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How to Overcome Excuses to get Your Workout In!

How to Overcome Excuses to get Your Workout In!

Motivation can be deceiving!  Do you really think the people that seem to have it all together are constantly motivated?  I honest to goodness used to think there was something wrong with me until I read the book by Mel Robbins called “The 5 Second Rule”. She addresses how it’s the people who simple decide to take action, even when they don’t feel like it are the ones who see success and new healthy habits in their lives.  Her Ted Talk is pretty amazing, you’ll have to watch it when you get a minute!

My best tips for getting your workout in is:


  1. Planning!  I set out my workout clothes the night before to be intentional with what I will put on first thing.  Being dressed and ready to workout when I take the kids to school helps so much.


  1. Mom Crack!  Bringing my Mom No-Excuses drink with me in the car.  This let’s me drink it when I’m on my way home from the kids school and get to work shortly after I walk in the door.  I can’t not workout once I’ve finished it (I mean, it a pre-workout drink) so that extra layer of accountability is key!  Plus I love the taste!! Get yours here:


  1.  Playlists!  Turning on my favorite music and promising I’ll finish 5 minutes of my workout is the next step.  That way, I’m not mentally committing to 45 minutes, just 5 and that is something anyone can do. Once I get warmed up and into it, no way would I quit.  Having those fun Spotify playlists or podcasts to listen to keeps my mind focused and willing to do the work.


  1.  Practicing “I am” statements.  It is a new practice I’ve started this year.  Think positive self-talk and affirmations meet endorphin highs!  The ultimate reward after a workout for sure. I saw these to myself when I’m stretching and cooling down. Statements like “I am capable.  I am worthy of success. I am strong.” You get the drift. The way we speak to ourselves is very very powerful.


  1.  Anxiety Warrior.  The anxiety I may feel trying to add more healthy habits to my day like planning my food or fitting in a workout pales in comparison to what I feel when I just let my day happen.  When I feel in control of the things I have control over, my life is just better! I can now teach my kids how important self discipline is and that we have the power to finish a day strong and accomplished!


I hope these help you in your search for that simple healthy lifestyle you’re seeking.  You know where to find me if you want the plan that’s worked so well for me and my families schedule!

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