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  • Week 8 Liift 4 Review – Tone and Weight Loss

    Week 8 Liift 4 Review – A Mom’s Weight Loss Transformation!

    Oh,  it’s week  eight and I  am loving how  tight and toned  my body feels. I  think some of the highlights  from this program for me has been  that when I am increasing my strength,  I’ve been doing 25lbs for my chest presses.  I’ve been doing seventeens and a half for my  bicep curls. These are weights that I’ve never ever  picked up before. But what happens when you’re picking  up heavier weights. I don’t feel bulkier, but I feel tighter.  My arms feel smaller and they’re tighter and I’ve lost inches, but  I haven’t really lost pounds.

    I’ve  lost two  pounds over  the whole program,  but I love that I can  pick up these heavyweights  and they feel lighter to me,  so I’ve been able to stay on course  with every single workout because it’s only  been four days a week, which again, amazing for  any busy mom.


    The  one other  thing that I  love besides feeling  that super tight, toned,  lean feeling, my body is that  he had us working core every single  workout, which I’ve never done before.  So now I am in the habit of doing it  and even if my program does not call for  it. I am going to add it on and that is something  that I have noticed my abs have changed the most. Obviously  the meal plan has helped, but from working them everyday wanted  to show you the moves from this program because sometimes when you  see someone else doing it, you think to yourself if she can do it,  so can I.

    That’s  the theme  in our online  groups is if she  can do it. So can  I. and that’s what I  saw when I lost 40 pounds  and I caught wind of these amazing  calendars and these amazing trainers that  I could just from a touch of my finger, play  my workout and do it around my kids’ schedule.

    It’s  been such  a blessing in  my life and to  be able to be consistent  with it I think is the most  important thing. Because I used  to always think, why do these people  have this healthy lifestyle and how do  they fit in? I did not comprehend how they  made it their lifestyle, with all the other things  they had to get done in their daily life.

    Now  I know  now I know  and that’s why  I love sharing it.  So of course on my free day,  I’m able to use my sliders, my  loops from one of my other favorite  programs. And this workout was a burner.  It was leg day and 10 minutes in I was dead.  I was dying. So I just wanted to show you all the  amazing options that are at your fingertips.

    There  is a bundle  deal that will  save you so much  money. Check it out HERE!  It’s basically for a year of fitness,  what most people pay in a month for their  gym. I live in a little. It’s come down and  to a couple of the workout moves with me because  I honestly can feel that I’m showing them a healthy,  happy lifestyle. And that brings me joy.

    So  one of  my friends  lost seven inches  all over. Another one  has no more workout guilt,  because she’s never been able  to fit all four workouts in a week before.  When I started, I was drinking wine almost every  night, lots of cheese and just feeling blah. Now I’ve  been able to kick my wine cravings and I hardly ever even  think about it because it’s been two months now. I’m going to  have some over the holidays, but I just feel like it’s not part  of my daily lifestyle anymore.

  • Week 7 Liift 4 Review

    Week 7 Liift 4 Review – A Mom’s Weight Loss Transformation!

    I’m  so excited  to share week  seven with you girls.  I felt really focused when  I started this week because I  knew I only had two weeks left  of the program and I do really well  with short burst and short term goals.  Obviously it’s a little bit easier to see  the light at the end of the tunnel, so this started  shred week for us. He does two weeks, I’ve shred week  and you definitely notice that he has upped the cardiac.

    Have  to say  though, when  I was doing these  workouts, I did not  feel very lean, but playing  back and watching the videos,  I’m like, oh, I actually, I can  see more muscle definition. I do feel  and look a little leaner, so it’s good  to have a mirror in your workout space. You  can focus on form. It’s good to video yourself  and see the progression because otherwise you just  look in the mirror.

