FULL week before the public!

    P.S. The shopping can commence at 12:01am when it’s your window.

    Here are the days each level can shop:
    Should I shop in Person or Online?


    You obviously can shop in person at your nearest Nordstrom, but when you shop online there are a ton of options that you wouldn’t be able to find in store!

    There is actually a new feature on the app and website that lets you create a WISHLIST with all your favorites. You can add to this list and when your Nordstrom Club level is available to shop you can purchase your top picks!

    Image item

    Image item

    Image item

    I always shop online for the Nordstrom sale because there are way better options and then you can avoid the crowds, too.


    How to Prepare for the Sale and decide what to get?


    Take a look at your wardrobe and seeing what staple items you are missing or what you could use an update  on. How is your denim collection and what would you like to see added or changed? Do you need new black jeans? Have you always wanted to invest in a leather jacket or knee high boots? Or are you using the Nordstrom sale to start stocking up on Christmas and birthday gifts?
    Write a list of those you need to buy for – coworkers, your boss, your mother-in-law, a friend’s baby shower?  Head into the sale with a list of things you want like…
    Image item
    I will be covering topics over on my Instagram @stacyjrody and LTK app (follow me there!!!) by showing:
        – My top NSale pics / what I’m buying
         – Top beauty picks
        – Kids items
        – Activewear
        – Best designer items to add to your wardrobe
    I think that it’s. I hope this makes it a little easier for you and gives you a good starting point.
    Please let me know if there is anything else!



    Image item


  • Nordstrom Sale Try On Haul – Nordstrom 2021

    Nordstrom Sale Try On Haul – Nordstrom 2021 – Nordstrom Anniversary Try On

    Hey friends!

    It’s here, the Nordstrom Sale Try On Haul!!! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale goes from 7/28-8/8, anyone can shop the Nordstrom sale, you don’t have to have a Nordstrom credit or debit card. I wanted to show you some of my faves to save you time. Honestly,  I was hesitant to make this video for you because last year things sold out so quickly but I’m seeing more restocks and you could find some incredible deals!!! All my sizing recommendations are listed on the liketoknowit app so thanks for using my links. I appreciate you being here with me!! Let’s get to it! 

    Sale Jewelry (and some not one the sale):

    #1 Billabong t-shirt, Mother jeans & Steve Madden booties:

    Treasure & Bond grey shirt jacket outfit:

    Shirt jacket in tan/ black with Spanx:

    Free People tunic:

    BlankNYC suede jacket:

    BlankNYC suede skirt & Free People cropped sweater:

    Free People oversized sweater and Sam Edelman knee high boots:

    Good American black dress:

    Shirt jacket with Spanx and over the knee boots:

    Rag & Bone acid wash jeans:

    Free People sweater, Spanx and over the knee boots:

    Black Mother jeans and white Free People top:

    The best denim colored Levi’s on the sale:

    All Saints leather jacket ($170 off!) Caslon scoop neck t-shirt and Good American jeans:

    The best $12 I spent at the sale. Grey scoop neck Caslon pocket t-shirt:

    Off-the-shoulder oatmeal colored sweater/shirt:

    Cream fuzzy jacket:

    Nike crew sweatshirt (my favorite purchase of the entire sale!):

    Boys Nike jacket:

    Randoms I buy every year:

    Kiddos Underwear:

    No-show Adidas socks:

    My favorite bra:

    Bonus! A really cute Free People top I wish I would have tried on for you :

    Happy shopping!! This truly is a sale worth shopping and even though I’m loooving the sun right now (summer is my favorite season) I also can’t wait to wear these outfits!

    Big hugs-Stace

  • Women’s La Blanca Petal Pusher One-Piece Swimsuit

    La Blanca Petal Pusher! 

    This is one awesome swimsuit.  Covers up the needed areas, yet makes you feel girly with a touch of sexy!  Great swimsuit with the kiddos and my hubby loves it.  The La Blanca Petal Pusher is the best.  There’s nothing more classic than a black one-piece!


    Women's La Blanca Petal Pusher One-Piece Swimsuit, La Blanca Petal Pusher

    Just click on the picture and you will be directed to Nordstrom.  You know what to do from there!

