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  • A Little More Obsessed Review 2019

    A Little More Obsessed Review 2019 – How To Get In Shape 2019

    Sister, if you need help with your inner / outer thighs, booty or stomach then this is the program for you. A mixture of the slides, loops, weights and where she has you place them is key. A Little More Obsessed is an exclusive program for Beachbody On Demand members who are also on a nutritional supplement monthly. Of course, I’m in love with all the supplements and take them daily.

    The mom-crack is my pre workout energy booster and I don’t really know how I would physically survive without it!! I would break up with coffee and wine if I had to for my Energize. I get fast superfoods from my daily Shakeology and help my muscles recover with the yummy Recover post workout.

    I was sore all week long which of course made me feel like a rock star. My core is the weakest area on my body so to have her work it so intricately is always good. She also knows how to engage all the butt muscles which makes this mama happy, too!! The mommy and me day was probably my favorite. Cardio Core is what we were doing and it’s the easiest day of the week for me as well.

    You can peek at my 80 Day Obsession results on here if you want a longer workout and to join my accountability group. Find Your Inner Glow  Sending healthy and happy thoughts today you way.

  • Legs, Booty and Abs Workout! Oh MY!

    Legs, Booty and Abs Workout! Oh MY! My Favorite 80 Day Obsession Moves!!

    If you’re like me, there is nothing better than feeling  long and lean after your workout. It’s one of my favorite feelings!!  Here’s a short video with some moves to achieve a strong core, tight legs and round booty.  I will be making another one soon with some other bun burners.

    Grab a pen and paper and sketch a quick note so you have the sequence handy.  You’ll do 15 reps of each move. On the moves that require you to alternate legs, simply count the right leg 15 times as you alternate.  You’ll also need one weight, I’m using a 10 lb dumbbell.

    If you have slides and loops at home, grab those to have handy. If you don’t, grab a paper plate to work as your slide and forgo the loops. If you have hard floors, you can actually use a small towel to use as your slide, it will give the same effect.  

    I would love to connect you with the bundle pack that gives you these amazing little tools to enhance your workout, so message me for details on the current sale packs!  

    There are over 800 workouts for you to stream from any device / smart t.v. and you’d have me as your one on one coach. These moves are samples from these amazing trainers and workouts.  I did not come up with them myself. 80 Day Obsession moves are some of my favorites.  Autumn Calabrese is one of my favorites.

    The Workout

    • Here’s your order and you can repeat this 2-3 times depending on how much time you have.  Make sure to run in place and warm up.Tension
    • Squats with loop.  I love how this move engages the legs and booty at the same time.  
    • Four Way Lunge.  I love this move!!  You’ll go into a back lunge, curtsy, side and then a squat.  By the 15th rep, your legs will be screaming.
    • In and Outs.  Start at the top and press your core to the floor as you extend your legs and arms back.  
    • Cabbage Patch Crunches.  
    • Bear Kicks with a 10 second hold at the end.  Make sure to keep your knees just 2 inches off the ground and your hands directly under your shoulders.
    • Swimmers.  Amazing move for the lower core and back.  
    • Side Tucks with loop.  15 each side.
    • Squat Jumps with loop and weight.  Do two lateral shuffles before each jump squat moving right and left.  This one will blast your heart rate for an extra calorie burn.
    • Inner Thigh Burner.  15 each side. Tuck the loop around the arch of your outside foot and around the ankle of the leg that is being lifted.
    • End all moves with some leg stretching, morning stretch and the upper body connector stretch.  Stretching post workout is so important!! Don’t ever skip that part.

    I hope this was a fun workout for you to do quickly!! Leave me a comment if you have questions or you completed this!!  How did it feel? I hope amazing!!!

  • Final Review Of 80 Day Obsession Transformation

    Final Review Of 80 Day Obsession Transformation – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation!

    My 80 Day Obsession journey has been a ride like no other! I mustered a fierce determination after the Holidays and the fact that I felt disgusting helped. The scale was only moving up, and I knew I had lost control with my eating. I don’t think this program could’ve come at a better time for me. Health is such a journey, never a destination. And I needed a new growth season for my journey!

    I decided to give up alcohol for the entire program even though I knew I would be going on vacation and it would be hard. To be honest I tried not to eat out at all or have any girl’s nights. The temptation is so strong for me and I wish it wasn’t.

    To have something that we’ve never had we have to do something that we’ve never done. I live by this philosophy, and it really helped me to forge a new path for 2018!

    I was really determined to stick to the time nutrition as well. I don’t do well flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to food. I’m gluten-free, so I need to plan, I need to pack it’s essential for my health.

    Having Autumn map out when and what I should be using helped Make my days easier. The thought of eating before my workout was foreign to me, but I knew if I gave it a chance and made the change I would benefit from it.