    You’re  going about  your day to day  business and you don’t  notice how much you’re changing.  I am dying. Jude is a nice little  workout buddy. He came down, it was Chapel  Day, so he had his little red tie on and he’s  like, “Mom, can I work out with you?” So I love  to see how much he was actually watching me, which  just goes to prove that our kids are watching us so  much more than we realize. Teaching them these good habits  is priceless.

    Joel  mixed it  up this week.  He totally changed  the order and which  we used our muscle groups.  I was thinking about this morning,  how much I’m noticing an improvement  in my ab area and it’s because I’m working  my core pretty much every day. Um, I didn’t use  to do this.

    I  was  of the  understanding  that you only  needed to work your  core every other day,  but working at it daily  has been really strengthening  it and I’m noticing a lot more  tightness in that area, especially  after having two kids. That’s a big  deal because I do have a slight separation  in the muscles going down the middle of my stomach.  So I am really excited to have this opportunity to just  focus on my core more on my second free days this week.

    I  chose  AAA from A  Little More Obsessed  and again, using the bands  and the slides are life. I love  the way it makes my muscles feel and  that just adds that extra tension to those  tough to work areas.

    Thank  you Autumn  for blasting  out the fat on  the side of my butt.  I’m working my core in  every single move.

    I  hope this inspires you and gives you some new ideas.  I really hope that  you’re inspired now to  join our group because if  you didn’t know there is a  special running where when you  get Shakeology that I’m obsessed  with, you get a year of all these  workouts for just $10. So hit me up.

  • Week 6 Liift 4 Review

    Week 6 Liift 4 Review – A Mom’s Weight Loss Transformation!

    Hey  guys,  so week  six in Liift 4  is still a building  week, which means I’m  going heavier with my weights.  If I could not keep my proper form  and if my elbows slipped and form got  too ugly, I would put the weights down.  I would quickly pick up something lighter just  because form is crucial for me. I also don’t want  to strain my neck because I have an old neck injury  and I really have to protect it and I’m careful with it.

    So  I really  tried to go  hard with my hip  moves and then on Wednesday  my free day, I did a 45 minute  booty day. You saw the move just now.  That was in that and it was amazing. I  used sliders, I used weights, I used bands  and it was actually really fun. So I love having  access to all these workouts and really I just tried  to focus on form.

    There  were a  couple times  I’m like, dang,  it’s dark. It’s winter.  I really just want to pour  a glass of red wine. I just  really had to focus on my water  intake and just kind of getting it  done. I promised myself eight weeks, no  alcohol, I’m finally going to get to have  wine on Thanksgiving.

    I  feel  so much  leaner and  less bloated  and my body feels  like it works better  and I sleep better when  I don’t have the wine. This  is why I’m doing this, and it  may seem extreme to some, I knew  it would get me ahead. It would also  gives me that edge, which we’re always looking  for, that the thing that’s gonna get us a little  bit further in our progress. That makes us feel amazing  and unstoppable.

    So  of course  triple bears  here. Not My favorite,  but I’m getting better at  keeping my knees two inches  off the ground and you can see  I have less middle jiggle, which I’m  really excited about. I think my belly  button is moving north and spray tans are  life. Can I just have a moment of silence for  a good spray tan?!! So join our November Challenge  Group. November is the group. You need to be in it.  You need this plan. It’s amazing. Have a good week.



  • Week Five Liift 4 Review

    Week Five Liift 4 Review – A Mom’s Weight Loss Transformation!

    I’m  in the  full swing  of week five  and I’m excited  to share with you  because I am just loving  this program. I feel like for  any busy mom or for any woman who  has a really hard time finishing a workout  program and staying true to the promises that  she’s made herself to complete a workout program,  this one is the one for you, for us. It’s only 40  minutes at the most that you’re going to be working out  and you can totally do that. And also it is just four days  a week.

    So  if you  want to do  more, you can.  If you don’t want  to, there’s no guilt.  So I was loving the core  moves this week that he did  because I pushed myself with the  heavier weights. The core moves really  hurt and I could feel them moving all the  muscles. And on my rest day I did a pilates  yoga fusion.

