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  • Superfood Dessert Bites – Cheating Healthy!

    Superfood Dessert Bites

    So, it’s in the evening, and you’ve already eaten dinner…  You had a super busy day, finally got the kids to bed, just did the laundry, still doing laundry, with a hamper full of even more laundry.  You need to go to sleep, but that ain’t going to happen, cause mama’s got a sweet tooth and needs something now.  You get into the kitchen, notice you need to do the rest of the dishes….. so what do you do?!!

    A.  Go crazy on chocolate chips, your kid’s snacks, or a multitude of other things you could eat.

    B.  Wine…..the entire bottle!!!

    C.  Superfood Dessert Bites!!!!!!!  🙂

    Superfood Dessert Bites Recipe

    This is about as easy as it gets.  (*Note, I am showing the recipe to fill an entire tin of mini cupcakes.  I fill each tin slot about half full.)

    • Chocolate Vegan Shakeology Scoop (3)
    • Melted 1/4 Cup of Coconut Oil (3)
    • Organic Peanut Butter Creamy (as much as you’d like to place on top.  I do about 1/2 a teaspoon per bite.)
    • Freeze for approximately 20 minutes or until hard.
    • Add peanut butter and then leave in freezer.
    • Remove from freezer when going crazy!  Eat one or two and you will feel 1 million times better and not eat a bunch of junk!!  😉

    About to freeze these babies for 20 minutes and then add peanut butter on top to freeze again.

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    These little superfood dessert bites are about as good as it gets to curb the sweet tooth craziness.  I really try to go to these before anything else and they can be a lifesaver.  Sometimes I will add a little bit of organic cacao powder  into the mix.  This gives it a little more of a natural chocolate flavor, which I love.  The bonus, my family loves them!  They count for a couple teaspoons on our 21 day meal plan. 3 words..#boom #shaka #laka✌?️

  • Healthy Snack! Apple and Almond Butter!

    Delicious Healthy Snack!

    My healthy snack for the morning.  I could never do food art.  You should see how mutilated this poor apple is underneath the almond butter?.

    Easy Peasy!

    • Granny Smith Green Apple
    • Trader Joe’s Almond Butter
    • Cut the apple in half and added a teaspoon of almond butter to each half
    • Enjoy!!

    My tracker app is all updated so I can keep track all of my containers for the day. ?◀️

    Feel free to follow my daily life on Facebook.  I try to stay current in my blog, but I have a lot of daily motivation on Facebook!

  • Gluten-Free Snacks!! So Much Yum!

    Gluten-Free Snacks

    It’s Friday and these are awesome gluten-free snacks!!! Traded my homemade chocolate chip cookies or a big greasy burger for dark chocolate instead. I still get treats but they don’t make me feel sick and bloated ?? Being ‪#‎glutenfree‬ isn’t so bad after all! Gluten-free snacks for the win in every way possible!

    About My Gluten Intolerance

    By the way, I am severely gluten intolerant.  I will break out in eczema all over my hands.  I will also have a distended belly that makes me look like I’m pregnant.  It isn’t a joke and isn’t to be looked at lightly.  Everything we do to our bodies compounds over time.  There were times where I would feel horrible for multiple days in a row and had no idea why.

    I literally knew none of what I know, and that was just four years ago.  Gluten-free?  Didn’t have a clue.  When my husband went through his transformation, my mind started going crazy.  He started really finding sensitivities in his own body and then pushed me to find out what was wrong with mine.  The saddest part….I know my body does way better without red wine.  So it’s not just gluten that hurts me.  The only reason I found this out, was because I had slowly removed junk out of my diet and finally found different areas that might be cause for concern.  I eliminated those areas and then I am seeing more and more change….for the good!

    The key is to test things.  On a lighter note….this little treats don’t give me any side effects!!  Yeah!!
    What “happy meal” are you going to splurge on this weekend?

    ​Just a little splurging is fine but don’t go too crazy or you’ll be bummed come Monday’s workout.

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