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  • Week Seven Review Of 80 Day Obsession

    Week Seven Review Of 80 Day Obsession – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation!

    I felt really good this week but was also a bit unsettled about how vacationing for 9 days would work out with my 80 Day Obsession schedule. I’m actually seeing more muscles and my endurance feels strong.

    I set my mindset so that my family would come before my workouts, which meant I needed to wake up earlier than normal and everything ready the night before. This way, I wouldn’t wake anyone up as I ate my preworkout meal and getting ready each morning.

    I prepped a lot of food to have quickly as we were busy packing and getting ready to leave. I also put extra food in the freezer so I could pull it out when we got home (giving me a chance to do all the laundry.)

    I was reminded of how much I love my privacy and loud music in my home gym but found the new environment fun. I used heavier weights then I would have at home and never found the gym too crowded.

    I’ll follow up next week with how I did the whole trip! Say a prayer for my wine loving soul. It’s so hard to say no to a drink with dinner on vacation!!!

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  • Week Six Review Of 80 Day Obsession – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation!

    Week Six Review Of 80 Day Obsession – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation!

    I find that no matter how long I’ve been working out or how bad I want good results, it’s still a struggle to push play every day. The reason being is it takes discipline. Discipline is never easy but it is simple.

    I really found online accountability to be the most important aspect of my journey. If I’m feeling like not doing my work out that day, I can check into the group and see that the girls already posted that they finished the assigned day and there’s no way I’m not going to show up and do the same.

    Phase 2 is a building phase, so I’m doing three rounds of 10 reps which really gives you a great cardio burn as well as the muscle building. Autumn and the crew are so hilarious I love hearing what they’re saying getting encouragement from her and you you feel like you are on sat with them it’s really interactive for an online workout. This week she introduced a Refeed Day so chickpea, brownies and white rice were my go to carbs (yellow). It was fun to have brownies for breakfast 😉 Do I feel like I’m perfect? Not at all. But I know that every day I’m trying to get more water, more sleep and not let myself splurge on the extra chocolate chips or crackers that are in the house.

    80 Day Obsession feels like a movement. A real journey. It’s not a quick fix, it’s a dedicated enough time that allows your mind and body to change at the rate they need to. These workouts aren’t leaving me feeling like I’m dead at the end of them which I like. I’m the perfect amount of sore, I’m getting a lot of healthy food and I’m not alone which is my favorite part! Oh and the silicone muffin liners are amazing!! So simple to clean and use! Thank you, Amazon!!

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  • Week Five Review Of 80 Day Obsession – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation!

    Week Five Review Of 80 Day Obsession – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation!

    Phase Two is here!!! I’m this video I highlight the real struggle of trusting the process & forgiving yourself if you have an “off day” in your journey. Sometimes it feels like one step forward and two steps back. Luckily, I’ve been healthy so I’m right on track with the calendar.

    I also detail out the incredible ginger-lemon water recipe I’ve been meaning to try for a long time and finally did!!

    It has helped me drink an extra gallon of water just this week and I’m afraid it’s as addicting as that Diet Coke “back of the throat burn” we all know and love. It’s perfect!

    Here’s the recipe:

    Juice from two lemons
    2-4 drops of vanilla liquid stevia
    2-4 chunks of peeled ginger root
    1 pinch of cayenne
    3 cups water

    Add everything to the blender and blend until the ginger is smooth. Strain through a fine mesh strainer and add to a gallon of water.

    I’ve been using a metal straw found here:

    with my 24 ounce Starbucks tumbler.

    This is the best lemon squeezer I’ve ever owned:

    Blended blender is what we’ve owned for 8 years and it’s been thing in our kitchen. I blend all our smoothies in it daily. Here is the one we use:

  • 21 Day Fix Meal – Food Made Easy!


    21 Day Fix Meal

    When I started looking at food for FUEL instead of ENTERTAINMENT, that’s when my game changed and this 21 Day Fix meal is perfect.  Food has always been a trigger.  I had no real control of my portions, I had no control of what I was eating in general.  I ate “healthy” food while I was out and about, but would have a ton of dressing, or fries….when those can be the most damaging items for my transformation.  Maintaining consistency and moderation were the two essential keys to see change, that would last.