    Don’t you find it always seems to take longer than we think it should when it comes to our bodies transforming? It can be frustrating but I was in it for the long-haul. I took photos at the end of each phase and made sure to do my measurements before and after the program.

    So many of my friends had amazing transformations along this ride as well. The community is top notch and such a huge piece of our success. I would love to share more with you!

    Being able to increase my strength by lifting heavier weights all the while keeping the promise to myself that I wouldn’t skip a day was a really exciting things for me!

    The loops and slides became my best friends and I saw muscle definition in places I didn’t even know I had muscles ;).

    This was a perfect challenge for change!

    If you have needed a change and desire a community of like-minded women to do it with, message me today! I will hook you up! You’re going to feel like a total rockstar when you complete a program like this!

  • Week Thirteen Review Of 80 Day Obsession

    Week Thirteen Review Of 80 Day Obsession – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation!

    I can’t believe this is the final week of my 80 day journey! Technically it’s been 93 days but 80 workouts.

    9 lbs lost and 7 1/2 inches lost all over.

    I gained an inch in each thigh but they look smaller due to the shape.

    I love how small my ribcage, chest and easier feel. My arms and shoulders are so sculpted now.

    At the end of this video you’ll see me crying on the last day and I have to say that it does feel like summer camp is ending I am really sad. I’m going to miss all of the momentum that this has brought into my world.

    But guess what, I’m gonna do Round Two and I’m gonna be just as committed because I want to see EVEN more changes in my body and mindset.

    The shape shifting is a real thing and it’s happened for so many of the test group girls.
    In the after photos of my booty it’s almost as if it’s a lifted by 3 to 4 inches.

    My waist looks chiseled out creating a separation, my muscles are defined, I’ve kicked my addiction to nightly wine, and the floods of confidence have been poured over me because I actually did what I set out to do.

    Was I perfect with the nutrition? Absolutely not!!! I had chocolate and chips. There were days I didn’t drink enough water or get enough sleep but the majority of the time I was true to the schedule and I believe that is where our success lies, in our daily habits. The things we do 80% of the time so that we can enjoy that 20% and not feel guilty about it.

    This workout could be for any woman at any stage or age. Except pregnancy. It truly felt like I got the inside scoop on how and when to eat the right foods to get the most out of hem and also like I had a trainer by my side every day.

    You ready for a change? Come join me!

  • Week Twelve Review Of 80 Day Obsession

    Week Twelve Review Of 80 Day Obsession – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation!

    It’s down to the final two weeks of 80 Day Obsession and I’m feeling so strong! Phase three is designed to lean me out and it is! I see it daily! I can tell there is an extra push in me now since I’m so close to the finish line.

    All I can picture is my after photo and not much is going to stop me now. Thanks to my superfood meal and eating so clean I’ve been healthier than ever before this last Winter! Sugar is the main culprit for sickness with me and since I’m not having much, my energy levels are high!

    The hour workouts are as much of a push for me at this point because I’ve trained by myself to push play by a certain time so that I can get the family out of the house in time for school. There’s something in me that loves racing against the clock so this strategy of early morning workouts is perfect for me.

    I know I’ve said this before but I truly believe this program can be for anyone. Man or woman. There is so much benefit to building up our core and glute muscles. It helps us in so many ways especially if you want to live a healthy lifestyle with your kids and do any outdoor activities like hiking or 5k races, etc.

    Stay tuned for Peak Week info because next week my meal plan changes and I’m a little nervous. Those butterflies mean change is coming so it’s more fun than anything at this point.

  • Week Eleven Review Of 80 Day Obsession

    Week Eleven Review Of 80 Day Obsession – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation!

    With three weeks left, I’m finally starting to see some results!

    This type of progress visually makes it easier for me to push on and finish strong! I still love all the food I’m getting on Plan B! The calculations feel perfect and I’ve heard that from my clients as well! We all feel satisfied and we know the nutrition feeds the muscle gain we are having!

    I don’t crave food at night any more which used to be a huge problem for me! I used to overindulge almost every night and go to bed feeling full and basically disgusting!

    I’ve learned that the snacking problems stemmed from me being dehydrated and tired. When you are tired, your brain craves glucose. It needs that quick sugar for energy (kind of that feeling when you’re pregnant). I also feel this when I don’t have enough healthy carbs in my diet.

    Instead of trying to stay up and work or watch t.v., I simply get ready for bed and get that precious sleep! My goal is to be asleep by 10:30 and that’s also what Autumn recommends if you’re waking up at 6:30am. I like to wake up at 5:30 so if I can finish my bedtime skincare and routine and be in bed by 9:45, that lets me check in with clients and plan for the next day!

    I am a strong believer that our success is found in the daily routine! I recommend the book “The compound Effect” by Darren Hardy to all my new clients. After I read that book and truly understood how much of an edge I could gain by simple daily habits, my whole game changed!! I hope this gives you new insight to your daily habits!

