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November 12, 2018

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  • Week 6 Liift 4 Review

    Week 6 Liift 4 Review – A Mom’s Weight Loss Transformation!

    Hey  guys,  so week  six in Liift 4  is still a building  week, which means I’m  going heavier with my weights.  If I could not keep my proper form  and if my elbows slipped and form got  too ugly, I would put the weights down.  I would quickly pick up something lighter just  because form is crucial for me. I also don’t want  to strain my neck because I have an old neck injury  and I really have to protect it and I’m careful with it.

    So  I really  tried to go  hard with my hip  moves and then on Wednesday  my free day, I did a 45 minute  booty day. You saw the move just now.  That was in that and it was amazing. I  used sliders, I used weights, I used bands  and it was actually really fun. So I love having  access to all these workouts and really I just tried  to focus on form.

    There  were a  couple times  I’m like, dang,  it’s dark. It’s winter.  I really just want to pour  a glass of red wine. I just  really had to focus on my water  intake and just kind of getting it  done. I promised myself eight weeks, no  alcohol, I’m finally going to get to have  wine on Thanksgiving.

    I  feel  so much  leaner and  less bloated  and my body feels  like it works better  and I sleep better when  I don’t have the wine. This  is why I’m doing this, and it  may seem extreme to some, I knew  it would get me ahead. It would also  gives me that edge, which we’re always looking  for, that the thing that’s gonna get us a little  bit further in our progress. That makes us feel amazing  and unstoppable.

    So  of course  triple bears  here. Not My favorite,  but I’m getting better at  keeping my knees two inches  off the ground and you can see  I have less middle jiggle, which I’m  really excited about. I think my belly  button is moving north and spray tans are  life. Can I just have a moment of silence for  a good spray tan?!! So join our November Challenge  Group. November is the group. You need to be in it.  You need this plan. It’s amazing. Have a good week.



  • Stacy’s Favorite Supplements

    Stacy’s Favorite Supplements

    I put together all the supplements I take daily for you.  It’s taken me five years to find my rhythm with it all and some days, when my kids were little, I was lucky to get even one balanced meal in a day!

    The struggle is real but we cannot pour from an empty cup so this quick system I follow makes me feel so much more energized and ready to face the day!  I understand my metabolism is not going to work in my favor anymore so I need to keep it up as well as protect my gut health to ward off disease as much as possible! Having a strong allergy to gluten, I swear my body is more sensitive!

    Here’s my morning to evening plan!

    I start with Mom-crack which is basically my liquid sunshine.  I use it to help with muscle endurance during and a focused energy boost pre-workout.  You can get yours here: MOMCRACK

    energize, energizer, pre-workout drink, preworkout supplement

    Then I will re-fuel with this superfood shake!  With omegas, Vitamin C, prebiotics and probiotics and 70+ exotic’s my everything shake!  After a couple month of drinking it, I noticed way less bloat, leaner muscle mass and better skin!  It’s my breakfast, or any time throughout the day I need a fast nutrient dense meal: SHAKEOLOGY

    favorite supplements, supplements, shakeology, organic supplements, healthy supplements

    My exact blend is 12 oz of water, 6 ice cubes, a heaping teaspoon of Powdered Peanut Butter & L-Glutamine:

    powdered peanut butter, healthy supplement, Stacy's favorite supplements

    l-glutamine, supplement, supplements, healthy supplements, stacy's favorite supplements

    And a handful of spinach.  I blend it in my Blendtec blender and go!

    blendtec supplements, supplements, stacy's favorite supplements

    Next up, I make sure to get collagen I’m once a day and this has been my go-to lately!  I take 1 Tbsp a day and it helps with repairing all tissues and keeping my hair, skin and nails repaired.  It also helps with muscle repair, retention and recovery. It helps me look and feel younger. This brand is specifically a medical grade and used for chemotherapy patients so their muscles don’t atrophy during treatments.  COLLAGEN

    collagen, collagen supplements, healthy supplements, Stacy's Favorite Supplements

    My Vitamin D quick fix to up my immune system is this one!  You can drop it in your Shakeology or just right on your tongue.  VITAMIN D

    vitamin d supplement, vitamin d, healthy supplements, Stacy's Favorite Supplements

    I add an extra layer of probiotics to ensure my gut health because I was on a strong dose of antibiotics for what felt like forever a couple years ago..I’m still healing from that.  PROBIOTICS

    Probiotics, Healthy Supplements, Gut Health, Stacy's Favorite Supplements

    Before bed, Matt and I have been loving this anti-stress drink.  It’s a little fizzy once you mix with hot water but then you give it a stir and enjoy it like a tea.  I do 1 teaspoon in a mug of water. Here’s the link: NATURAL VITALITY NATURAL CALM

    Natural Vitality Natural Calm Diet Supplement, healthy supplement, supplements, Stacy's Favorite Supplements

    On the days my workouts are more intense or I sweat a lot, I’ll also utilize the post workout Recover drink and drink it within 30 minutes after my workout.  It prevent muscle soreness and gives my body the exact carb/protein levels I need to get the most from my workout. BEACHBODY PERFORMANCE RECOVER

    beachbody performance recover, beachbody recover, beachbody supplement, healthy supplements, Stacy's Favorite Supplements, post workout supplement

    Here’s the hydrate.  Think of it as healthy Gatorade!  This performance line is NSF certified and backed by Ironman.  There are now artificial flavors, colors or sugars. BEACHBODY HYDRATE

    beachbody hydrate, hydrate, healthy supplements, Stacy's Favorite Supplements, workout supplement

    Before you purchase any of the Beachbody supplements I take, make sure to email me or fill out this form: Find Your Inner Glow so I can tell you about the bundle sale kits to save you money!