    ​I get to think of my meals in colors now, thanks to these handy-dandy-portion-control containers. I can eat a variety of meals and still have daily balance. Eating out is easy now because I can eyeball what my portions should be. ???? Knowing what you should do is most the battle we fight.  That was my main problem….I thought I was doing it right and yet I saw hardly any improvements.  I am not talking weight either; I am talking inches, pants fitting better, more energy and attitude change!  These are the portions I had with this 21 Day Fix meal.

    1 Red (cod)
    1 Yellow (organic brown rice)
    ​1 Green (broccoli)

    For my specific plan in the 21 Day Fix Extreme guide, I get 3 greens a day, 4 reds and 2 yellows. Some other colors too ???but you can tell that losing weight does not mean starving yourself. It’s actually quite the opposite.  So many women I talk to feel they need to eat less to accomplish their goals!  This is so far from the truth, most the time!

    Finally, if you are looking for more recipes, Fixate is a great recipe book.  It has a ton of meal plans and gives you the container amounts you need.  I recommend it for any 21 Day Fix meal plans you might want to make.  And when you get to use your daughter’s princess salt and pepper, everything tastes better ?

  • Week Four Review Of 80 Day Obsession – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation!

    Week Four Review Of 80 Day Obsession – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation!

    This week with a little more tricky for me because we packed up and left for a two-night snowy mountain vacation with the family.

    Of course, I prepped veggies, fruits and meats that we would have fast access to them during the day. I’m learning how to quickly pick my meals. This helps with the problem most of us face when we’re shooting for a goal. If you get too hungry, you start to crave all the wrong things and that can lead to a bad decision!

    The workouts are a little tricky because I only packed two 15 pound weights and I needed more variety than that. I just used no weights and focused on resistance.

    I still have been struggling with that perfect nutrition. But, I have been perfect with my workouts, so I have to accept my success and know that every day I’m improving. Hashtag : peanut butter!!

    I found Glazed Lemon Loaf Tea from Tazo. It has so much flavor and I love that it’s a free food on the plan. All the girls in the group are getting it to enjoy at night.  I provided a link if you are interested!

    I’ve been able to up my weights and I feel like anyone can do this program because of the modifier in each workout.

    It always help to have a base when starting any fitness program.  So if you have been doing some type of working out, that’s awesome.  If you haven’t no worries.  There is a modifier for every move!  If you have any weight to lose, this will guaranteed do the trick for you.

    My favorite part obviously, because I love food, is that you’re eating a lot throughout the day and you know without a shadow of a doubt that you’re nourishing your body the way it needs.

    I think that as busy women we need that assurance that were taking care of ourselves as were learning to take care of our kids.

    I know Phase Two will be will bring its own challenges but I’m really looking forward to the new workouts. I will keep sharing my progress videos and pictures, I promise! Feel free to join one of my monthly groups.  We have them regularly and you would have access to the workouts within 24 hours. Your package would arrive within 3-5 business days! Don’t hesitate, let’s get you feeling better SOON!!!

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  • Freedom is What it is All About! What Does Freedom Look Like To You?

    The Process of Understanding True Freedom

    Freedom?  What does that word even mean?

    Steady Eddie. That’s how I describe my personality. No surprises or risks too often for me, no thanks. With 8 years in Nordstrom cosmetics and 5 years in esthetics, I stick with what I love.

    👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Once I became a mom of two, I needed something to let me stay home and be mama but also something that would help me live a healthier (more accountable) lifestyle. Something that wouldn’t make me work harder, longer hours but that would have a positive compounding effect in my life. After I lost 40 lbs of baby weight and bloat, I was still not convinced this coaching opportunity was for me. Why? Because network marketing made me feel icky, like this strange salesperson or something. I had even made Matt pinky swear that we were only signing up for the discount, nothing else. But I was in these private groups of coaches and had access to The National Wakeup Call so of course my curiosity got the best of me. There were so many women who’s confidence and purpose in life had done a 180 degree turn since they started coaching. Everything was more positive!


