Stacy Rody
November 20, 2018

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  • Week 7 Liift 4 Review

    Week 7 Liift 4 Review – A Mom’s Weight Loss Transformation!

    I’m  so excited  to share week  seven with you girls.  I felt really focused when  I started this week because I  knew I only had two weeks left  of the program and I do really well  with short burst and short term goals.  Obviously it’s a little bit easier to see  the light at the end of the tunnel, so this started  shred week for us. He does two weeks, I’ve shred week  and you definitely notice that he has upped the cardiac.

    Have  to say  though, when  I was doing these  workouts, I did not  feel very lean, but playing  back and watching the videos,  I’m like, oh, I actually, I can  see more muscle definition. I do feel  and look a little leaner, so it’s good  to have a mirror in your workout space. You  can focus on form. It’s good to video yourself  and see the progression because otherwise you just  look in the mirror.

    You’re  going about  your day to day  business and you don’t  notice how much you’re changing.  I am dying. Jude is a nice little  workout buddy. He came down, it was Chapel  Day, so he had his little red tie on and he’s  like, “Mom, can I work out with you?” So I love  to see how much he was actually watching me, which  just goes to prove that our kids are watching us so  much more than we realize. Teaching them these good habits  is priceless.

    Joel  mixed it  up this week.  He totally changed  the order and which  we used our muscle groups.  I was thinking about this morning,  how much I’m noticing an improvement  in my ab area and it’s because I’m working  my core pretty much every day. Um, I didn’t use  to do this.

    I  was  of the  understanding  that you only  needed to work your  core every other day,  but working at it daily  has been really strengthening  it and I’m noticing a lot more  tightness in that area, especially  after having two kids. That’s a big  deal because I do have a slight separation  in the muscles going down the middle of my stomach.  So I am really excited to have this opportunity to just  focus on my core more on my second free days this week.

    I  chose  AAA from A  Little More Obsessed  and again, using the bands  and the slides are life. I love  the way it makes my muscles feel and  that just adds that extra tension to those  tough to work areas.

    Thank  you Autumn  for blasting  out the fat on  the side of my butt.  I’m working my core in  every single move.

    I  hope this inspires you and gives you some new ideas.  I really hope that  you’re inspired now to  join our group because if  you didn’t know there is a  special running where when you  get Shakeology that I’m obsessed  with, you get a year of all these  workouts for just $10. So hit me up.