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Tabitha Thiessen is my Jam, my Tribe!

Finding Your Tribe

There is no better compliment than from a friend….and even more so from one you have never met in person.  We finally did get to meet.  See, Beachbody has allowed me to meet some of the most incredible people.  Not just because they are awesome, but because they get me.  They understand me, they are like me.  I don’t just do all this social media stuff for nothing.  I want to find my tribe.  I want to find the women that God destined me to be with….and I am constantly looking for them.  Fortunately it goes both ways.

In this instance, now one of my best friends….found me!!  Yep, she found me through my wonderful little YouTube Turbofire Transformation Video!  Tabitha Thiessen is my jam, she is part of my tribe!  She gets me, and I get her.  We march to the same beat of the drum.  It has been amazing getting to know her, watch her work and start her own process of being a girlboss!  She is one by the way.  She has her own team, but that will never get in the way of her and I.  I am excited to see where it all goes as we grow and become stronger friends.

This is what it is all about.  Finding our tribe.  This is why I love what I do.  I never would have found this God send if I had not been working to help people change their lives.  When you lead with what you love, the rest falls into place.  Has it been easy…no.  Has it been fun…absolutely!  Have I grown super fast….nope.  Has it been rewarding….you better believe it!  But, what I am doing, is growing deep.  I’m growing relationships, that will last a lifetime.  Here is what my beautiful friend Tabitha had to say:

From Tabitha Thiessen:

“When you commit to a journey to find your best self… And your path brings you to one of the most incredible people on the planet …

This is what you need to understand. I turned 36 today. I’ve been very comfortable with my beautiful circle of friends and wasn’t really into making new ones. I’m an outgoing introvert and I love my tradition, my routine, my comfort and I wasn’t looking for any changes.

But let me tell ya. We can really rob ourselves of the greatest gifts when we don’t take a risk. Sometimes we DO need to jump and say: “I’m not satisfied, and I KNOW there is MORE out there and it is in MY POWER to do something about it.” And sometimes we need to stop and ask ourselves if we are really living life ABUNDANTLY as Christ promises when we choose to follow Him. But that’s the kicker… We need to CHOOSE it. Free will, peeps. It’s a real thing.

So I’m 36 and Stacy’s almost 38. We both jumped when we decided we weren’t satisfied with where we were at. And God is not done with her and I yet. He brought us together for a reason. It blows my mind that we randomly found each other over the inter web {through her YouTube transformation video, in fact}, and now 8 months later, she’s one of my best friends. We live miles a part, in separate countries. WE both love Jesus, we get our fix from working out and encouraging other women around us with personal development/eating well/being active, we love spray tans, eating food, and drinking wine. She loves make up and I love interior design. We’re the same height and weight. We fan-girl over Chalene Johnson (even though I’ve said her name wrong all these years) and we’re ‪#‎turbosisters‬ through and through.

And she is MY reminder of all things sweet, genuine, beautiful, peaceful and selfless (she spoiled me today). She is my GIFT from up above and message from My Father that He who started a good work in me WILL complete it. Over the years, my heart has healed from many things. And this woman is my reminder that miracles still happen and there are BIG THINGS to come. Even though I’m 36… And I thought in my little mind that all my dreams would be completed by now, my dreams KEEP BLOOMING!

{And she is DROP.DEAD.GORGEOUS. I actually couldn’t stop staring at her when we finally met in person yesterday. She is BREATHE TAKING, y’all. I actually got a little nervous because she is really THAT gorgeous. It’s like a secret weapon!}

Stacy, I am forever grateful for you and our miraculous friendship. Excited about our business, our team and for many years of memories and transformations to come. Love you always. ?”

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Don’t Discount the Possibilities!


So, don’t discount this opportunity.  I can’t believe I’ve been blessed to have Tabitha in my life.  She took a lot of time, searching out a lot of different coaches, a lot more successful than me.  But she wanted to be with me….and you know what, I love living this life with her, we are each other’s tribe!  Shoot, our husbands even loved hanging out!  How awesome is that?!  So reach out, check out Tabitha, maybe she’s the right fit for you, or send me a message, just don’t wait any longer.  Take the step, it’s worth the risk.  Do your homework and let’s have success together!!

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