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How to Better Yourself? Learn From Friends!

How To Better Yourself

I ask myself all the time, how to better yourself.  My gorgeous friend Jessica has taught me so much about eating clean! We celebrated her baby girl due next month today and it got me thinking………??

This woman makes most things from scratch and it’s always beyond delicious. She also makes very healthy food this way.  It is amazing how she makes something taste so good, that I have conceived as being “not very good.”  Does she have the “time”? No, she is a full-time midwife, that busts her butt all the time helping other mothers, but she does it anyways because she appreciates quality food.  She is someone I can look up to and strive to become!

When you really look at how long it takes to make things from scratch, I’ve realized it’s not as complicated as I used to think. It just takes a little extra planning.  I also have to be creative and I have to stop making excuses.  Over the last few years I have really gotten some staple recipes that my family loves.

Food doesn’t have to be fried, dipped, battered, and overly sweet to taste amazing.  It doesn’t have to have a bunch of sugar or tons of salt.  It doesn’t need “cream of….” anything!  It for sure doesn’t have to have a bunch of dairy either, (though I won’t lie, I will never go without butter totally;)

It can be simple and fresh.

Sometimes it just helps to have someone make it look easy and you gain confidence in knowing that you too can create amazing things in a short amount of time.  Thanks so much Jess for all that you do and all that you are!  Baby Hazel is about to receive the best gift a child could have, her loving mother.  Thank you for being such an amazing friend and for pouring so much love into my life.  You are such a blessing!  Remember, never stop learning how to better yourself.


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