    You  can see  here that  I did 15 minutes  of a stretch, and strength.  It’s definitely a faster moving  yoga because I don’t have a lot  of patients for yoga, but it made  me feel alive and awake. I just need  that and that’s why I’m so addicted to  the endorphin high that exercise brings me.

    So  leg day,  I tried to,  lift heavier weights,  this was probably the  hardest leg day that I’ve  done in the program and he  actually says that. So I was  really trying to push myself and  focus and lift heavier.

    I  did  a workout  on my rest  day, on Saturday,  I did A Little More  Obsessed, which is an Autumn  Calabrese calibration program that  use sliders and bands. And that was  a really good feeling as well because  I could elongate my muscles again and just  have something a little bit different. That’s  not the heavy heavy weights.

    I  was  thinking  about something  important this week  because I think as women  we so often break the promises  that we make to ourselves in order  to maybe take care of those around us.  And I found that when I keep the promises  to myself, it helps me to trust myself. So that  I believe that I can actually do what I set out to  do. So keep lifting those weights, working out hard and  enjoy the process. On to week six!


  • Week Four Liift 4 Review

    Week Four Liift 4 Review – A Mom’s Weight Loss Transformation!

    I can’t believe it’s already week four! Our team is having so much success with Liift 4. Everyone is feeling more energized, lighter, tighter, more in control of their schedule and the fact that it’s only four days a week, is really making it successful for a lot of busy women.

    We have a new group starting this week and then if you want to jump in on our next month’s group, please message me today. I am just loving that I can up my weights, track my weights and then on my two free days, I’m doing my favorite kickboxing, my Turbofire workout. I have almost a thousand workouts to choose from, so I can, you know, take those rest days and make the most of them and have fun with it.

    Liift 4 has some awesome shoulder moves that look easy and are actually pretty difficult. He does the craziest hit moves and I swear every core move that Joel puts together for the end of the workout feels perfect in conjunction with what you did that day.

    It’s like he knows exactly what muscles didn’t get worked and need to get worked. And then need to get double worked. It’s pretty crazy this week. Our leg day had no weights involved. It was only hiit and it was 27 minutes of pure craziness. My quads were on fire. Those triple bears are just crazy.

    I definitely notice having no wine all month in my waist line. My love skin from having two kids is so much tighter because of the muscle that is happening underneath it. And the fact that I’m focusing on more water and no alcohol has helped a ton.

    I’m also focusing on making new recipes. So of course I’ve been using my Instant Pot. You can see my other YouTube video for that. I use some spicy chicken sausage with my spaghetti squash and did a little sauce on top of that and warmed it up. I’m also making a fennel, almond and lemon salad. I’ll also be checking in next week with another video and then, a new transformation video so you can see the progress that I’ve made. Thanks for watching.

    Instant Pot Blog and Recipe:

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  • Week Three Liift 4 Review

    Week Three Liift 4 Review – A Mom’s Weight Loss Transformation!

    I just drank my Energize so I am ready to go on shoulders week three, day three, and the girls and I are chatting in the online accountability group. How amazing we feel and how we can’t believe it’s already week three.

    No workout is the same for the entire eight weeks that keeps us engaged and interested and one little tip I have for you that helps me a ton are mirrors. I went to Ikea and picked up three mirrors I use at to check my form.

    I think about the muscles I’m using and I know that that really helps with my results, I’m not just guessing how my form is. I actually know where my knee is bending up over my ankle to my elbows are in windows, close to my body. This applies to my bicep curls as well.

    When you’re lifting heavy, and if you need to go heavier, you should invest in the heavier weights as needed. You will find yourself needing heavier as this program goes. But as I’m lifting heavy and pushing myself, I must focus on proper form because I don’t want to get injured. And if I’m going to take time to do this, I want the best results.

