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March 9, 2019

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  • Quick and Easy False Eyelash Tutorial!

    Quick and Easy False Eyelash Tutorial! Making those Eyes Stand Out!

    There is nothing I love more then having big lashes!!  They make my eyes look bigger they pull together my look.  I can do a dark smokey eye with lashes or do a really clean neutral simple eye with lashes and go more bold with my lips it all just makes it so fun!!  I feel so pretty when I have lashes on!

    In this video, I hope to simplify the process so that you can practice putting on strip lashes when you want to go more glam!

    Step number one is not to panic. I’ve heard it so much from women that they would rather have someone else put the lashes on them or that they have tried it before and they couldn’t get it to work.  I promise you practice does really make perfect and if it doesn’t work the first time you put them on your eye, you can try again!

    Having an affordable set of lashes that can be used 3-4 times, is even better! I will teach you how to apply the glue, store them correctly until your next use and what happens if an end pops up during dinner or at a party.

    Here’s are the links for everything you need to get your home lash kit ready:

    You’ll want to have scissors to trim the ends of your strip lashes and an extra mascara wand can help put a lash or brow hair back into place nicely:

    Here are some natural lashes I like:

    Here is another beautiful natural pair:

    Here is a multi-pack of some more dramatic lashes that could still be used very easily for any occasion:

    The glue that I’ve been using:

    The other clear glue I mention:

    Here is the Lash Boost I have been using nightly:

    And for fun, here are my go-to mascara:  and eyeliner:  These two products give me such quick clean definition.

    Enjoy and I hope you get this down quickly!!  It’s so fun to be girlie!!

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