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  • A Mom’s 80 Day Obsession Meal Plan

    A Mom’s 80 Day Obsession Meal Plan – What Food Really Works For Weight Loss Transformation!

    Let’s talk timed-nutrition. It sounds daunting but also intriguing. I decided to follow this guide my trainer wrote out for the 80 Day Obsession Meal Plan. I love to eat so the fact that I knew how much and when I could eat all the food, I was IN 100%!!! I love food but also love to fit into my jeans, can you relate?

    I had used the portion-control containers before but never knew when the best time of day was to eat the container combinations. My question was always about fruits and carbs since I knew eating those later in the day could throw off my progress. The thing that threw me most was the pre-workout meal. I normally workout on a fasted stomach with just my favorite pre-workout drink.

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    If you feel like you need a no-excuse-juice to help your muscles perform better and last longer during your workout. We are all so addicted and would break up with coffee for this Energize, our pre-workout drink!

    I decided to listen to my trainer and submit to the 80 Day Obsession meal plan fully. I know that’s when change can happen most, when my stubborn butt decides to change. I decided Shakeology with greens blended in and a piece of gluten-free toast with a tsp of ghee on it would be my early morning meal. It didn’t take long to see how much more energy I had during my workout because of that meal.

    After my workout, I would run upstairs to get the kids ready for school and shake up my chocolate Recover powder with water!! It tastes so so good and prevents extreme muscle soreness all the while fueling my body with everything it needs after a 60 min. workout.

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    These two products would often be the fuel and motivation to show up daily, they made the process and discipline so much easier to bear.

    The next meal I needed to be prepped for was the post-workout meal. This needed to be a carb, protein and veggie. The easiest way to run out of the door with a meal like this was either carrot muffins OR hard boiled eggs with more cinnamon raisin gluten-free toast and some cucumber slices. I would mix this up but honestly, I ate a lot of carrot muffins just because it was easy on the 80 Day Obsession meal plan. Here is the recipe for those:

    Carrot Breakfast Muffins:

    Pro tip: Buy silicone muffin liners on Amazon first (best $5 you’ll ever spend

    Use your high powered blender or food processor and add :

    1/4 cup gluten-free oatmeal
    10 baby carrots
    2 eggs
    3/4 tsp baking powder
    1/2 tsp cinnamon
    1/4 tsp nutmeg
    2-4 drops vanilla liquid stevia
    2 tsp powdered peanut butter (I also use this same amount in my chocolate Shakeology blend)
    a pinch of salt
    1 tsp vanilla.

    Blend everything until smooth and pour into silicone molds. Bake at 350 for 20-25 min. I triple this recipe to make 12 muffins. 4 is one serving. I add a thin layer of peanut butter on the top and enjoy. I stay so full.

    Next, I would need a fruit and protein so this was easy. Usually cottage cheese and peaches, Greek yogurt and berries or turkey bacon and apple.

    After I got the kids home from school at 3:30, I would need a veggie, healthy fat and fruit so again..pretty simple snack.

    -Avocado and cucumber sprinkled with Spicy Everything Flavor God seasoning and some strawberries

    -Hummus, carrots and a small pear

    -Raw organic cheddar or honey goat cheese with cucumbers and a small granny smith apple

    The last meal of the day if dinner where I get one carb, protein, orange con-tier of healthy fats and one veggie. Simple.

    Taco salad:

    Cauliflower rice with spinach and sliced chicken with sriracha or a salad dressing to flavor
    1/2 sweet potato, salmon filet and roasted red peppers in oil
    Cod with cabbage mango slaw (the pre-made pack from Trader Joe’s)
    Brown rice or Quinoa with steamed broccoli and sliced chicken breast topped with coconut aminos: and pine nuts

    You get the idea. Print out your container list, highlight your favorite foods and get to shopping and planning from there.  It’s really the start of the 80 Day Obsession meal plan.

    I really hope this helped you!!! Message me to join our next challenge and find out why digging deep for 80 Days and tweaking your meal plan can up your game and get you to a place you’re really happy about. No counting calories over here but rather knowing what your body (and beautiful lean muscles) need. XO, Stace

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