    This La Blanca Petal Pusher one-piece has a plunging scalloped neckline and flirty lace-up back.  I love it so much!  Let me know what you think and feel free to hit me up and give me other suggestions.  I have really broad shoulders, so sometimes I feel very disproportionate in swimsuits and any clothes for that matter.  This one won’t do you you wrong regardless.  The one-piece fits perfect!

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  • Women’s We The Free By Free People Catalina V-Neck Thermal Top

    Women’s We The Free By Free People Catalina V-Neck Thermal Top

    This Free People Catalina V-Neck Thermal Top was probably my favorite Christmas gift from the hubs.  Every year he surprises me with some gifts that I had no clue about.  I love it, he always finds something that I usually love, but if I don’t, he gets it at Nordstrom so I don’t have to worry if I want to return it!

    This top is perfect!  Long in the back, covering the booty, so I can wear my ever comfortable leggings, and being light blue it allows me to partner it with something a bit subdued or bright, whatever works!

    It’s also got the perfect rounded chest, I can wear a few different necklaces with it and the sleeves are super long and cozy.

    The design is a really nice knit, making me love it that much more! Women’s We The Free By Free People Catalina V-Neck Thermal Top is everything I wanted this Christmas!

    Women's We The Free By Free People Catalina V-Neck Thermal Top

    Let me know how you like it!!

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  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipgloss Review!


    I’m very particular with my lipgloss.  I have gone through a lot of different ones over the years.  Working at Nordstrom for a little over seven years, as well as being the manager for Laura Mercier, I was always being recommended awesome options.  I like something that stays on as long as possible.

    This lipgloss is creamy and feels like it almost melts into your lips. ?  The perfect shade for a nude lip. I haven’t experienced any dryness or cracking from using it and I have very sensitive lips.

    #Nordstrom @anastasiabeverlyhills

  • My Journey – Who Is Stacy Rody?

    My Journey

    Oh the journey!!  My social media family has grown tremendously over the last few months.  I thought it was time to share a little more about me – the good, weird & ugly.

    I’ve seen an incredible amount of personal growth & business growth over the past 3 years. My team is growing by leaps and bounds this year and I couldn’t be more proud. I wanted to share a little more about me or remind some of you what my passions are.

    It isn’t all perfect … not even close! I’m a REAL person.

    * I grew up a very insecure person
    * At the age of 12, I was told by a relative that I might be cute on the outside but as soon as I opened my mouth, nothing important came out
    * I met Jesus at age 12 but didn’t surrender my life to Him until I was 23
    * Really “meeting” Him was the pivotal moment that changed the course of my life forever. He heals my hurts and loves on me daily.
    * I had a pony named Partner growing up and learned how to french braid on his tail. Growing up on 5 acres with all sorts of animals was so fun!
    * I dabbled with drugs and the party scene until I met Jesus. Smoked cigarettes for over 5 years until I was 23 and then quit cold turkey
    *On my 13th birthday I ate almost a whole bulk container of Sour Patch Kids and every Christmas it was a bulk container of Jelly Belly’s
    * I’ve since traded dried fruit for my old “gummy” addiction and feel tons better
    * I am very sensitive to foods and finally realized I was gluten-intolerant after having my second baby. I won’t touch the stuff.
    * There have been times where I’ve struggled with depression and secluding myself into a shell. Exercise is the BEST drug for me to combat this
    * I am learning how to have a “thicker skin” and ONLY look at the positive in life

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    * I do not have a college degree
    * I’m addicted to spray tans
    * I’m a makeup artist and esthetician by trade but have become literally obsessed with helping women feel beautiful from the inside out with health and fitness
    * Working at Nordstrom for 8 years left me with a nice appetite for all things beautiful ‪#‎shopping‬
    * I’m an “outgoing” introvert and have a fierce phobia of microphones
    * I had my heart broken at 19 and I went from one unsuccessful relationship to the next… always missing something…
    * I had to take a year off from dating (I’ve been on more blind dates than one person should ever go on) to let Jesus come into my heart and heal it
    * I ironically met my husband on a blind date ;)* I was in debt when I got married and never thought I would make a decent income….was used to living paycheck to paycheck
    * We’ve been married 10 years and I adore my man! Being a wife and mom is the BEST thing ever to me
    *Having a girl and a boy is what I’ve always dreamed of. Love their personalities and snuggles.
    * I love working to help support my family and also grow as a person so I can teach my kiddos about failing forward and how to push past tough obstacles
    * I’m not a certified fitness trainer but I love helping women find their inner confidence through their physical strength
    * I get excited to coach other women build successful businesses from home so they can have freedom to choose if they want to work outside of the home or not
    * I love working with those that stay in the game….the consistent ones who will not give up

    …. because – that – is – me!!

