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Getting the right Nutrition with Shakeology!

Nutrition with Shakeology

This mama does not have time to worry about getting a ton of veggies in as I run the kids around all day. I also don’t have time to get sick. Since we’ve been drinking this yummy goodness for three years straight, our household has been way healthier. Sure we get sick but it lasts 2 days not 5-6.  Shakeology has been a godsend.  It really has had a major impact.  Some the other things we have noticed is our hair growing faster, nails growing quicker and stronger, better sleep and much more regular bowel movements!  Yep, I said it.

I believe that food can act like poison to our bodies or it can heal and fuel them. I’m just passionate about sharing what I love and what has maintained our weight.  Shakeology is something we have everyday.  My husband, my kids and myself.  If we do get sick, we usually have it twice a day.  It is a non-negotiable in our household and a great way to get 70+ superfoods.  It also is a meal replacement.  I actually have it for breakfast most the time and it works great!

No more yo-yoing. No more fad diets. Just simple nutrients. Wish I would have known about it sooner. #payitforward #healthfirst #fivebucksaday #usedtospendmoreonTacobell

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