Stacy Rody
September 12, 2015

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  • Be a Rolemodel, Kids are Always Watching!

    Being a Rolemodel

    Is it possible to be a rolemodel?  I feel we mess up so very much, so much of the time.  When I think about the cycle of craziness we’ve been through with our health and fitness goals it makes me a little loco. After all these years together we have definitely had some good and bad moments.  Our two children have now seen a lot of it!

    My husband, Matt, really made a change and really stepped up as a rolemodel for our family in 2012.  He started with P90X.  He was super focused….unfortunately while I was pregnant! ?  (He lost 65 pounds to be exact).  I’d be focused and he’d be too busy with work..the list goes on. It is for sure easier to do it together but if for some reason your guy isn’t on the same page, it’s your job to be the rolemodel.

    I promise if you stick to it and stay true to your goals, your kids will follow you. They will see your better moods. Your energy levels increase. You sleeping like a baby.  They will see you being consistent.  They will see the discipline, the hardwork, the blood, sweat and tears.  They are always watching, so you are by default, their rolemodel…whether you like it or not.

    Our kids love to run, try to do push ups, do yoga moves better than me half the time!  They are my inspiration, yet we have to take that mantle and be their inspiration!  It is all about loving them and leading them in being what we want them to become!  We need to expect the best for them.  Allow them to dream whatever they want and help them achieve those dreams, no matter how crazy they seem.  Giving them confidence in everything, allowing them the freedom to take flight.  But they must see the practice, the truth it takes day to day to make those dreams come true.  We must be their rolemodel, making an effort to be the best for them.

    Be that rolemodel for what you want to see in them. Plus, if we do the grocery shopping, then we get to choose the menu! They will appreciate as they grow older and start understanding the importance of fitness and nutrition!?