    🙇🏼‍♀️Mainly what stuck out to my small way of thinking, was the freedom. The freedom with their time and money. Those two didn’t go together in my brain. I mean, we all want a good amount of both, am I right? Not just for selfish reasons but to be able to bless others and not feel tied down to a pay check or debt.

    ✈️To be able to pick up and go to Disneyland or on a weekend getaway whenever we wanted sounded so cool to me! To experience life through travel and give to my favorite causes sounded incredible.

    Consistency Creates Freedom

    🗓Now, 3 years later, I can see it happening to me and so many of my friends who took this leap with me. I trusted the process and figured the time was going to pass anyway. I simply share my love for this lifestyle that got me out of my baby blues funk and let me be free from a day job! The only thing I had to gain was freedom and I can say I’ve gained so much more than that! I feel accomplished, more confident, able to push past those old comfort zones. Almost like I’m a different person. God has blessed me with this so how can I not share!???

    Check out what I’m working on now be clicking HERE!

  • Week Three Review Of 80 Day Obsession – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation!

    Week Three Review Of 80 Day Obsession – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation!

    I wish I had some amazing stats for you but I’m not checking my numbers until after Phase One is complete! I know better than to stir myself up (or deflate) because of the scale. Trusting the process this week has been good for me. Autumn even addresses that there are “slow losers” and that’s just how our bodies change. I’ve had rapid loss before but I was nursing a baby and had very low caloric intake. High nutrients levels but still low intake. I had very little muscle at that time. Now, I truly want to build shape and muscle so eating all these timed meals aligns perfectly with my goals. Some challenges this week. Headaches which I never get so I’m blaming the full moon, still not enough water throughout my day and too much peanut butter!! There I said it, feels good to get that off my chest lol!

    The wins this week. Many of the girls in the group have had crazy cool before and after pics! They are losing inches and lbs. We are all still committed to our personal development through reading books and speaking kindly to ourselves.

    Onward and upward to week 4! We had a mini-vacay planned so wish me luck. It’s always tricky when you can’t do the same things you used to do on vacation aka #drinkallthewine

    XO, Stace

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  • Week Two Review of 80 Day Obsession – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation

    Week Two Review of 80 Day Obsession – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation

    Week 2 is in the books for 80 Day Obsession! I have to say it was a bit more of a struggle than I anticipated. I felt emotional, tired and not quite as driven as I had been in week 1. That is bound to happen though. This is real life and it’s a real health journey that has it’s ups and downs. I know the most important part is showing up and giving it my best.

    The food is great, I don’t think I’ll ever run out of ideas or options thanks to the cooking show, our accountability group and the endless recipes available to me with the On Demand membership. Although I did sneak some chocolate and kombucha, I decided those don’t serve my goal and so they aren’t allowed to follow me into week 3. Notice how I said decide? That’s what does it for me. I have to set my mind to it and then follow through with everything I have in me. My transformation is just too important to me to let sneaky snacks sabotage my progress.

    I can see more rounded muscles in my glutes and even though I was sore, it felt good. This is not for a beginner but if you have a fitness baseline at all, I highly recommend it. She plays with the rep number and sequence so there is never a repetitive feel even though you are doing the same moves. Some friends and I were talking about how much we love it and decided it truly feels like you’re seeing a trainer who designed the program just for you. Incredible experience thus far and I can’t wait to fill you in on week 3 of 80 Day Obsession.


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  • Week One Review Of 80 Day Obsession – A Mom’s Journey!

    Week One Review Of 80 Day Obsession – A Mom’s Journey of Weight Loss Transformation!

    Week one of 80 Day Obsession is done and I wanted to review it for you. Here are some of the workout moves along with pictures of the food allowed and my all time favorite, pre and post-workout drinks!

    I was unusually tired and pretty sore but I felt lean and in control which is what I’m truly after. When food and wine starts to take a hold on me, I know it’s time to go hard for a while and clean out my system. The rewards are higher than the sacrifice which is reason #8,402 why I am loving this plan! I get to build long beautiful muscles as I shed the fat!! Email me or find me on Facebook to join in and have me as your coach. I just know you’d love it, too!!!

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