  • Week Ten Review Of 80 Day Obsession

    Week Ten Review Of 80 Day Obsession – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation!

    Week ten is here! A lot like week nine, but all bloat is gone and I’m back at it harder than ever.

    I felt great this week based on my body being back on track. I pushed super hard. I took less breaks and really pushed myself. I love those days when you know you gave it your all. I am absolutely spent after my 80 Day Obsession workouts! They literally push me to my limit. The nice thing is, anyone can do it cause your limit is what you want it to be! No one is forcing you to go crazy!

    One big help is the performance line I’m taking to help with soreness and my daily superfood shake that I could throw greens in. I swear it completely saved my results on the trip. Eating out every meal is not waistline friendly.

    Nutrition was good this week. Being back home and in the groove, with time frames under control, it was nice to be on track. Energy levels are still going up and up. I feel my body getting more toned.

    Each year through Team Beachbody my husband and I earn a trip somewhere tropical and warm. I still can’t believe I get rewarded for helping women find all the beautiful things that I have found through health and fitness. We are going to an all inclusive resort, Planet Hollywood in Cancun. We are staying in the adult only area….we are soooo excited!

    This business has been a gift to me and I extend it to anyone who’s interested because it would be a huge gift to you and your family as well. We leave in a month, so now my focus has shifted to that trip to see my friends and fellow coaches and enjoying being spoiled by the company. As I focus on every rep, every bite, every meal and every day it’s letting me put my head down and trust that I’m capable of change!

  • A Mom’s 80 Day Obsession Meal Plan

    A Mom’s 80 Day Obsession Meal Plan – What Food Really Works For Weight Loss Transformation!

    Let’s talk timed-nutrition. It sounds daunting but also intriguing. I decided to follow this guide my trainer wrote out for the 80 Day Obsession Meal Plan. I love to eat so the fact that I knew how much and when I could eat all the food, I was IN 100%!!! I love food but also love to fit into my jeans, can you relate?

    I had used the portion-control containers before but never knew when the best time of day was to eat the container combinations. My question was always about fruits and carbs since I knew eating those later in the day could throw off my progress. The thing that threw me most was the pre-workout meal. I normally workout on a fasted stomach with just my favorite pre-workout drink.

    You can find Energize here:

    If you feel like you need a no-excuse-juice to help your muscles perform better and last longer during your workout. We are all so addicted and would break up with coffee for this Energize, our pre-workout drink!

    I decided to listen to my trainer and submit to the 80 Day Obsession meal plan fully. I know that’s when change can happen most, when my stubborn butt decides to change. I decided Shakeology with greens blended in and a piece of gluten-free toast with a tsp of ghee on it would be my early morning meal. It didn’t take long to see how much more energy I had during my workout because of that meal.

    After my workout, I would run upstairs to get the kids ready for school and shake up my chocolate Recover powder with water!! It tastes so so good and prevents extreme muscle soreness all the while fueling my body with everything it needs after a 60 min. workout.

    You can find that here

    In fact, if you want a bundle deal on the pre and post workout I would recommend checking prices here:

    These two products would often be the fuel and motivation to show up daily, they made the process and discipline so much easier to bear.

    The next meal I needed to be prepped for was the post-workout meal. This needed to be a carb, protein and veggie. The easiest way to run out of the door with a meal like this was either carrot muffins OR hard boiled eggs with more cinnamon raisin gluten-free toast and some cucumber slices. I would mix this up but honestly, I ate a lot of carrot muffins just because it was easy on the 80 Day Obsession meal plan. Here is the recipe for those:

    Carrot Breakfast Muffins:

    Pro tip: Buy silicone muffin liners on Amazon first (best $5 you’ll ever spend

    Use your high powered blender or food processor and add :

    1/4 cup gluten-free oatmeal
    10 baby carrots
    2 eggs
    3/4 tsp baking powder
    1/2 tsp cinnamon
    1/4 tsp nutmeg
    2-4 drops vanilla liquid stevia
    2 tsp powdered peanut butter (I also use this same amount in my chocolate Shakeology blend)
    a pinch of salt
    1 tsp vanilla.

    Blend everything until smooth and pour into silicone molds. Bake at 350 for 20-25 min. I triple this recipe to make 12 muffins. 4 is one serving. I add a thin layer of peanut butter on the top and enjoy. I stay so full.

    Next, I would need a fruit and protein so this was easy. Usually cottage cheese and peaches, Greek yogurt and berries or turkey bacon and apple.

    After I got the kids home from school at 3:30, I would need a veggie, healthy fat and fruit so again..pretty simple snack.

    -Avocado and cucumber sprinkled with Spicy Everything Flavor God seasoning and some strawberries

    -Hummus, carrots and a small pear

    -Raw organic cheddar or honey goat cheese with cucumbers and a small granny smith apple

    The last meal of the day if dinner where I get one carb, protein, orange con-tier of healthy fats and one veggie. Simple.

