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Week 8 Liift 4 Review – Tone and Weight Loss

Week 8 Liift 4 Review – A Mom’s Weight Loss Transformation!

Oh,  it’s week  eight and I  am loving how  tight and toned  my body feels. I  think some of the highlights  from this program for me has been  that when I am increasing my strength,  I’ve been doing 25lbs for my chest presses.  I’ve been doing seventeens and a half for my  bicep curls. These are weights that I’ve never ever  picked up before. But what happens when you’re picking  up heavier weights. I don’t feel bulkier, but I feel tighter.  My arms feel smaller and they’re tighter and I’ve lost inches, but  I haven’t really lost pounds.

I’ve  lost two  pounds over  the whole program,  but I love that I can  pick up these heavyweights  and they feel lighter to me,  so I’ve been able to stay on course  with every single workout because it’s only  been four days a week, which again, amazing for  any busy mom.


The  one other  thing that I  love besides feeling  that super tight, toned,  lean feeling, my body is that  he had us working core every single  workout, which I’ve never done before.  So now I am in the habit of doing it  and even if my program does not call for  it. I am going to add it on and that is something  that I have noticed my abs have changed the most. Obviously  the meal plan has helped, but from working them everyday wanted  to show you the moves from this program because sometimes when you  see someone else doing it, you think to yourself if she can do it,  so can I.

That’s  the theme  in our online  groups is if she  can do it. So can  I. and that’s what I  saw when I lost 40 pounds  and I caught wind of these amazing  calendars and these amazing trainers that  I could just from a touch of my finger, play  my workout and do it around my kids’ schedule.

It’s  been such  a blessing in  my life and to  be able to be consistent  with it I think is the most  important thing. Because I used  to always think, why do these people  have this healthy lifestyle and how do  they fit in? I did not comprehend how they  made it their lifestyle, with all the other things  they had to get done in their daily life.

Now  I know  now I know  and that’s why  I love sharing it.  So of course on my free day,  I’m able to use my sliders, my  loops from one of my other favorite  programs. And this workout was a burner.  It was leg day and 10 minutes in I was dead.  I was dying. So I just wanted to show you all the  amazing options that are at your fingertips.

There  is a bundle  deal that will  save you so much  money. Check it out HERE!  It’s basically for a year of fitness,  what most people pay in a month for their  gym. I live in a little. It’s come down and  to a couple of the workout moves with me because  I honestly can feel that I’m showing them a healthy,  happy lifestyle. And that brings me joy.

So  one of  my friends  lost seven inches  all over. Another one  has no more workout guilt,  because she’s never been able  to fit all four workouts in a week before.  When I started, I was drinking wine almost every  night, lots of cheese and just feeling blah. Now I’ve  been able to kick my wine cravings and I hardly ever even  think about it because it’s been two months now. I’m going to  have some over the holidays, but I just feel like it’s not part  of my daily lifestyle anymore.

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