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Week Eleven Review Of 80 Day Obsession

Week Eleven Review Of 80 Day Obsession – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation!

With three weeks left, I’m finally starting to see some results!

This type of progress visually makes it easier for me to push on and finish strong! I still love all the food I’m getting on Plan B! The calculations feel perfect and I’ve heard that from my clients as well! We all feel satisfied and we know the nutrition feeds the muscle gain we are having!

I don’t crave food at night any more which used to be a huge problem for me! I used to overindulge almost every night and go to bed feeling full and basically disgusting!

I’ve learned that the snacking problems stemmed from me being dehydrated and tired. When you are tired, your brain craves glucose. It needs that quick sugar for energy (kind of that feeling when you’re pregnant). I also feel this when I don’t have enough healthy carbs in my diet.

Instead of trying to stay up and work or watch t.v., I simply get ready for bed and get that precious sleep! My goal is to be asleep by 10:30 and that’s also what Autumn recommends if you’re waking up at 6:30am. I like to wake up at 5:30 so if I can finish my bedtime skincare and routine and be in bed by 9:45, that lets me check in with clients and plan for the next day!

I am a strong believer that our success is found in the daily routine! I recommend the book “The compound Effect” by Darren Hardy to all my new clients. After I read that book and truly understood how much of an edge I could gain by simple daily habits, my whole game changed!! I hope this gives you new insight to your daily habits!

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