    All my best,


  • Comfortable Fall Fashion

    Comfortable Fall Fashion

    I had to share this with you girls.

    I had been looking for a long duster that wasn’t too bulky or heavy.  I wanted to wear it with different tanks and leggings, you know, the mom uniform stuff.


    When I saw this one, I knew it was the perfect material.  It is so comfortable!! CARDIGAN It does run a bit big. I ordered a medium but wish I had a small.  Thanks, Amazon, for supplying everything I will ever need in this life including all things mom style.

    affordable cardigan, comfy cardigan,


    This looks great with jeans and OTK (over the knee) boots, jean cut-offs with booties, a fitted dress or with basic black leggings.  Speaking of leggings, Spanx are always an excellent choice. This is the pair I have SPANX

    spanx, comfy spanx, best spanx

    Next on my list is this pair of Camo Spanx CAMO SPANX because they are black but will have the different shades and design to them.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this camo trend I’m seeing everywhere.  Camo is the new black in my world.

    best camo spanx, favorite camo spanx, comfy camo spanx

    V-Neck Tank

    Here is an idea of a cute yet simple striped tank to wear with this cardigan, click here, but any tank or t-shirt would work.  The one thing I’m pretty picky about for me is that when I’m wearing tight leggings, my shirt needs to be long enough to cover my “area.”

    striped vneck shirt, target shirt, affordable shirt

    For some reason, I think it looks too revealing when your shirt is too short and your lovely lady lumps are showing.  Wearing an athleisure style is a totally different rule set but if you’re dressing up and rocking this style, you need a tank or t-shirt  long enough.

    My husband actually requested this outfit for our thirteenth wedding anniversary date night.  I’m happy he loves it because the comfort level is high and great for the stretch factor when we’ve had too many drinks and dessert to top it of. I keep forgetting how Amazon is a great place to find unique pieces with affordable pricing.

    I would love to see what you do with this once you get it!  XOXO, Stacy

  • Affordable Holiday Decor

    Affordable Holiday Decor

    Of course the day after Halloween brings a whole new wind in my sails!!  Our family starts to get our Holiday decor out and the kiddos get Christmas fever.  It was a tad embarrassing at first when everyone knew we were decorating so early but now we don’t care!  We jump the gun and now basically give Thanksgiving a quick wave and a smile. We wait to put up outdoor lights until after Turkey day at least!

    It’s been a couple years since I added to our decorations and this year, I got bit by the “flocked tree” bug.  I asked a couple friends, I know had experience in this affordable Holiday decor so I asked them where I could get a smaller tree.  After they told me Walmart, I made every excuse to get there right away.

    This 6 ft tree is only $35 and I was able get lights and a mini tree for our entry way:

    Holiday Time Unlit 6′ Greenwood Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

    It took 3 packs of these lights to string it, make sure you get white wire strands, to go with the flocked tree:

    Set of 100 Warm White LED Mini Christmas Lights 4″ Spacing – White Wire

    But I’ve seen a lot of girls not decorate their flocked trees.

    Our house is smaller and doesn’t have many places for a second Christmas tree but I got creative and saw a spot in our dining room area.  This time of year gets so dark, having extra light in the evenings is a warm welcome.

    While I was there, I saw this little cutie:

    Holiday Time Artificial Christmas Trees Unlit 3′ Snow Burlap Artificial Tree


    And bought these battery operated twinkle lights for it:

    GDEALER 4 Pack Fairy Lights Halloween String Lights Battery Operated Waterproof 8 Modes Remote Control 50 Led String Lights 16.4 Ft Copper Wire lights for Bedroom Wedding Christmas Decor Warm White


    It’s perfect for our small entry above the stairs and sends light down the hallway.

    Needless to say, we love it all!  Having artificial trees isn’t something I grew up with but I really don’t mind it.  It makes decorating November 1st easier because you don’t have to wait for the Christmas tree lots to open lol!

    I found these plaid pillows and knew they would be the perfect Winter feel in our house:

    Plaid Oversize Square Throw Pillow Black/Red – Threshold™

    Affordable Holiday Decor, holiday pillow,

    As well as this Christmas mural pillow.  It goes perfect with the plaid pair I purchased above.

    Toile Velvet Oversize Lumbar Throw Pillow Black/Cream – Threshold™

    holiday decor, holiday pillow

    A nice front door wreath for under $50 is always a steal.  This one feels lodge-y to me and I love the simplicity:

    Wreath Flocked Pine & Pine Cone – Threshold™

    Affordable Holiday Decor, holiday wreath,

    I hope this inspires you to enjoy all the magic of Christmas a bit earlier this year.  From my family to yours.