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P90X3 Eccentric Lower – – Oh my goodness……

P90X3 has been an amazing change from any other workout I have ever done.  Having a workout that is only 30 minutes a day is a gift beyond my imagination.  This means if you want you can do a double some days, but having a half hour work out really allows you to have no excuse to not workout!!  That is what it has done for me and will for you too!!  Tony Horton is back to usual cornball antics and I love it!

P90X3 Eccentric Lower — So ridiculous….

I call this one Eccentric “Upper” right off the bat, when I am actually doing Eccentric “Lower”…..not a good start!!  For the record, my first workout of squats was 105lbs total!!  It is not quite as weight intense as P90X, but really pulls together a workout that is extremely hard, fast and efficient.  Eccentric Lower is about weights, but more importantly balance.  You really have to use your core as well as your twitch muscles to do it correctly.  I am not good at it, but I am getting better!!!  Progress my friends, progress!!

P90X3 is changing my life….it can change yours too!!

In 2012, I actually did the entire P90X workout for 90 days.  I completed it and lost around 35lbs and a whole bunch of inches.  It was definitely life changing and I loved every minute of the sweat and tears!  I will say it was a bit long though.  Daily, it was usually around an hour to an hour and a half, where P90X3 is actually around 30 minutes every day.  Both are 6 days a week.  They both are very challenging.  I prefer P90X3 now, because it really lets you put all your energy into just 30 minutes.  In 30 minutes… are done, both physically and mentally if you give it your all!  I love that.


P90X3 has literally changed my life.  I have not lost as much weight this time around, but I have lost a ton of inches.  I had already lost 13 inches total through 60 days…..that is amazing to me.  I feel great and am feeling more comfortable in my body.  If you are at all interested in wanting to know more or looking to have accountability while going through this program with me…. just click here —-> P90X3

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  • Jason Reddit

    Looks like a great workout! I have seen Tony Horton workouts before, such as P90X and P90X2, looks like P90X3 is right inline but those 30 minute a day workouts sound awesome!

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