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  • My Favorite Healthy Instant Pot Recipe!

    Instant Pot, Making Healthy Food Has Never Been Easier! My Favorite Healthy Instant Pot Recipe!

    I’m always posting food ideas in my Instagram stories so make sure to follow me @stacyrody. I would love to hear your favorite Instant Pot go-to recipes.

    I am the gluten-free girl who loves to eat whole foods but doesn’t always have the time to make time consuming meals. I refuse to eat fast food so when I have a super busy day, I will grab Instant Pot leftovers. I reheat them and take in my thermos container.

    I want to share today why I think the Instant Pot is worth getting and how you can use it. Here is the link of the size I use for my family of four:

    Let’s talk taste. I was an avid crock-pot user but realized how much quicker the Instant Pot could be. If I didn’t have time to combine everything in the crockpot before I left for the day, I was in trouble. This way, I can make something in 40 minute once I pick the kids up or make it early in the day and it will slow-release the pressure and keep everything warm until we are home.

    The first time I made my mama’s Chicken Vegetable Soup in the Instant Pot vs. the stove top, my kids noticed a huge difference in taste. There’s something special about the way it uses pressure and nothing tastes mushy!! What took me at least 2 hrs of simmering on the stove top (which meant I needed to be home) is now about 30 minutes.

    Honestly, I owned it for almost a year before I used it. My friend told me the easiest and best thing to make first was hard boiled eggs. They peel much easier because of the way they are pressure cooked. So I finally got it out and the rest is history.

    Here’s my favorite recipe for Fall:

    Harvest Veggie Spagetti Squash Instant Pot Recipe

    Step 1: Wash and cut squash in half, then half one side so both sides fit. Remove seeds. Then add one cup water and the steamer basket. Place the squash on top. Lock lid and set to high pressure for 7 min. You can quick or slow release depending on how quickly you want the recipe done. Remove the squash and set aside to cool for 10 min.

    Step 2: Drain water and remove steamer basket. Add a tsp of oil to the pot and turn it to the saute feature. Add one onion, chopped, and two packs of lean ground turkey meat. Stir often until the meat is done. Then add 2 tsp. Flavor God Spicy Everything found here:

    Step 3: Add the inside of the squash back into the pot, along with one jar of your favorite low sugar pasta sauce. I’ve been using Trader Joe’s seasonal flavored sauce called “Autumnal Harvest Creamy Pasta Sauce.” It tastes amazing. I also add in some grated Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper to taste.

    Step 4: Lock the lid and set to Manual high pressure for 10 minutes. This lets all the flavors combine. You can then have it stay warm or eat right away. I will often times top with some red pepper flakes for the extra spice.

    Other great things to make in it are:

    White Bean Chicken Chili
    Sweet Potatoes
    Chicken Vegetable Soup
    Butter Chicken Masala

    You can search for a Instant Pot community on Facebook and learn new ideas there as well. I’m always posting food ideas in my Instagram stories so make sure to follow me @stacyrody. I would love to hear your favorite Instant Pot go-to recipes. Comment below with what you like making most in it!!

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