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November 23, 2018

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  • Easy Eyebrow Tinting Tutorial

    Easy Eyebrow Tinting Tutorial – What is the Best Way to Tint Your Eyebrows?

    Do you ever get your hair colored and think I wish I could enhance my eyebrow hair color, too?  I know tinting your own brows might seem like a really scary thought but I promise it’s not as intense as you may think.

    This one monthly treatment has been something I’ve been loving for years!!  Since I’m blonde (well, I was when I was five) and my lighter brow hairs can get faded out, I love the definition tinting my brows brings to my entire face.  It also makes filling in my brows everyday a little less tedious because when the hairs are darker, there is less of a need for extra brow powder. It’s also a great thing to do before heading out to a tropical vacation. This way when you’re frolicking on the beach, swimming and laying in the sun, you don’t need to fill your brows in.

    This is the exact brow powder I use daily I love this brush to sketch the powder into my brows  Anastasia Beverly Hills is the brand and artist who does a lot of brow shaping for the Hollywood stars, including Oprah.

    Good brow color and shape can brighten an entire face.  When I forget to fill in my brows, I just feel and look off.  Do you pay attention to your eyebrows? I’m guessing you do if you’re taking the time to read this.  Often I see women getting so used to their natural brow that they forget the impact it can have on their overall appearance.  It sounds extreme but I promise brows are a big deal!!!! Having a good shape is something we all need professional help with, including me.

    Stick to a color as close to your natural brow color as possible. If your brows are lighter than your hair color, go ahead and add some depth to your brows to complement your hair color.

    What you will need on hand. Q-tips, cotton rounds, a mirror, a small bowl, water, tint brush, tint and solution.

    First step is to not panic!  You can totally do this. Have a clean face or remove your makeup with this skin cleanser and a cotton round:

    Then you’ll want to take this brush and mix a couple drops of the solution with a pea size of the Medium Brown Tint. The exact set and color I use on myself is here

    There are other others you can order like graphite or dark brown depending on your needs.  I explain the different tint shades in my video so you know other color options.

    Stroke the color onto the brow hairs all the way to the skin. You don’t have to paint the skin but some will naturally be applied.  Make sure every hair has the tint color on it and then clean up any edges with a wet q-tip. Let the tint process for 2-5 minutes checking it as the time passes. Some skin and hair will process faster than others so it’s important you watch it closely.

    Once you see the skin darkening and it’s been about 4-5 min. You can remove the tint with a wet cotton round.  It does transfer a bit to the skin but that will wash off after one cleansing and sometimes it’s nice not to have to fill your brows in for a day or two because of the tinted skin!  Make sure to get all the tint off of your brows or it will continue to process and darken and you may not like the results.

    Come see me on Instagram and watch the other tips I share.  I’d love a message from you with any questions or to tell me how your brows turned out!

    Sending much love, Stace