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Come Shop With Me Lululemon – Lululemon Try On Haul

Come Shop With Me Lululemon – Lululemon Try On Haul

Come shop with me Lululemon at the store!  I thought it would be fun to pop into Lululemon and try on a million things. I not only wanted to test them for myself but wanted to show you. Lululemon is definitely my favorite. The quality of the product, versatility, and the fit is so perfect. I hope this saves you time and effort. Happy shopping!!

SHOP HERE in order of the outfits shown in this video⤵️


Outfit #1

Love Crew T-shirt:

Align Pant 21” Crop Polka Embossed Black:

Outfit #2

Perfectly Oversized Cropped Crew:

Align Joggers // Camo Black:

Outfit #3

Train To Be Black Cropped Tank:

Outfit #4

Swiftly Tech Tank // Black:

Outfit #5:

Align Cropped Tank // Cheetah Antique White:

Wunder Train High Rise Pocket Pant // Carob Brown:

Outfit #6:

Chroma Striped Long Sleeve Shirt:

Outfit #7:

Align Cropped Tank // Blue:

Outfit #8:

Cropped Ribbed Tank // Pink Clay:

Groove Flare Pant // Ancient Copper:

Outfit #9:

Wunder Train High-Rise Short with Pockets 8″ // Carob Brown:

Outfit #10:

Train To Be Tank // Marbled Indigo:

Speed Up Mid-rise short // Black:

Outfit #11:

Ebb To Street Tank // Wild Mint:

Outfit #12:

Swiftly Tank // Black:

Hotty Hot 4” Short // Sonic Pink:

Outfit #13:

Invigorate Training Tank:

Dance Studio Mid-Rise Jogger // Red Merlot:

That’s it!! So many good basics and color options. Have fun shopping and thanks for coming with me!! Let me know what your favorite Lululomen item is. I always like your ideas.

XO, Stacy

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