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Week Ten Review Of 80 Day Obsession

Week Ten Review Of 80 Day Obsession – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation!

Week ten is here! A lot like week nine, but all bloat is gone and I’m back at it harder than ever.

I felt great this week based on my body being back on track. I pushed super hard. I took less breaks and really pushed myself. I love those days when you know you gave it your all. I am absolutely spent after my 80 Day Obsession workouts! They literally push me to my limit. The nice thing is, anyone can do it cause your limit is what you want it to be! No one is forcing you to go crazy!

One big help is the performance line I’m taking to help with soreness and my daily superfood shake that I could throw greens in. I swear it completely saved my results on the trip. Eating out every meal is not waistline friendly.

Nutrition was good this week. Being back home and in the groove, with time frames under control, it was nice to be on track. Energy levels are still going up and up. I feel my body getting more toned.

Each year through Team Beachbody my husband and I earn a trip somewhere tropical and warm. I still can’t believe I get rewarded for helping women find all the beautiful things that I have found through health and fitness. We are going to an all inclusive resort, Planet Hollywood in Cancun. We are staying in the adult only area….we are soooo excited!

This business has been a gift to me and I extend it to anyone who’s interested because it would be a huge gift to you and your family as well. We leave in a month, so now my focus has shifted to that trip to see my friends and fellow coaches and enjoying being spoiled by the company. As I focus on every rep, every bite, every meal and every day it’s letting me put my head down and trust that I’m capable of change!

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