    The meal plan on this program is really, really simple and it’s laid out a lot like some of the other programs that I’ve done. And, there’s an app where you can track all the containers. And really what it is, is it’s eating right for either your weight loss goals or your muscle building goals. So that being said, a lot of the times when we calculate, we can find, okay, I’m eating too many healthy fats and proteins. What I need, is more healthy carbs and veggies and there are different ways that I can help you figure out how to get those in your day. And, the app lets you track everything.

    Today I have 10 baby carrots as a veggie and then I’ve got some Turkey lunch meat. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can measure it and throw it in a bag and go. And then for dinner tonight, I used my Instant Pot, I did spaghetti squash and a harvest fall pasta sauce, and then I just did onion and lean ground turkey meat. (For full recipe click here.)

    So of course I get my daily shake everyday. That’s a dessert that helps with my cravings. And you also get a cheat meal and he wants you to have it. Now this is really, really smart. He wants you to either have it on Wednesday night because Wednesday’s the rest day, he knows you’re going to have a workout on Thursday, so you can use the energy from the cheat meal or the treat meal like I like to say for energy the next day.

    So again, Saturday, Sunday are off on this plan. You can either do an active rest day, you can do a different program since you have access to over a thousand workouts, you can do a different workout. I’ve been choosing some booty day workouts because I need a little extra help, or just plain cardio or something fun that I like or Pilates or yoga. But since you have Saturday, Sunday off, you can do your cheat meal on Sunday night too, because you know you’re going to be pushing it hard on Monday.

    Remember, you’re going to use those calories, that energy from those cheat foods and you’re going to be able to have fun. And the average American, 80 percent do not stick to a plan. Six days a week is not doable for a lot of people that either commute, work full time, have super busy schedules, so being four days a week I feel like is the perfect workout for a busy lifestyle.

    I’m happy to report that I am down three pounds since I started this challenge. Ditching the alcohol and focusing more on sleep and water has really helped me. I’m excited to see what’s to come and my superfood shake has been helping with my cravings. So if you want to get in on the my next challenge, don’t forget to message me and I’ll get you in.

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  • Week Two Liift 4 Review – Are You Looking for a Transformation?

    Week Two Liift 4 Review – A Mom’s Weight Loss Transformation!

    This week has been full of ups and downs!  I didn’t get enough sleep which can hurt with progress and I didn’t feel or see many changes in my weight or body.

    I stuck to the plan and did some fun shorter workouts on my free days.  I always workout six days a week even when the plan is only four.  I just feel better when I push play more often. I feel more alive once I’ve moved my body.
    Some realizations I had this week reminded me that change lives in the hard moments.  Change happens when I want to give up and don’t.  During the jump squats or mountain climbers, when I want to drop to my knees and stop, I dig deep and push harder.  I know I have a reserve I can tap into and once I do, I build my inner strength.
    I’m hopeful that in a few days I will wake up and see the changes I think I deserved this week. And if I don’t, I won’t quit. I will stay in the game and push just as hard because the results will come.  They will happen. I trust and believe.  I also know that even though I gave up alcohol, my nutrition hasn’t been 100% on point.  I drink my superfoods daily and focus on my containers but I also sneak treats like Trader Joe’s Power Berries, and extra peanut butter.  Dialing in sleep and nutrition this week and I can’t wait to see how I’ll feel!!
  • Week One Liift 4 Review

    Week One Liift 4 Review – A Mom’s Weight Loss Transformation!

    It’s here, the structure of Fall and the rhythm of routine. I enjoy Summer so much but I’m learning to love this even more. When I first started my fitness journey, my babies were little and the discipline of daily to-do lists kept me sane. They still do.

    With the Liift 4 calendar and meal plan paired with giving up alcohol for this round, I feel pretty confident I’ll see the results I want.

    4 Days a week of weights, HIIT and core moves will be the perfect combination. I will have two other days to do anything else I want!

    Join me and the other busy women! Get your simple plan and immediate fit fam for extra accountability and FUN!

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