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Shaun T Transform :20 Week 6 Review!

Transform :20 Week 6 Review! Shaun T Weight Loss Transformation!

This week came fast. In the beginning of the program it felt like it dragged on but now that I’m acclimated to the 20 minute workouts I look forward to how fast they’re over. I feel so lean in my core area and the stomach on my skin feels tighter because there’s more muscle underneath it.

Feeling coordinated on that step is almost like a high. Conquering the moves and staying up on my transformer numbers, even beating them, is a confidence high!!

As far as my nutrition, remember when I told you I started intermittent fasting with my husband after we returned home from Disneyland? Well it’s been going better than expected. We’ve both been sticking to an 8 to 9 hour eating window and feel great. This scale has gone down for both my husband and I. I’ll share my stats from the program on my final Transform:20 review but even though the scale hasn’t moved a ton, I feel really trim and lean.

When I started this program I didn’t think it would be good for someone just starting out on their fitness journey because of how quickly he moves but I’m seeing now how if you go at your own pace and you complete the 20 minutes six days a week it really is a program for anyone.

So many people connect with Shaun on a deep level because he himself lost 50 pounds so he understands the mindset that it takes and he speaks to that throughout all of the work outs. I’m so happy I did this program and now I have a step to use when I need a little Shaun T transformation in my life.

Haven’t you noticed that every time you do something new, whether it’s with your nutrition or your fitness, you learn more more about yourself? Over the last six weeks I’ve really learned to embrace change and to embrace the pain and the struggle.

When Shaun says don’t run from the pain-invite it, lean into it, that resonates with me. My hope is that you have been inspired to start something for yourself. I would love to coach you one on one and connect you with the right program whether it’s this one or another one. Email me today or message me on Instagram or Facebook I’m your go to girl and I would love to embrace change with you.

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