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  • Life Can Be Hard, What Choice Are You Going To Make?

    •Choose YOUR HARD•

    It’s hard to feel comfortable nakey. It’s hard to fit well in your clothes. It’s hard to feel confident in your body. It’s hard to start a new fitness or nutrition plan. It’s hard to have anxiety and higher stress levels. It’s hard to not ever want to put a swimsuit on OR shorts. It’s hard when your kids see you looking disgusted when you look in the mirror or at the scale. It’s hard to be locked into an unhealthy lifestyle with no end in sight. It’s hard to have the fear of worse PCOS, high cholesterol, brain fog and the possibility of diabetes. It’s hard to think about not being healthy and active for your kids and future grandkids. It’s hard to jump to the next plan when you “think” your current plan isn’t working fast enough.

    It’s also hard to stick to a plan. It’s hard to trust the process when you don’t see the end results you want. It’s hard to stay consistent. It’s hard to not overindulge. It’s hard to check in with your team or coach after you’ve failed. It’s hard to set your alarm. It’s hard to push past in the moment for that one extra rep when your body wants to give up. It’s hard to keep a positive mindset when all you feel is failure. It’s hard to stay consistent with your daily nutrition and stay true to what you promised yourself.

    •It’s all hard if you look at it•

    I pick my hard everyday. I strive for more and try to think long term! Our kids are watching and learning so we must set the legacy of health for them! I have lots to improve on but I do know the time will pass anyway and I want to be better next year than I am today!! ‪#‎momgoals‬ ‪#‎motivation‬ ‪#‎realtalk‬

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