    Taco salad:

    Cauliflower rice with spinach and sliced chicken with sriracha or a salad dressing to flavor
    1/2 sweet potato, salmon filet and roasted red peppers in oil
    Cod with cabbage mango slaw (the pre-made pack from Trader Joe’s)
    Brown rice or Quinoa with steamed broccoli and sliced chicken breast topped with coconut aminos: and pine nuts

    You get the idea. Print out your container list, highlight your favorite foods and get to shopping and planning from there.  It’s really the start of the 80 Day Obsession meal plan.

    I really hope this helped you!!! Message me to join our next challenge and find out why digging deep for 80 Days and tweaking your meal plan can up your game and get you to a place you’re really happy about. No counting calories over here but rather knowing what your body (and beautiful lean muscles) need. XO, Stace

    Here is the full pack of everything you would need to join:
    80 Day Obsession Annual Beachbody On Demand & Shakeology & Performance Deluxe Challenge Pack:

  • Week Nine Review Of 80 Day Obsession

    80 Day Obsession mom – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation!

    So week nine is here, and it’s also the start a phase three. This week has all new exercise sequences, it’s two rounds with fifteen reps.

    The things I’ve been struggling with this week is that I always get a little anxiety coming back from vacation, so I’ve learned to allow myself two days of grace.

    To unpack do laundry, head to the grocery store for fresh produce etc. Before I left I made some ground taco turkey meat, broiled chicken breast, and some chicken veggie soup in the Instant Pot (check out my Instant Pot here!). It all got put in the freezer so that I could pull it out and not stress about dinners right when we got home.  If you want to know my favorite recipe for my Instant Pot, take a look at my blog about it here!

    I also feel the bloat just from the travel and the airplane which is totally normal. I’m feeling really proud that I stuck to the calendar while we were gone for nine days and truly feel like if I could do it anyone can!

    One big help is the performance line I’m taking to help with soreness and my daily superfood shake that I could throw greens in. I swear it completely saved my results on the trip. Eating out every meal is not waistline friendly.

    Nutrition is still the struggle this week I’m not craving wine as much anymore. I know the cravings will continue to fade and fade as the weeks go on because it’s been so long since I’ve had it. I have to say my energy levels are so much higher because I’ve stayed clear of any alcohol.

    Each year through Team Beachbody my husband and I earn a trip somewhere tropical and warm. I still can’t believe I get rewarded for helping women find all the beautiful things that I have found through health and fitness.

    This business has been a gift to me and I extend it to anyone who’s interested because it would be a huge gift to you and your family as well. We leave in a month, so now my focus has shifted to that trip to see my friends and fellow coaches and enjoying being spoiled by the company.

    As I focus on every rep, every bite, every meal and every day it’s letting me put my head down and trust that I’m capable of change!

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    Instagram: @stacyrody
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  • Week Eight Review Of 80 Day Obsession

    Week Eight Review Of 80 Day Obsession – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation!

    I set my mind on laser focus this week as we are leaving Palm Springs and making the two hour drive to Anehiem to surprise the kids with Disneyland!!

    I’ve actually really enjoyed streaming my workouts in the gym. I’m picking up heavier weights and also not pausing hardly at all. I’m keeping the pace with Autumn and nothing feels better than that!

    In this video, I show you some of the foods we got at Trader Joe’s and how I’m able to bring healthy snacks to the pool each day. The comforts of the Palm Springs condo will be missed when we are in the hotel. Toasters are amazing 😉

    I did purchase some of those yummy Powerberries Chocolates from Trader Joe’s and keep them in the freezer. If you’ve never tried, I highly recommend. They are not on the plan so I’m confessing now. At least I stayed strong and skipped the alcohol!

    My bathroom became my morning kitchen hub as I kept my alarm for 5:30 in Disney. It wasn’t all that bad actually. Having everything in there the night before eased my mind so once the alarm went off, I was good to go. I did not want to fall behind on the calendar and even though I shifted my Sunday rest day to Friday both weeks, I stayed the course.

    I even met another mom in the gym doing 80 Day as well. She was on day 25!

    Eating out was great each night even though a few times my portions were way too big. Can you tell my main struggle in all of this is food? I can do the workouts any day but the food is a pure struggle. I got nachos one night and even though I didn’t eat them all, I felt so bloated AND the first 10 minutes of my workout the next day suffered. I always think it’s a good idea until I do it. Regret inevitably follows.

    I hope this gives you some ideas on how you can balance a healthy lifestyle with travel. How you can stick to a plan and gain confidence by doing so. I’m at the point in my life where I know what it feels like to overindulge for days on end. I prefer the feeling of self-control and schedule so I can feel, look and BE the best version of me continually.

    Connect with me:
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