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  • A Mom’s Letter to Herself!

    A Mom’s Letter to Herself!

    Our team had a call last week where we shared how different all our lives would be if we had NOT come across the beautiful healing of this health and fitness journey we are all on. If we had not found this business venture that is so very rewarding. It was a very tearful experience for all of us as we all shared WHY we had so badly needed a change and how much we appreciate what we have found. Here was our assignment. A letter to me, my why.

    Dear Stacy,

    It’s 2012, you are pregnant with your second child and so very tired. You feel bloated ALL the time. You’ve yet to learn that gluten destroys your stomach and makes you lethargic. It’s the main culprit for your stomach pain. You still enjoy Taco Bell about once a week but you know how much you want to break up with fast food all together.

    You wonder if you’ll ever find the willpower you so badly want. The thought of having two small kiddos to take care of scares you every time it enters your mind. You not only want to have enough energy to play and be present for them but there is this nagging feeling you keep having. This feeling comes up inside of you often because you’ve been shown your entire life, that having children is overwhelming. That they will ruin your body and you’ll never feel or look the same again.

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    You wonder if that’s really true. The fear of letting yourself go and giving into the “mom jeans” and extra weight that a busy life brings, is not what you truly want. You see others having success but it’s always been so hard to maintain balance for yourself, how will that ever happen now? Things never seem to come easy for you.

    You also have an extremely large fear of your family (children) not respecting you. You know that it stems from that fact that you don’t respect yourself. You need a change. Something new to help you find your calling. Something that will allow you to add value to the world outside of being a mom and wife. Little did you know it was coming sooner than you expected….

    There was a NEED a deep yearning for more. Working long days at the spa would cause back pain and carpal tunnel, so you knew esthetics would only be a small piece of your future. But you wanted more than that. Diapers and play dates were not the only thing you saw yourself doing day in and day out. You LOVE working and providing for your family.

    It keeps you sane and out of trouble (online shopping trouble). Little did you know, that the company and products that helped your husband lose 65 pounds in seven months, while you were pregnant, is going to become the avenue that God would use to fill this NEED in you.

    Three months after Jude comes into this world, you start with your own health and fitness. You know that learning to manage your time and personal goals will set you up for success later. You fight systems and always want to “do your own thing” but this time around, you don’t have that luxury. You must stick to this plan. It’s your only hope.

    You are convinced that you can get your body in shape after this tough pregnancy. You give up gluten after much procrastination and can’t believe the weight that’s been lifted. Enjoying veggies more and saying goodbye to fast food is next on the list. After months of tears, planning, craziness and pain….you feel transformed. You feel new, stronger and more fit than you ever remember feeling. It’s amazing!!!!!!

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    This health journey you’ve embarked upon also came with a business journey. You hesitate because you’re not a “salesperson” and would hate to push anything on anyone. The thing you do know, is when you took those “before” pictures, you pushed for good “after” pictures because maybe, just maybe…you could help another mom see the light like you have. You could help her gain the traction and freedom she never thought was possible. You’ve always had negative perceptions toward this type of business though and you swore up-and-down that you would never get involved with anything like it.

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    After a year of seeing your anxiety lessen, your moods became more positive, your marriage healthier, you knew that there’s more to this than you realize. You realize that the mom who needs to find what you have found is always in the back of your mind. It has been the whole time.

    You know if you don’t share your journey, she’ll never be able to see herself IN it and make the changes she needs to make for her family. You want so bad for her to experience the positive powers of a truly healthy and balanced lifestyle.

    The moment you hear God speak to you (you remember the exact location you were standing in your kitchen), you choose to listen and obey Him. This unorthodox type of business has penetrated your heart. You are finally open to it!

    The second decision you make is to not care about what people think. You are no fitness expert so how dare you post on fitness moves and tips? There were more than a handful of people who knew ten times more than you about nutrition. Who are you to post and share these things? You had to NOT care. You had to share what you were learning and what you knew, authentically.

    You could add value to someone’s life, right? The walls continued to be broken down so that people’s judgements and concerns over what you were doing, didn’t trap or entangle you. You had to finally come to terms with the fact that it was okay to be unapologetically you. You knew where you were going and they could either come with you or watch you.

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    The third decision you make, is to just start taking action, start sharing your journey and never ever ever look back. Know your why.  The beauty of this business will not only continue to help you with all of the things you need for your physical and mental health, but God’s going to use it to create the leader that He made you to be.

    He’s going to use it to heal you and to show you His love. He’s going to use that to provide income for your family (especially during that time you didn’t know you were going to need it so bad). He’s going to use it so that you can see you have WORTH, VALUE and RESPECT for yourself and others will too. You can’t hide anymore, you can’t stay in your safe bubble of complacency and mediocrity. The time has come for you to move forward and pursue the dreams in your heart. To pursue helping others find their value and health.

    Thank you for reading and 👇🏻

    ***please reach out if you need something like this*** The current group of girls have had major success this past month and I want that for you.  What is your why?