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Lunch Inspo! Quick Lunch Ideas for Kids and Moms!

Quick Lunch Ideas inspo


When I talk to women about their food habits and what they need to tweak, quick LUNCH ideas seems to be a toughie.  Here’s a great idea!

I made this for Sam, my daughter,  and it will have to be something I make for me, too! I wrapped avocado in Applegate Roasted Turkey. Then lettuce-cupped it! Theses purple carrots are so sweet and delicious, they also have the perfect crunch when biting into them! Also there are some blueberries, orange and… “Voila”!!  These quick lunch ideas are so nice to keep in the back of my mind.

Quick Lunch Ideas: Example 2

Here’s another one that I make a lot.  This lunch is very simple as well.  A tangerine, organic almonds, organic raspberries, organic cucumber slices, and some sliced up organic chicken breast.  I also add the squeezy tube that my kids love, as well as being human with some Kettle Cooked Potato Chips from Trader Joe’s!  It is simple, easy for her to eat quickly and is very balanced!

It is so much fun coming up with these balanced lunches that help my kiddo stay healthy.  My parents were fairly healthy, but I try to find a balance between ultimate health and still enjoying life!  I never get a complaint with these lunches!!quick lunch ideas, quick lunch, healthy lunch, stacy rody, gluten-free, gluten-free mom

Who gets bored with lunch?? I sure do.  The trick for us busy ladies is to eat early enough in the day. If we get hangry because we skipped food early in the day, that’s when an entire bag of tortilla chips gets devoured. #truestory 😒#notpretty

Feel free to share with me any quick lunch ideas you may have!!!!  If you ever want to join one of my groups or just know me on more of a personal level follow me on Facebook!!  <<<—- Just click the word Facebook and feel free to follow!!  I love inspiring others and I love being inspired!

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