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My Journal, the story of my life….

I began journaling when I was 16 years old.  I was taking a Bible class and my teacher had us start journaling as we were reading the Bible.  Having a journal ever since then has changed my life in understanding myself a lot more.  I enjoy it more than I can tell you.  It is a reminder of where you have been and where you want to go and a way to not forget where you have gone right or gone wrong.

Journal – The journey of my life.

Personally, I use the journal as a personal dialogue with myself and the Lord.  If you were to read one, you would notice I mostly am in a position of writing to the Lord and describing what is going on, at that moment in my life.  The journal is my guide.  It is allowing me to change continually, hopefully morphing into a better version of myself on a normal basis.

Finding a place to Journal.

One of the things I have found is when and where you journal is paramount to your success.  The all time best place for me to journal is in nature, away from other people.  I don’t even listen to music or have anything going on.  I just sit there, focused on thinking of how life is going and putting into words without any distractions.  The more I journal the more I learn about myself.  On a normal basis, I get up early in the morning, my preference is between 4:00-5:00AM.  I started this discipline after reading the book, “The Miracle Morning”, check it out!  Journaling with classical music in the background, and the peace and quiet of the morning….it really can make a difference!  Find that place to journal in peace and quiet without distractions!!


Journal to Change!!

It is about you and it is about change in your life.  I go back and read my journal every two or so months.  I make sure I have done what I set out to do and accomplish things that I would normally forget about.  If you make it intentional it will change your life and make it much more fulfilled.  Writing to God will allow to grow closer to Him, but I understand you may not do that, there is not perfect way….that is just my way!!!

Journal… a story of my life.

You will never regret having a journal.  I have 6 now, about 200 or more pages each.  Reflecting back, it really shows what goes on at every stage of your life and allows you to have actual change on a real and ongoing basis.  Watching your life happen on the pages of your journal, really allows you to enjoy the process of life.  It really is a journey and you can either let it pass by without remembering much, or use the journal as a tool to remember and change!

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