    I am NO longer that shy insecure girl but a CONQUEROR! That is ALL because of what Jesus has done in my life…. all the way down to Beachbody. He knew I needed this business so He could refine me and show me I had a voice.

    There is always a message in our messes. The journey is the beautiful part of it all.

    So… while I LOVE fitness, nutrition, make up, fashion, hair, home decor and all things girly -everything does not come easy to me. I have to work hard at it!

    Go buy ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ on Amazon. You will NOT regret it!

    If you need someone in your corner – I’m that girl. I’d love to hear more about you 🙂

    Thank you for your support here and on social media. I truly appreciate the community that has grown around and with me…

    Have a wonderful night!

    XO, Stace

  • Goals Were Never Even A Thought, Now They Are Everything

    The Girl with no Goals

    The girl in the before picture never made goals, felt self-conscience ALL the time, and had no idea how she was going to teach her kids about not giving up-because that’s all she knew how to do. She wasn’t in a place of need or guidance from God because she balanced it all on her own shoulders. She stayed in her comfort zone. Goals weren’t even in her thoughts.  She ate her emotions and hid her true feelings from just about everyone. This was 9 years ago.

    Fast forward 6 years and there was an opportunity placed in front of her. She watched as others shared their stories of where they came from and what they had accomplished. The goals they had made and accomplished.  She wondered, why not me? Why couldn’t she earn extra money and make my own hours, actually make goals and hit them?

    Working at Nordstrom’s left me wanting to not give up the niceties of life. Hello fashion, shoes and cosmetics!! Being able to support the family using the talents God gave me would be a win/win, right? Being healthy in mind, body and spirit for a career seemed pretty legit. To have something that fit in the cracks of my mommy-life and build on itself seemed too good to be true. I didn’t have all the health answers but I knew what was working for me and loved encouraging people. To have something that would teach me to step out, learn to fail and get back up and would continually build my character.  Here’s more of my full story!

    The Girl with Goals…..and Hitting Them!

    Fast forward to present day. I’ve been able to use the gifts God has given me. I actually have made goals and hit them!!  To invite others to join me in having more energy for their families. To stay home with the kiddos and work in my Juicy Couture sweats. To be challenged daily and fight the good fight of life and NEVER give up.

    Maybe you don’t have kids yet but you want to make a career out of something that keeps you accountable to your own health goals? Maybe you’re a mommy but want something on the side for yourself? Or perhaps you want to grow a business at your own pace for when the kiddos are in school full time or off to college? Maybe you want to switch careers to something more meaningful than what you’re currently doing.

    As I look at how much I’ve learned and grown, I can’t keep this to myself. I set goals, hit them and now help others do the same.  Coaching has given this worker-bee girl a sense of pride and purpose. It allows us as a family to give more and be together lots. No more punching time-clocks for me. Only freedom to pay it forward and teach others how to share their stories. Message me to join our group next week to learn more….let’s hit some goals! ??

  • Guess Online Comes Through with Sequins!

    Guess Apparel at Guess Online

    Annual White Elephant party outfit and a date night with my guy. Got my workout in and I swear it was a mood changer for me today.

    He found this outfit for me at Guess online (crazy good sale, btw). I love that he helps me dress in something other than yoga pants! ?

    I love these shoes.  I picked up these beauties at Nordstrom, two Anniversary Sales ago.  They are by Ivanka Trump. #sequinsfordays #yayforparties

    guess online, guess apparel, nordstromPhoto credit: Matt Rody – at the actual Party!  Yes I do drink wine occasionally!  This was a delicious red cab!  Loving me some Guess apparel!