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Jennifer Lopez Hair Tutorial | High Bun 2019

Jennifer Lopez Hair Tutorial | High Bun 2019

Can we talk JLo for a minute? Her high buns are so on point and we wanted to show you a new way of achieving the look you want with yours.

The thing you’re not seeing in this video is that we started with a double pony.  What does that mean? It’s a crazy cool trick. If you have heavier or thick hair, this is most certainly for you.  You pull half your hair up in a rubber band and line it up with your eye line. Not too high and not too low. Then you bring the bottom of your hair up and combine the two elastics.  This gives you a secure ponytail that has extra support to help prevent headaches and the feeling of your hair falling down.

This rest is all shown here!  I never ever thought to twist my hair and tie it in a knot!  I used this trick on my 8 year old daughter, Samantha’s hair.  Her hair is so long, I could knot it 3 times! Her bun not only looked better, it stayed in her hair longer.

You just need some good volume spray and this is my all time favorite Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast

Then you’ll want a great hairspray and this is my go to!  I don’t even like using other hairsprays! Moroccanoil by Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium

I feel much more confident to do a top knot bun now that I saw the little tricks and tips that go in to it.  Sending love and hugs today! I know that when we take a little extra time and help our outward appearance match our inward, we’re more effective!  I know I feel better when I take time to do my hair and makeup!

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